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  1. 350z to E46 M3, what do you think?

    F8ck a stoat and i thought some of the jap stuff was a touch on the high side. Mmmmm, she has to imaginary at that point
  2. This years motorsport

    Seems the touring car drivers can keep competitive and more so with advancing years, maybe he is just too old and feeling the heat, is the car any good? Sorry dont follow it much, but did watch some of the Thruxton round at the weekend as its my most local circuit and been round with car and bike and its f'in quick, so thought it would make good watching.
  3. 350z to E46 M3, what do you think?

    If only the E92 looked as good as the E46 i would have one in a heartbeat. I dont want to rain on your parade, but i would be gobsmacked if you found 30 secs, unless it inspires so much more confidence than the Zed, the two are actually very very similar paced around the ring (if you pay any attention to ring times), 4 secs to the M3 with the same Horst von Saurma at the wheel.
  4. Do you get bored of cars quickly?

    Yeah i am pretty much the same, funnily enough the 350 was probably the longest i had a car for a quite some time and only changed to a supercharged one because i just couldnt say no to the price. I find i change for a few reasons, my driving habits change, i.e wanting to spend more time at the track or road, finances have allowing the purchase of something previously out of touch or depreciation brings something into budget, or simply something catches my eye that previously i hadnt even entertained and thought i should have one. I have even got out of one thing into another and back into what i had before because it wasnt as good as you thought. You are a long time dead, enjoy whatever you can, when you can.
  5. Mustang bullit

    Already been up on the Stang thread.
  6. 100% Suspension NOOB

    Oh careful, you will have Stevod knocking your door down, i think they are already in a bromance
  7. [SOLD]Invidia gemini exhaust

    I dont often post on for sale threads but jeez, hard work to sell a quality item thats effectively brand new and heavily discounted
  8. VDC Lights on when turning

    So whats the code?
  9. VDC Lights on when turning

    If it stays on you should be able to get a code for the problem, have a search on how to pull that code or go to a garage and get them to plug their diagnostics in. What size tyres are you running?
  10. 100% Suspension NOOB

    If you can repeat this behaviour every time, get a mate in the car and video it and also try it with the tcs turned off, how are you slowing the car down, gear changes or brakes? What equipment did your long trusted friend mechanic use to check the alignment measurements?
  11. 100% Suspension NOOB

    Sorry dude, you are changing the symptoms as we go, you say above you lift mid corner, now its in a straight line! So you say the tc is kicking in, is the light coming on at these 20mph or slower roundabouts? Personally i would suggest you see if there is a nice local member to you who you could meet with, demonstrate the problem too and see if its the same in their car or at the very least put up a video of its behaviour.
  12. looking for a V7 ysi

    Oh no, nothing like that, i cant remember exactly which model (sorry dont have the car any more) but i went for the biggest i could get, something more like https://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?prod=rb-0620
  13. looking for a V7 ysi

    Mine was night and day difference, from whooshing and hissing all over the place to near silent.
  14. This years motorsport

    I watched a bit of world touring car qualifying from the ring yesterday, that was pretty interesting, i will definitely try to watch the race, just from a point of interest in it being at the ring rather than the cars.
  15. Twin turbo 350z build.

    I wouldnt draw too much comparison to under bonnet temps and ait's, if the intercooler is doing its job they might well be fine and dont forget an intercooler is only effective when in direct air flow, i.e moving, if you are below ambient temp its doing ok, of course running turbos you could always get water/meth injection, more power (if mapped with the water/meth) and keeps down aits, win win