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  1. I'm looking to have some vinyl stickers made for wheel centre caps, anyone know who can make a set for me?
  2. Can anyone recommend a courier for sending a car bumper within the UK?
  3. Sounds like the next Nissan zed car is going ahead: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-nissan-z-sports-car-spawn-475bhp-v6-nismo-model I'm interested to see more about it when more is known.
  4. Thanks for all the replies everyone, doesn't look like it'll happen for my birthday weekend as it's too short notice for all of those but hopefully I'll be able to get something booked in the future.
  5. After a quick go on a skid pad at tockwith at the weekend and with my birthday coming up very soon I'm looking at doing a more involved drift experience/ training day. Are there any which anyone can recommend?
  6. Its often that the connections under the seats are very sensitive and have lost connection. I'd recommend to unplug and then plug them back in again and then do the reset after that.
  7. A great day out as always, I know Kulvinder and I really enjoyed it. Thanks Matt for organizing. Great to catch up with some old friends and also meeting some new ones, here's to the next one.
  8. 1. slates - either day 2. Rob350 - whenever your ready 3. Spatt - Lets keep both days open for accessibility and weather 4. SuperStu - either 5. Hayd350 - 20th - seen as though it's my neck of the woods 6. Ridz - either ( subject to shift roster) 7. Veeg33 - either 8. Fire_eyes - free atm 9. retro_al 10. Dan3820 11. TT350 12. Gudzy 13. Gudzy's friend
  9. I might get to one of these another time, I can't do tomorrow though.
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