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  1. Just followed a pretty amazing purple 350z going through Basildon. Very nicely done .
  2. Soooo I finally changed the diff oil last week (First diff service at 70k) . Not sure if this is good or bad but the magnet is doing its job .
  3. Nice job! How hard was it to replace the bananas?
  4. Excellent, thanks ZMANALEX !
  5. Evening, Can anyone tell me if you need to replace the washers on the fill and drain plugs of the diff and gearbox when swapping out the oil? Cheers , Ben
  6. Haha, my neighbours are always popping out to see what I'm up too . Done a few little tasks today that have been bugging me for a while! Sorted the rear bumper rattle...It was missing it's clips that hold it to the bracket, cheap easy fix! Also adjusted the handbrake, polished the headlights again..And polished the exhaust! No wasting time.. The Das Pro came out! Autosol to the rescue! Pleased with the results! Before After
  7. So being the crazy that I is, I decided to clean the old girl whilst it was hailing yesterday . Nice and moody!
  8. I do! haha, thanks for this .
  9. 1CE

    15mm spacers

    I have 15mm spacers on the rear, no cutting needed
  10. Sorry I'm not posting due to the size and how fragile it can be.
  11. Yeah still for sale . Please note this is not a replica. There is also a slight storage mark about a centimeter long that should polish out.
  12. Here's my Password cap.
  13. Thanks chaps . I don't suppose I'll have much more to do this year to it as we plan to move house .
  14. Ahh I was hoping it would be along those lines! Another excuse for an uprev in the new year . you know what's also great about that app? I don't have to do the peddle dance to clear the EML! I simply send the command to the ECU via the app . Ben



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