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  1. Had my Torqen HFC fitted on my 350z DE since beginning of year, flew through MOT emissions today! Another thumbs up on these from me.
  2. Ahh so he did Cheers for that bud
  3. Been looking for a spoiler for my roadster and the best one I have seen is the one discussed here. Can anyone tell me if it is a particular brand or where to get this from? The OP has not been on here for a few years so messaging them is out of the question.
  4. Wheely nice of you to say so
  5. how do you purchase? would like a red one with black text please
  6. Very nice! I had mine done there recently, very impressed with them.
  7. Thanks for your feedback I think I will leave it alone and save the cash then.
  8. Looking for some knowledge and opinions please. My 350z DE currently has the following exhaust setup... HFC, cobra sport y pipe, fujitsubo legalis r axle back. Can anyone tell me if I stand to gain anything by fitting the fujitsubo y pipe which has a much shorter exhaust gas collector compared to the cobra pipe? Does the design of the cobra, where the exhaust gases merge much sooner have any negative impact on performance?
  9. I have now sorted this. I Removed all brake pads today and shaved some material from the edges of the pads where they run on the sliders. Although I did this when I first fitted the pads, I don't think I took enough off as the fronts still felt a tad tight. A full bleed all round again just to be sure the system is air free and the brakes are on point now. The car stops hard, fast and perfectly straight without locking any wheels !
  10. Hi all, Replaced NSF Brembo caliper two weeks ago due to snapped caliper bolt in old unit trying to remove. I fitted new grooved black diamond discs and pads front and rear at the same time as fitting the replacement caliper. Bled whole system in correct sequence twice and brakes are now strong and pedal feel normal two weeks on. But here is the issue... ... The car brakes and stops perfectly straight a few times in succession when the brakes are cold but after some hard braking when the discs are hot, light braking is OK still but when I stamp on the pedal, the car wants to pull to the right and the steering wheel is off to the left to keep the car in a straight line. I can also lock the OSF wheel when I brake very hard and instead of the ABS kicking in the one tyre just squeels. I am at a loss here as there is no air in the system and the issue only shows when brakes are hot? The coating on all the new discs has cleared evenly so I can see all 4 calipers are working against the discs.
  11. Both left and right in good condition. Thanks
  12. **No longer needed as bought a set of Torqen HFC** Looking for a pair of original Cats that will pass MOT emissions test. Mine have corroded at flanges and missing heat shields so they need to be in useable condition. Thanks
  13. Just a quick introduction from me to all forum members. I'm Tom and I bought a 350z Coupe in 2014 and sadly had to sell a year later due to having a little boy and needing something more sensible. However, he is now nearly 5 and as I have my SEAT Leon ST and I have some spare cash, I have gone and bought an 2005 350z Roadster! Absolutely loving my second Z and have booked on the club stand for this years Japfest at Silverstone. Look forward to seeing you and your cars there!





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