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  1. mattyp182

    Hub nut size

    Hi guys i dont know if the search is not working but it isnt for me. Im doing my rear wheel bearings at weekend so im just after the rear hub nut size. Am i right thinking its a 36mm socket job
  2. I do have oem rays just looked at specs i thougt it was just the same wheel but works out i was wrong. I have got the 225 on the front and 245s on the rear so unless they have been mixed up in the past. Previouse owner on a tire change or somthing and ive not noticed . Ill have to have the wheel of and make sure its the 8j
  3. I did the front then back separately so unlikely but i thought they were the same size anway just different tyre sizes. And i thought the only alignment ajustable on the front was toe
  4. Happy newyear guys. Fitted my coilovers yesterday and i seem to know have a bit more poke on one side than the othere. The front ride hight is about the same as ive got 25mm spacers on the front. If i look at the car head on it looks like ive got 5mm to 10mm more tyre sticking out on the near side. Any thoughts
  5. Just in two minds. Might drag it out till just after xmas. Its not to bad clutch judder can get annoying after a spirited drive and the clutch sticks for a few secobds if i launch it hard but day to day its ok
  6. Ill take one. New* Xtreme Clutch Organic Inc SMF - 350Z DE Anything else u recomend while im at it
  7. Thanks for the reassurance looks like the next step is to get on to clark motorsport
  8. Ryt my cluch is on its way out so looking around the extream from clarck seems the best option. Looking at the organic kit. Poped into lockwood and greenwood today and asked for a fitting price. They said 220 with oil wich seems alright. One thing that put me off was that he fitted a padle cluch last year on a z and the lad burnt it out in 1 day driving it in snow . Bad driving or bad workmanship. Just kind of put me off abit but they seem highly regarded on here
  9. Got mine direct through there ebay store
  10. Yh mine have been fine plug and play. You just get both on at the same time when there on
  11. mattyp182

    35 off set 19s

    Hi ive had some alloys offerd me ex display 19 x 8.5 and 19 x 9.5 et 35. Im currently running standard rays on a 25 n 30mm spacers. Will these allys fit ok. Any advice appreciated
  12. Fitted them today and they both run when the air con is on or when the temps get high. All in all im happy with them they do the job and no more overheating ðŸ‘
  13. Haha thanks. Ill get on to it tomorrow
  14. Defiantly plug and play. Does this put both on when one should be on though. I thought thats why peaple were rewiring so they work independently





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