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  1. zxalex

    350z mechanic

    Any mechanics on here from north east of Scotland on here from Lossiemouth/Elgin area work on 350zs? or anyone know of. Thanks.
  2. The information is there thats from the 240mm original clutch. It's okay as there is no one that knows everything. I can assure you the garage I have my car in knows his stuff and can do his job competently. Thanks for the advice you could give.
  3. I'm sorry you think this ZMANALEX. I am listening and have taken on board all advice. Information about clutch supplied is the only thing I haven't got as it was delivered straight to the garage that is doing the work. I/we know how to get round it but again as stipulated previously was originally wanting to change like for like with the original 240mm nissan clutch but this is not an option. Looks like there is no clear reason as to why it came like this because there is no clear answer.
  4. That was a thought I had too.
  5. That was a thought. Year of my car is 2006. Thank you
  6. Thank you. My apologies for asking advice... and seeming thick. Will probably go for a solid flywheel to go with kit bought. Originally wanted to put in like for like.
  7. Sorry if you think this is the case. I certainly am not ignoring it. I'm very grateful for all the advice given and am looking into everything although my replies are up in the air so to speak. Why such a comment? Am I wasting your time?
  8. Seen this. I wonder if compatable
  9. This is the clutch that came out. It doesn't mate up with the flywheel. Other option is to get a new flywheel. It's a 55 plate 2006. Engine that went in it is listing same clutch.
  10. Sorry its a bit vague. Mechanic said it's a@240mm clutch that's in. Found this on the web
  11. Mechanic went to fit clutch on my 350z today and it wouldn't fit. It's 250mm @ 10mm bigger than one that came out. Any advice/help appreciated.
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