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  1. Strange one. This miust have started around or just after the same time my 06 de started miss firing. so I changed the coil pack on plug '1' and all was fine! But now it's heavily overfueling/runnning rich and every now and then when blipping the throttle I have a puff of white smoke that stinks to high heavens of fuel! I'm guessing this is unburnt fuel? Could the injectors be sticking open?
  2. That building is mainly occupied by the NHS, must be all the steam they are letting off .
  3. Just to prove my Z does leave the driveway .
  4. I still haven't done mine. Everytim I try and take the nut off it feels like the rear end is going to pull off ! So I chicken out.
  5. 1CE

    Whiteline Drop links

    Haha . I only wanted to do my droplinks. Now i've got arb bushes and a new w brace to work on. Wish I never looked under the car now lol.
  6. Sorry this is now sold.
  7. 1CE

    Whiteline Drop links

    Ahhh I didn't hink of that! That'll teach me to work on the car when i'm not well . Thanks mate!
  8. This may seem like a silly question but how do I tighten the nut on the links without the bolts turning? Am I missing something or do they have no nut to lock it in place. Mine are the same as this
  9. Just followed a pretty amazing purple 350z going through Basildon. Very nicely done .
  10. Soooo I finally changed the diff oil last week (First diff service at 70k) . Not sure if this is good or bad but the magnet is doing its job .
  11. Nice job! How hard was it to replace the bananas?
  12. Excellent, thanks ZMANALEX !



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