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  1. I love Donnington. I only to the evening sessions, as I don't think my car can take the battering I give it. I started to melt my R888 the last time round.
  2. This is one way of dealing with the problem-http://youtu.be/FWDHqYQnYkI
  3. Hi Chris, If you decide to sell the tyres separate, I am still interested, when you get your van sorted.
  4. The same thing happened to mine, not a MOT fail. Got it replaced, took a few labour hours to replace it.
  5. Hi and welcome. Glad you like your Z. Great track day car with a few mods.
  6. daveallen1999

    OEM Cats

    Hi Mark, PM as been answered.
  7. Hi and welcome. Enjoy the Z, your bank manager is going to hate you!
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