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  1. Sold mods can lock - cheers
  2. "apparently" we need a lifestyle change
  3. Sadly up for sale is my mint condition Jaguar F-Type S - 375bhp with all the fancy twiddly bits for adjusting suspension and "stuff" This car is in showroom condition with the application of PPF to the front preventing stone chipping and comes fully loaded and the rarest (and best) colour - Italian Racing Red. Panoramic Glass Roof Powered Tailgate Auto adaptive lights Performance Seats (heated) with red stitching and red seat belts Multi-function flat bottomed leather steering wheel Auto power-fold mirrors Reversing Camera Black Pack Heated Windscreen Comes with the next 3 years of free servicing (5 year service plan). up for sale for £43,900 you would be getting a top spec absolutely beautiful car (£73k from new) - a complete head turner ...... and the sound from the twin exit exhaust is brilliant with pops and bangs on the over-run. The last picture shows the PPF being applied
  4. exactly the same happened to me - hence why I've come down to 43" .......... its still a bit on the large size for the corner its going in ......... still some sacrifices have to be made
  5. I've been telling 'em all to put down their trowels ........... frozen mortar only means one thing ............ but they still try
  6. depends if you wan to to go in a straight line or not
  7. only about 4-6" of snow but the roads are pure sheet ice underneath
  8. @RichKitch due to the weather (shops etc closed) - I haven't ordered yet but this TV has popped up as another possibility LG 43UJ750V - what are your thoughts on that one the 207 is showing in stock on the richersounds website for telesales ? - but if not that ..... what - am really struggling on the soundbar issue
  9. ok - this is what I'm going to order ........ unless anyone says not a good idea ? or won't work together etc https://www.richersounds.com/tv-projectors/lg-tvs/lg-43uj670v.html - LG 43UJ670V 43" LED 4K https://www.richersounds.com/tv-home-cinema/soundbars/yamaha-yas207.html - Yamaha YAS207 Soundbar
  10. so, is a built in sub woofer as effective as a separate wireless sub ?
  11. https://www.richersounds.com/tv-projectors/all-tvs/sony-kd43xe8004.html this one is definitely on the cards - 43" , is 10 bit and netflix at the press of a button
  12. bad news ...... I've had to revise my size estimate - I measured the horizontal dimension of the 50" - comes out at 44" - it's just too big for the room So, it's going to have to be a 42-43" - which is still considerably better than what we have now (32")
  13. no games, just films and TV - I also plug the laptop in to watch some streamed or alternatively erm.... acquired media not going for wireless satellite speakers now - just a fair to decent sound bar with wireless subwoofer have also looked at this one - Panasonic TX50EX750B paired with a Panasonic SC-HTB488EBK soundbar - price quoted for this package is £950.00 ??
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