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  1. These would fool me, the stickers say so! http://www.ebay.co.u...0gAAOSwdGFYrhaQ
  2. Hi there, After a little snuggle with an SUV, I need a new front left wing (WV2 grey) and front left wheel arch liner (both halves). Please let me know if you have either and a price posted. I can pick up locally near Manchester. Thanks Will
  3. Thanks MrG13, cracking photos, much better than any of mine! Now I wish I'd got hold of a spoiler too. Fishfire - see above, very subtle and effective to enhance her back end. I never fitted the lips, so don't have any images I'm afraid. PM me if you're still interested. Here's another for inspiration.
  4. Front lip and spats now sold. Rear lip still available.
  5. Unfortunately not, took me a while to source these parts and the spoiler is just as difficult to find.
  6. Learn something about Z's every day. Time to get a coupe maybe ?
  7. All PM's replied to. If you haven't had a reply from me by now, send another message, got quite a few to answer and apologise if i've missed you out. @ Floydbax - Part number is SKP24-AVB00. I had no idea the spring rates were different.
  8. Im pretty sure the dampers are the same part number on coupe and roadster, so assume they would fit. Might be worth asking around to be 100%? Spacers are not needed for the wheels. They fit direct onto the standard hubs. If you want to push them a little wider, the spacers can achieve this. I'd prefer the wheels to be either picked up or arranged via courier of your choice. That way you could find the best deal as there will be a considerable range.
  9. Hello all, a few parts going below. Based in Manchester. Eibach wheel spacers - 2 X 20mm, 2 X 25mm. Good condition, some degreaser will have them gleaming, supplied with 20 nuts as 5 have rounded, all studs are in good condition - no cross threading. They are £1 per nut on ebay. SOLD. Tein lowering springs. Less than 2000 miles use, excellent condition, comes with original box SOLD Berk technology decats. DE fitment, 2.5" bore, integrated O2 sensor spacer, T304 grade stainless steel, mandrel bent and Tig welded. A good polish will make them shiney again. £100 + postage
  10. She has a new home. Broke my heart watching and hearing her drive away Mods, Please lock.
  11. Thanks guys, it really is as good as it looks. The user name comes from my mountain biking days. Safe to say, after enough broken bones, realised that I wasn't olympic material Thankfully a much better driver.
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