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  1. Jetpilot

    Brexit again

    So a dangerous and emotive subject, but with an alleged deal on the table, whats peoples thoughts? Could or should TM (or any other politician) have got a better deal Should we have another referendum Should parliament back her Should she resign Should we have another election And a last question, what do folk think about the unrest in Italy and Poland about whether they want to have a referendum?
  2. Jetpilot

    6 weeks an owner and on 3rd battery

    Stating the obvious, something is obviously draining your battery, or an alternator fault not charging it, any reason you didnt charge the battery and bought new? Check volts at the battery when running, should be about 14 volts ish. Disconnect battery when you leave it, if all ok when you reconnect its probably one of the usual culprits, alarm, courtesy light staying on, stereo, just have to work your way through which one.
  3. Jetpilot

    Seibon Carbon Fibre UV damage issues

    I was under the impression that gel coat has no uv protectors in (from working in the boat industry), but lacquer does, but that contradicts the people in the know above. Every year most owners "cut back" their hulls to get rid of the milky haze. I have also had carbon products clear coated, never had issues so long as its been prepped well.
  4. Jetpilot

    3D Printed Wheels Anyone?

    I guess thats the very question of why they have come to be, but when you have carbon and magnesium, can you get much lighter, or is it a cost thing?
  5. Jetpilot

    Track day phone mount

    Best bet is to get Harrys Lap Timer app, it also can do video, however most track days dont like timing equipment so keep it on the video screen till you are back in where you can view the data.
  6. Jetpilot

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    Unky K's shed of plenty
  7. Jetpilot

    Nissan 350Z vs Corsa VXR (stage 1 remapped)

    Whatever the case, you should have a cracking day out op, i wouldnt mind the rain either, a fwd scrabble wagon putting too much power through the front wheels on semi slicks aint going to be a lot of fun, think you would have the edge there too imho. Had to be an Audi driver
  8. Jetpilot

    Nissan 350Z vs Corsa VXR (stage 1 remapped)

    Its not just Hangar though, Luffield to Copse (old start finish straight), Wellington, Club to Village all fast and flowing,
  9. Jetpilot

    Nissan 350Z vs Corsa VXR (stage 1 remapped)

    With the loooooong straights of Silverstone, a 350 should be faster imho. Agree with Jack, arb's will make a night and day difference and take the spacers off for the track, they will make zero difference except to add unsprung weight!
  10. Jetpilot

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    I also have a pressing question....without a Zed in sight apart from perhaps a rotting corpse of one, is it any longer The Zed Shed Two? Or are you upgrading to Shed GTR. GTR Shed or Pops Shed?
  11. Jetpilot

    370z Nismo automatic in UK? do they exist?

    You may want to avoid the Nismo if you are looking for a more comfortable ride, most reviews and most owners on here have suggested its pretty firm ride. No bad thing though, buy a 370z auto and throw the remaining £15k for the cost of a Nismo and make it awesome
  12. Jetpilot

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    Looks like i am 3rd in line Good choice, i can see a for sale advert being drawn up as we speak
  13. Jetpilot

    Classic Car Show NEC

    300's looking good
  14. Jetpilot

    Chris Harris TG Lap: 370z Nismo

    He is also quite critical of the GT86, interior, price, lack of power.....everything he compliments on the 370z, if viewed subjectively and not owning or wanting any of them, its actually quite a constructive review and comparison between the pros and cons of each car, except the Cayman, but he does highlight how much it "may" cost to run. The only problem on here with the review is, he prefers the GT86 to the 370z
  15. Jetpilot

    New Tactile Steering Wheel

    Ive had two Royal wheels now, couldnt recommend him enough