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  1. Jetpilot

    We Buy Any Car

    I appreciate it can seem like a hassle selling a car privately but it really doesnt have to be, a proper advert with loads of photos and a detailed description will avoid a lot of questions, pending on where you advertise you can ignore the low ball offers for that magical thing called cash and you can usually spot time wasters a mile off by the questions they ask (what mpg does it do, how much is tax etc or any question you have already answered in the ad but they couldnt be bothered to read) so they can be ignored too. The only thing you wont avoid is the ones who arrange to view and never turn up. If its the right price it should sell quickly, its got to be worth a month of advertising for an extra couple of grand or so before you go down the wbac route surely especially if you are in need of monies.
  2. Jetpilot

    Is it wrong to want one of these ?

    It was manufactured by Ford using Willys licensed design.
  3. Jetpilot

    Is it wrong to want one of these ?

    Your right there, Willys is the original Jeep
  4. Jetpilot

    911 GT2 RS vs rivals @ Anglesey

    I would imagine somewhere like Spa or Silverstone the GT would be way quicker just because of the aero, i know they were all pretty close but seeing as the Lotus is pretty much designed for the circuit rather than modified from a road car, i would have thought it would have been the fastest, i guess thats what comes from putting on a couple of hundred kilos from the original and staying manual, despite the power, i cant think a sport 380 would be that far behind at 40% less.
  5. Jetpilot

    911 GT2 RS vs rivals @ Anglesey

    Good watch Amg for me even before the laptime and a £100k for an Exige
  6. Jetpilot

    Getting my first car soon and need help!

    Personally thats just rwd, nothing to do with power, you could do the same in a Mx5 if you are completely ham footed.
  7. Jetpilot

    Forced Induction 1/4 Mile Times?

    You have too many pockets and too many projects
  8. Jetpilot

    Forced Induction 1/4 Mile Times?

    http://www.the370z.com/track-autocross-drifting-dragstrip/36566-official-1-4-mile-track-times.html Yes, but you will need deep deep pockets.
  9. Jetpilot

    General car prices

    ^^^ and probably worth more in parts as it stands.
  10. Jetpilot

    New Project - maybe???

    So the weekend is almost up, is it done yet?
  11. Jetpilot

    Nismo Leather Wearing

    I once had a friend fall foul of this, they presume the more money you have to spend, the wiser you should be so dont need the same levels of protection. I also have had a friend with a similar issue to you with Porsche, the dealership refused to accept the car back for varying issues he had, paint, infotaintment, seat. He went down every route you have including the financial ombudsmen, they rejected his claim but his finance company then took it up on his behalf, they were independent of Porsche and managed to get his money back and have the dealer take the car back, i dont like the sound of thew finance company being owned by Nissan, i am sure thats a conflict of interests when it comes to you getting it rejected, best of luck, although it does sound you have all the facts in your corner, hope it doesnt go to court.
  12. Jetpilot

    Driving like an idiot, azure blue. M5 south.

    ^^^ I was going to mention the above, there is no direct offence or road traffic law for "middle lane hogging", it comes under careless driving and although the above is factual, its going to be a lot harder for Police to prosecute for careless driving sadly. with a little bit of reading apparently as of September 2016 only 135 people have been charged with the offence, so less than 50 people a year. Personally it deserves its own separate offence and with smart motorways now in place, prosecutions should be a doddle, just like speed cameras.
  13. Jetpilot

    Racing Crashes...

    Not sure if you want specific first hand photos, but saw this this year.......... The only injury, a dislocated shoulder at 200mph plus And this last year.... Believe it or not, no injuries to note.
  14. Jetpilot

    Driving like an idiot, azure blue. M5 south.

    Just simply educated would be a start!!! Its should be part of the test although i believe from this year learners are now allowed on mways with an improved instructor with dual controls, problem is we have decades and decades of drivers with no clue.
  15. Jetpilot

    Getting my first car soon and need help!

    Just bare in mind and i no way wish to sound condescending, you may have the budget to buy, but do you have have the budget to upkeep, clutch £800, brakes £400, tyres £400+, ved £250 or more pending on model, least of all 20-25mpg as examples of costs you might have to spend for consumables, so worst case scenario thats £2k give or take in possibly the first year of ownership without factoring in insurance and possible mechanical failures (i only mention this as you say your at college). All that said a great car and if you buy the right one all the costs above should be covered, but still worth considering what it may or will cost to maintain over a few years.