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  1. Good to know that the Nismo fits the standard and visa versa, thanks for the info
  2. @Whitevanman I believe that my wife was driving that day as I was at work. She did say that another 370 waved at her but it was too late to wave back. I think you came past me earlier down Sadler Road, sounded nice
  3. That's a very good question to which I don't have an answer that might help you. I do know that the Nismo exhaust is less restrictive than the standard GT exhaust for example. In your case, I'm assuming having a custom system means yours flows well, so the Nismo back box would be the way to go. I also assume that both the standard box and the Nismo one fit in the same way, but I'm unsure exactly, as I have only had the car a few weeks and the Nismo was on the car when I bought it. I can tell you that the Nismo box is very quiet, so mush so, I'm going to change it for some Tarmac Sport
  4. The Trooper


    Thanks for the encouragement Andy but I don't want to change the whole car, just a few bits, such as the air intake in the front bumper. The car is already a great colour
  5. The Trooper


    Thanks Payco, that is a little further than I wanted to travel but for the right result, it would be worth it. Whereabouts in Sussex
  6. The Trooper


    So I hear, but I've emailed them twice now over the past two weeks, including photos, and no response. It's almost like they don't want the business. I'll have to pay them a personal visit, maybe that'll get them started. Thanks for the recommend though.
  7. The Trooper


    Thanks Andy, I'll Google them
  8. The Trooper


    Hi everyone. I am looking to get some parts of the 370 wrapped. I like to use recommends rather than just grab what and who looks good on Google. Has anyone had their cars wrapped in and around Lincoln? I don't mind a bit of travel, say 50, 60 mile radius. Any help gratefully received Thanks
  9. What are you running? I'll have to keep an eye open
  10. Thanks, it's LeMans Blue apparently, and I love it. Don't see many
  11. Please see photos, hope this helps
  12. I have a Nismo back box on my 2010 GT and it fits just fine, although it's a little quieter than expected. Unfortunately, I can't tell you anything about how it was fitted as it was on the car when I bought it, and I only picked the car up from the dealer two weeks ago
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