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  1. Cheers headphones. Seems like approx a litre every 250 miles. Yeah if a garage can confirm it’s all good I will be happy just buying oil very regularly but I’m sure something can be changed to consume less.
  2. -recently bought a 110 000 mile 2004 used 350z, -using something around 3 to 4 times the often quoted , oil guzzling but accepted for some of these cars, 1 litre of fresh oil per 1000 miles. - car really looks well looked after all round -from what I can tell runs perfectly. Pulls nicely, no blue smoke or drips on drive. Approx 24mpg. I’m driving sensibly as I often have bike on roof. Of course the occasional foot to the floor when roads clear but no track days or much hard driving so far in my ownership. -previous owner encouraged me to check
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