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  1. Sorry to revive an old threat - this was such a good guide and I used it last year, but now the pictures arent loading 😫 I am actually trying to reverse my work as this worked perfectly but I've now replaced the Bose system to need to get back to standard lol ***** Update- if you want to see the photos on mobile you have to hold and click on the "broken image" icon and them click open link! Just incase anyone else gets caught with that 👍
  2. Thanks very much! Pretty lucky I asked them, would be pretty gutted if the new system blew up 😆 I've just run new wires from the new speakers to the HU as I already had all the panels our, but I'll be reusing the front speaker wires so will probably cut into them in the footwel. I'll just trace my steps back on the busters mod to sort out the wiring, I haven't removed all the Bose amps yet but they're not connected to anything any more luckily. Thanks!
  3. Hey, I am hoping for some advice on what to do here. I have a 2008 350z GT with Bose. Last year I changed the head unit for an Xtrons one but kept the Bose speakers and amps. Because of this I had to do "busters mod" to keep the volume high. I included a pic of how I wired it up. Now, I've installed all new speakers, sub and sub amp and I have the RCAs at the head unit. My question is,do I need to undo the Busters mod / buy a new wiring section (about £8 on eBay I think), since I no longer have to worry about the Bose system amps?
  4. Oh my god. Did you originally have the whole car resprayed Black? Can I ask what the paint code was? Y our car looks amazing, that black is so dam deep!! I am in love!
  5. Hey guys, looking for these parts for my 2008 350Z HR. 1. Looking for a Japspeed K1 system without rust, good condition plug and play and good tips without damage, don’t mind if they need a clean up and not expecting it to look brand new. 2. Also looking for an aftermarket Y pipe with flexi seals in mint condition. Anything but the standard ebay ones for £85 as ive heard the flexis aren’t good. I am looking for the set that flows better with stronger flexi seals if possible as pictured below. I’ve seen them sell together used for around £195 on this forum i
  6. thank you for this heads up man, was super helpful! Yes typical JDM lol this is the first I've heard of this!
  7. Thank you. I'm just going to go ahead and order a new seat of control arms and return the new ones I got. I'll ask the seller to confirm they're 14mm instead of the 16mm I have now. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. Was lost with that one.
  8. That’s amazing thank you very much! I appreciate that a lot, I had no idea about those differences. I will have a look online and try to find either a new set of arms that have 14mm. If not I’ll try get a replacement part for the ball joint. Thanks a lot I really appreciate that and will post updates as I go along.
  9. So the bushings went on the front lower control arms and banana arms, so I bought a new set of both since it’s about the same price as sourcing and replacing the bushings in a shop. The banana arms went in without a problem, but the garage noticed the hole in the aftermarket control arms was bigger than the hole in the OEM control arm. This is the section which is without its own bushing. They concluded it would not be save to install the part due to how different the holes were and the risk it could cause with vibration etc. I’ve attached photos of the O
  10. Sorry my bad! I didn’t realise I had gone into the wrong section
  11. Hahaha that rotary life! Definitely want one one day!!!! Wow that is amazing man. if it is your first Z you are in for one hell of a ride. I was so excited buying my first Z. And second, and third! Thank you buddy I will!
  12. On it mate! Having a look for some used cobra decats now to last me until the TT build! Saw the berk HFCs, they look nice Want to be a thot and try to spit flames, to has to be straight pipes for me atm! ps i will move to the build thread just replying to messages here
  13. Guess who's got a set of Injen Long CAI on the way! Well excited for these to get here! (pic for reference). Purchased from Torquen in their black friday sale for around £407 which is ace. Stillens look cool but I've read the comparisons on here and I know a lot of people preferred the Injen's for minor reasons. I'm sure both kits are great! Also need to get something fabbed for my 2.25" true duel as it's rattling against various things under the car (tight fit) if anyone has any advice it would be deeply appreciated! Debating buyin
  14. Lol! Your car looks like a mirror in that picture mate Nice! The demon eyes look so sick man! And the black roof Yeah it's so annoying, I haven't even tried launching my HR because I know I'll run into something like that. Had it on one of my last Z's, why couldn't Nissan bless us with decent clutch cylinders lol. Thanks a lot man! I am definitely not a pro, just trial and error really I need to do it all to my HR since it's back on the road too lol. Thanks bro! LOOOOL! Tell me about it right! Th
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