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  1. Looking good! Shame about the wheel bearing though haha
  2. I've had absolutely no issues with mine, I had the touring alloys back then and I've got a set of Ray's now, still no issues. They also just bolt straight on, no need to modify anything!
  3. Thought i'd share my thoughts on my eBay special cat-back exhaust for those who are curious. Long story short, I previously had a Japspeed K2 that broke on me and I needed a cheap replacement. I'll start off by saying that without the baffle inserts, it's pretty unbearable. It shakes the whole car and just sounds like pure bass from the inside. However, with the baffles in it sounds beautiful and doesn't drone at all, and I did trips to Hunstanton Beach and Weston Super-Mare with ease. I wasn't expecting much, but for £250 i'm pretty happy with it! https://youtu.be/ZW2oHYjTHWQ Bonus picture from my travels
  4. Not with the filter on it's own, but I definitely noticed it pick up quicker in the mid range after the plenum spacer!
  5. Thought i'd share a list of everything I've done to my '05 DE this year Mishimoto induction kit Motordyne 5/16" plenum spacer M2 Motorsport Strut Brace M2 Motorsport slam panel D1 spec oil cap, battery/brake fluid surrounds and strut brace brackets sprayed Ford Viola Effect HKS radiator cap Upgraded from Touring to Rays alloys with Toyo Proxes tyres Torqen Bonnet struts Project Mu brake pads Japspeed K1 exhaust with custom tips Direnza 25mm front 30mm rear wheel spacers Most importantly, stickers
  6. Does anyone know anywhere/one who sells something like this? I'd like to cover it rather than paint it if possible.
  7. Engine warning light came on and unverified codes P1147 & P1167 are showing. My Z has had a catback exhaust for a while however the codes have only just appeared, should I be worried or do the rear sensors not have a direct impact on the ECU tune? Many thanks
  8. These were from the A53 towards Buxton
  9. I bought them from eBay
  10. Some before and after shots with my Direnza spacers, went with 20mm front, 25mm rear





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