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  1. Did you get to the bottom of this? Just repaired my fans and now the drivers side fan is catching on the shroud somewhere when it gets hot and expands. Both motors and fans went back in the same place, the fans were centralised and the nuts tightened.
  2. Do you still have these? Would like to purchase 4 ?
  3. Here is mine, they add a bit of Jap razzle dazzle !
  4. Had the hole patched up and undersealed. All rust around sill treated and she is as good as new! All for a grand total of... £90
  5. I'd have this if you could post? too far for me to collect unfortunately.
  6. No holes in sill and metal seems solid so will give it a wire brush and put the rust killer on before undersealing. Is it worth getting the tatty edges sorted or is it likely to cost a lot ? As you can't see the lip when skirt fitted would rust treating and protecting be OK long term?
  7. I'll pull the skirts off over the weekend see what lurks beneath.
  8. Wow, and the offside again. What was the NS like? Was there much muck behind the skirts ?
  9. I have rust treated for now and will try get it sorted in the months ahead. It's a shame as rest of car is solid but looks like nobody has ever cleared the muc from under those sill covers.
  10. You can just see the top of it with the guard fitted. Would where the kidney brace is bolted be taken into account for the 12 inch rule as that is the closest load bearing support I think? or is it literally jacking points, seat belt anchors, suspension etc? Are the insides of wheel arches load bearing?
  11. Rear wheels off for undersealing arches today and under the plastic sill cover which was full of dirt, I discovered some rot. The lower sill is rock solid and so is the metal surrounding the hole but is this classed as structural for MOT or can I just underseal? N/S is solid which is usually the worst side. Anyone else had this issue?
  12. As far as I'm aware, it is essential to add strength to the car and prevent chassis flexing? I wouldn't run without one! I have owned the car for just over a year and always experienced slight scuttle shake and I believe this explains why. I won't know until the underseal has set and I take the car for a spin.
  13. Replaced my original W Brace and kidney brackets today (16 years old). Just a bit of advice really for everyone to fully check the condition of the whole brace including either end underneath the plastic covers. My W brace appeared to be structurally sound with some surface rust, with the car even passing its MOT only two months ago however, having had new OEM brace and kidney brackets in the garage for over a year and being on furlough, thought what better time than to fit them and tidy up the underneath of the Z! Here is what I found hidden from view....the W brace was barely attached at one end. New parts undersealed and fitted along with further underseal treatment under the car. Inspect those W braces peeps! Looks can be deceiving.
  14. Excellent! Could you send me over your asking price so I can sort payment please.
  15. Hi Alex, Do you have the part I am trying to hunt down ref my post?
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