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  1. A pair of 20k mile standard 370z cats. From a 2010 car but have been in dry storage. Car now sold. £130. I have written my user name on the box. Can post
  2. Do you need to cut the existing studs to fit these?
  3. P3 service although they ended up doing just the oil for 180. They gave it good going over including checking the other oil levels and importantly oil condition and told me everything was fine. I worked from a local cafe for a couple of hours whilst they did it.
  4. Just as an update and this might help others..... Found some useful guides and data on the US forum about which revision lock to buy. D or E as the c which I have is the most troublesome used 1st choice spares and located two at circa £200 a go. however I was not convinced I needed a lock as the car would drive after hot wiring it to start. all the advice was to pull the fuse in ACC so I took it one step further and pulled the fuse with the car running and jobs done....it’s running on the button. will keep the paper clip and wire wit
  5. I have driven the car after I did the Hotwire trick ( last time I did that was 20 years ago with a Datsun 110a!) so I am assuming the lock still disengages. i pulled the fuse in acc mode , is it worth trying with the motor running?
  6. So the key light came on today and the dam car wouldn’t start until I did the shorting of the pink wire at the module. It got me home....so far so good. Once home I tried to do the fuse pull fix as it looks pretty easy although fiddly. With the fuse box open, did the shorting of the pink wire and the car into ACC mode and pulled the fuse. Got a full house of lights and the auto stick moves but it still won’t start. Gave up, put the fuse back in and locked the car only to find it wouldn’t un lock , mild panic but the boot opened which released the doors.
  7. Thanks, no spoiler so good to go, cheers
  8. Will a roadster fitted car cover fit a coupe? Has anyone tried?
  9. Just serviced at Japex and was excellent so thanks for the advice
  10. After some standard pads....pagid or brembo? I’ve had both in the past on different cars and been happy with either. Little price difference. any views?
  11. Will need to get the Z serviced in the next month....it’s beeb to Abby Motor sport for the last few years with the previous owner, whilst I like the idea of keeping this up it’s a bit of a trip... is is there a good and similar specialist nearer to Herts? so far not found anyone yet
  12. Hi, you gave me some useful advice on tyres and for the rear and an option you suggested 285/35/19, is the 35 profile correct or did you mean 30? Cheers


    1. nissanman312


      Pretty sure I went with 35 :thumbs:

  13. MPS4S it is then..... thanks all
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