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  1. It's certainly a watershed moment in Z circles. That is a lot below what I'd have sold a Z. It's also a lot of car for the money, regardless of what you spend to make or drivable. I personally thought £5k was an acceptable low for a V6. Maybe I'll be proved wrong in 2018.
  2. Ignoring what everyone else says. 17. Queue the oft repeated anecdotes about being able to die and kill for your nation, being liable to pay tax, vote etc etc. Letting someone drive a 1litre corsa but taking umbrage at a 3.5 V6 - what are you actually targeting? Young drivers or arsehole drivers? Because focusing on age does that idea a serious injustice. Give everyone equal rope to hang themselves I say. Not literally, obviously.
  3. Think the role of imports is a little under played in that article though. Yes they are cheap and that infers lesser quality but as we know, many fresh imports have been well looked after, come with a variety of extras and, perhaps most importantly - never seen a salty road. VED for imports is considerably cheaper than the UK spec models, too. I'm £230 a year for the RS.
  4. I didn't think they'd manage to clean all the blood and faeces out of the seats.
  5. If the advert stated that the laptop was for spares / repair, hold your ground. The buyer probably didn't read the advert probably and just thought he was getting a bargain. I've been very close to buying things from eBay on instinct without reading the ad properly but I've never actually purchased anything. Did the guy know he was buying a non-working laptop?
  6. This 22 year old Bellend in his M2 nearly killed himself & his girlfriend at a GT Scotland meet near Aberdeen during the summer. Did 3 passes at progressively higher speeds. Easy doing over 120 in this video. There's another video showing him very nearly hitting some bystanders and a Porsche 911 GT2 that was leaving the meet. He survived, as did his GF. Personally I'd jail the little ***** but as he apparently belongs to the McAlpine dynasty he's probably going to get off with a slap on the wrist.
  7. Playing Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Bad idea when I'm in my final year of studies but it's ridiculously good.
  8. https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/nissan-fairlady-z-nismotype-rs389/1270305549 Some of you will remember this car from a few years ago...
  9. I know Jon Parnham who owns Z1, he's a very decent guy. Also helps he owns a 350z Nismo so he understands exactly where his customer base comes from.
  10. After a length chat with a friend about the merits and demerits of swapping an classic NSX for a similarly valued GT-R I was shocked to see how cheap you can potentially pick up a GT-R now. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201710039924030?atmobcid=soc3 £28,000! It is an import mind you, but holy @*!# that is a big drop on the usual £35k you see the lowest cars going for, indeed £34,000 is the next lowest car on autotrader with a Lichfield stage 2 tune. My question / topic for discussion is, have we reached the official bottom of these cars values? Can we envisage a further drop in the value of these cars or will the increase in RRP for new GT-Rs stabilise it going forward?
  11. Owner is open to prospect of swaps with cash his way. Someone broached the idea of a straight swap for an R35 GT-R. Personally I'd rather keep the NSX but just to give folks ideas.
  12. They look nice on your car - wonder how they'd look on a white one...
  13. Spotted a solitary MK1 while driving in my mates R34 back up from Jurgen at Cramlington. My friend had never seen one before either and was quite impressed with it. You can clearly see where the Z33 Nismo V3 body kit influenced it's styling, a very pretty car. In terms of rarity, there won't be much of them in each of thier domestic markets relative to other base models, but therein lies the issue - The Japanese, Americans, French, Germans etc etc all have had unlimited releases of the Nismo 370z, making them a little more globally widespread than cars perhaps were before. In reality, Nismo has become more of a trim & options package as opposed to a bespoke track-focussed production special like it used to be. Maybe it's because the sexier, more visceral stuff only gets developed in Japan that I'm sceptical of Nismos reputation in Europe, but even so, I doubt we'll see the likes of a 400R or a Z-Tune built again by Nissan, which is a crying shame. Would love to see an Omori Factory appear in Europe that produced and retrofitted hardcore Nismo clubman cars, but it's never going to happen.
  14. Looking for a set of clear, rear LED tail lights for the 350z/Z33. Like the set below. I believe these are a popular JDM alternative to the red lights used on the late model Z33. Anyone how has a set or knows of one, please let me know. Cheers
  15. Right? Have to ask a couple of questions. 1. Would knob-1 have driven forward had knob-2 not sat on his car? 2. Is sitting on the car not a form of provocation? I'm not excusing what knob-1 did, he should have exercised a lot more restraint. How much restraint would I need if it were my car though... how much would you need if it were your old 911 GTS?



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