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  1. nice angle 👌 I let myself to tamper a bit with that pic, hope u don't mind lol.
  2. 1) Payco - Datsun 510 SSS. Reg WWU 276J 2) KBAD - 350z . Reg J44SUS 3) nismoandy- 350z - WP06FNX 4) Nino - 370z - Reg. SK12 XZZ 5) Olly350z - 370z Nismo - GM16 JBX 6) Andy_Muxlow - 350Z - Reg. A20MUX 7) andy james. 350z reg AJ07 ZZZ 😎Humpy - 370z N12 SRA 9) Richn370 - 370Z CX59OKP 10) ColDel - vx220 - VK05XEU 11) davey83 - 350z - GT05ZED 12) pintopete58 350z GA53SOZ 13) Charlie Boy - 350z - AK56BYT 14) 💥Zippypooz - 350z - N44SSN💥 15) hotrain69 - 350z - NA07YTU 16) JohnI - 370Z Nismo - PA04YCO 17) Loadmaster - 370
  3. Tried to retake my last picture with DRSL camera for better resolution but look at the difference a week can make...
  4. thx shame it was taken with a smartphone and quality isn't the best, need to start carry DSLR camera
  5. when you zoom it really close you can see that the red bit curves and goes up
  6. I've had a look on some other pictures of mine and no its same as yours. It just looks different from that angle
  7. good eye! just looked at your nismo and davidv10's and yeah it is slighty different than yours...would never notice that
  8. Then they should defo get rid of rear camera .... I never damaged any of my cars by hitting a kerb etc ( touch wood ) but wouldn't mind to have an extra help in situations like this where lets be honest u can't really judge how high the kerb is in milimiters. Well if you can kudos to you lol but having a parking sensors doesn't make you less of a driver...
  9. perfect fit Why there is no parking sensors at the front fitted from the manufacture I just dont get it... Has anyone fitted parking sensors in their nismos? 
  10. Hi, Sorry for spamming in your topic Payco lol but no point for me to start a new one. I am looking for new set of tyres for my 370 Nismo and unfortunatelly there is still no MPS4S in 245/40/19 size at the EU market. The only ones I could find were the Pirelli PZero and Dunlops same what I have now. Ekona you do recommend the above setup but I am a bit confused as that tyre calculator https://www.errolstyres.co.za/odcalculator says that it isn't ok. However when you check 255/40/19 there is no issue. Should I get higher profile then or is 35
  11. They never refer to you by your real name only by your email address or use phrases like my dear friend, dear client etc. I was scammed once when was selling my car. I advertised it on pistonheads and an hour later I got email saying that there is a problem with my advert. I used the link to the website they sent and once I put my details the browser went blank thats when I realised that somethings wrong. Checked the email header and it wasn't geniue pistonheads. I quickly changed my password. On this webiste https://haveibeenpwned.com you can check if your details ha
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