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  1. So after taking my 10 deep breathes i will respond to my public telling off from @glrnet and with reference to the above. My post was a factual response including the bit about regurgitating links, perhaps it didnt need to contain a dig, but find it ironic that after a number of links from Torqen that have been removed from this thread for breaking forum rules and personal attacks from other members, "I" am singled out for a public telling off. I am more than happy to discuss alternating views with members, Codel, Ekona, Doc etc and is absolutely nothing to do with not liking the content but merely posting links to bait (it worked) is trolling, plain and simple, also against forum rules and a familiar trend. As for the question of not liking Torqen and as such taking exception to his posts for that reason is far from the case, i dont even know him and perhaps its quite the opposite after i didnt once buy parts from him and he trolls me, akin to the "fake nismo" debate, it wouldnt be the first time. To be fair though i have no problem saying, i probably wouldnt enjoy his company and he mine We could all just post links that try to trump one another, but is that really debate, relevant to the discussion or not. I shall say no more on here or to Torqen and if anyone wishes to contact me from the upper echelon regarding the subject, feel free to pm me for the benefit of the thread and other members!
  2. With all the links you post you really dont know much about it do you, I guess thats the problem with just regurgitating social media and soundbites you like the sound of rather than expressing a thought of youre own, an empty kettle makes the most noise I suppose. We will leave the Eu on March 29th without a deal as that is the LEGALLY binding position, a motion in parliament does NOT change that, the only way that WILL change is if a deal is agreed, an extension GRANTED or article 50 revoked or some other circumstance parliament can carry out but that is beyond my scope. Division, clear the lobbies......... Time to grip our ankles with the Eu after todays coming votes I feel.
  3. Thats not strictly true is it (i am on the forum ), a couple of people mention knock was detected on track, while one chap claims to know a "guy" who tests fuels and swears by momentum and not v power as in his findings the ron rating varies by a lot more with v power. The argument on there seems very much the same as here, the people who swear by v power have absolutely no evidence to back up their reasons and also a lot like here, all the others fill up with whatever is closer or they are passing.
  4. Sorry you added a lot after just the above, so yes a better spec Porsche would of course be more attractive, but thats not relevant to the topic re what you get for your money and nor is i would prefer a 370z, vw etc, merely pointing out @ £36k for an electric runaround, a base spec 718 @ £44k is incredible value for money imho which is a complete turnaround from being in agreement with you that that is expensive for a 4 pot turbo not so long ago
  5. Well not really, Toyota sold 2128201 cars in the Us last year. Tesla 191627, only just shy of 2 million more to catch up
  6. So whats your choice, a base spec Cayman at £44k without an option ticked or a £36k Leaf, I know what I would rather have
  7. No idea where you got that figure, a base Cayman is £44k
  8. A few posts ago you were claiming exactly that anyway, Tesco buy and store till the price is right. Although I would agree the chances of dodgy tanks at Tesco are higher but only because it happened locally, but if ever I go into Tesco the pumps are way busier than any Shell I have been too, always have to queue at Tesco which also suggests they have a high turnover, I have a friend who works at one, I can always ask how many litres they sell if you want?
  9. Jetpilot


    Et isnt always stamped on the wheel but its easy to measure:
  10. You dont want to take the word from someone who works at the refinery then, you will be saying the earth is flat soon, oh wait....
  11. But they are not building in Europe, they are back off to the Japanese production plant Appreciate the alternate views and would love to agree but then we would both be wrong
  12. Why not, your saying "companies" wouldnt be going if the deal was signed, its either to do with Brexit or its not dude and the perfect case scenario for your argument otherwise its completely opened ended that we will never know who stays or goes because of the deal that might get signed in just a matter of weeks, they really couldnt wait a month or two after near enough 2 years of sitting on the fence I am solidly as said before in here with mdmetal, 2 years ago Nissan/Honda knew article 50 had been signed so why not leave then or announce leaving then, it seems strangely coincidental to me that as soon as they signed the eu trade deal thats suddenly when they were all off.
  13. So Nissan, Honda wouldnt go if we sign the deal?
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