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  1. Sorry for the late response, but can you take me off the list. Thanks Andy
  2. I've just repalced a sensor on my Dad's Focus. I used a light primer coat, 2 colour coats and 2 of lacquer. It still works as intended. I initially bought touch up paint but thought it would be to thick so changed it for spray.
  3. Rats with wings. They can also breed all year round.
  4. http://thatchamfitters.co.uk/car/cars-with-factory-fitted-thatcham-security/nissan.htm
  5. Hi Adrian, also interested for my 350GT DE. Interested to see the results of H-Dev testing.
  6. The engine cover from the 350GT Skyline aka Infiniti G35 in the USA should fit. The only issue might be clearance on the strut brace.
  7. Anyone on here? https://youtu.be/BS1E0qNhs7Y?t=126 and a second one https://youtu.be/BS1E0qNhs7Y?t=558 What sort of charge would the drivers face?
  8. Faulty/dirty clutch pedal switch. That was my problem a couple of years ago.
  9. I've had to do the relearn procedures a couple of times recently. It did take a lot of attempts but it did work in the end.
  10. It's also worth checking your drain tube is clear. https://www.yourmechanic.com/article/how-to-clean-evaporator-drain-tubes-by-tim-charlet
  11. Thanks for the replies. The tubing is approx. 6mm in diameter and 80mm long. It's a clear, soft pvc tube. I've spent ages trying to find it. Looking through the filler hole with a mirror and torch, but to no avail. I don't think there's enough space for the tube to find it's way to the drain hole. Can't poke my grabber up, as there's something right above the drain hole, limiting access. I had plans for a nice productive day off today. Had already changed the diff oil, sorted a rattling heat sheild. It as all going well and then this happened
  12. Think I've made a very costly mistake. I have dropped a piece of rubber tube into the gearbox. It was on the end of a molyslip nozzle to allow better access. As I withdrew the tube it fell in. I've tried fishing around using a flexible grab tool, but can't find it. I was thinking as it's soft rubber/plastic, if I could drive it and then change the oil to remove the chewed up tube, hopefully Any ideas?
  13. gillywig2

    ACF 50

    Bilt Hamber always get great reviews. I've only used their wax and shampoo, but do plan to use their corrosion treatments soon. Detailingworld has quite a few threads on Bilt Hamber.
  14. Perfect timing! 1. Chezgonian 2. Gassy 3. gillywig2 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.





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