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  1. Mine usually failed. What I found helped was putting the original cats in the boot. The MOT tester who, when confronted with the fuss of having to replace the cats just to pass the MOT, would find another car to stick the probe up. Not technically right, but suited me fine!
  2. I would love to come out for a drive.
  3. I have one, got it straight after my 350. I have a PASM one on 19's. I really like PASM and wouldn't get one without it personally, but that's just me. I also really like the Sport Chrono pack , mainly for the throttle sharpness it brings. Other than that it's not about the figures, it's about the way all the facets of driving come together really well in the one car. IMS is a very very small risk not worth worrying about I'd say, the bore scoring is at 5-10% but there are things you can do to help minimise risk - get a low temperature thermostat, run the Millers oil that Hartech recommend
  4. As ever, Bilt Hamber's product in this sector is excellent - Auto Wash. Seriously underrated. Only bad thing is that it doesn't have much of a smell.
  5. Back to the original question, I was in a similar position a few months ago, originally thought was the 370Z wasn't worth the extra and I should get a M135i coupe. In the end I got a Cayman!
  6. How much is the Zed going to depreciate from now, compared to what you get? Unless you pick wisely, this is a move to lose a lot of money in a car that quite quickly won't feel special enough.
  7. It isn't too bad, certainly for a 10 year old car.
  8. I've already done the subwoofer padding mod and it surprisingly makes it 100% better! Still Bose though so can't get the tones to sound too realistic. I'll be doing the condensers shortly, got them cheap at ECP's in their Halloween sale. Will look into getting some mesh too, thanks for the tip.
  9. After much consideration, driving and internal conflict I ended up going for a Porsche Cayman S 987.1 with the 3.4 M97 engine. Yes this is one of the main ones that can get bore scraping so that is something to keep a close eye on, but so far so good. Initially I was looking at E46 and E90/92 M3's, Audi S4's (3.0 supercharged), a Porsche 996 911 and the Cayman. The BMW's are great cars, the E46 is more practical with a bigger fuel tank, the E90 is faster and more expensive to run, but they are both heavy. The same goes for the S4, which can be remapped to 470 bhp quite easily but is not pa
  10. They are nice cars. I ran a Golf GT TDI for 4 years and 100k miles, was still getting up to 73mpg out of it on my daily commute when I sold it. 72mpg seems unreal now compared to the 24mpg im getting out of my current daily. I've put 60k on it, the most I've put on any car. I've squeaked 60 mpg out of it but the average is almost bang on 50mpg. Made the 26 of the Zed and the 27 of the new weekend vehicle much more palatable.
  11. The Bilt Hamber stuff is the best stuff now.
  12. Seat Leon tdi 130. Pretty dull but works well and 50mpg. Means I now have 2 'German' cars!
  13. I agree, the Galaxy S7 Edge is as good as it gets, same internals as the Note 5 too.
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