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  1. A nice several page spread on the Z in this months edition of practical performance car should anyone fancy a read.
  2. Pretty sure it’s the plastic cover that attaches between the front underbody brace and the subframe. Likely broken or missing some fasteners. Either way if I’m correct, a likely easy fix or temp one with some cable ties.
  3. Hi Beefy hope your move goes well. I’m over in Worcestershire.
  4. Been a while since I posted. Fresh MOT this week after a few months of fettling. The forum has been great source of information to help me get all the jobs done that I wanted to do and for sourcing parts. Also just want to say a big thanks to ZMANALEX for helping out with parts, work and advice, a real great guy
  5. Thanks Alex. I was getting a bit confused as on the Goodridge website it’s splits the kit into front, middle and rear, which can be purchased separately. Still bit confused as to what the middle part is...,
  6. Apologies if this a a dumb question. Can anyone confirm if these kits just replace the OEM flexi pipes, or does it include the hard line that runs from the flexi to the Brembo calliper? Thanks in advance steve
  7. Sutherland..... NC500 on your doorstep. That should be fun in the Z.
  8. Thought some might find this slightly interesting. https://classics.honestjohn.co.uk/news/comment/2018-01/future-classic-friday-nissan-350z/
  9. Managed a wash after fitting the refurbished wheels. Was worried they might be bit too dark but think they suit it well.
  10. Thought i recognised it when I saw the picture. not checked those forums out yet
  11. pretty sure I saw this parked at Halfords in Redditch on Saturday...?
  12. Thanks for the advice Adrian, dont fancy the stay bracket bolts breaking... I am assuming there nut is captive within the body? be another job for the winter. I haven't got the parts yet so no doubt will be in touch regarding them and the hardware kits at some point. Thanks again Steve
  13. Hi I was wondering if there was a guide for w brace and the rear suspension member stay bracket removal/ replacement. If not anyone got any tips. Think I will replace the lot as I suspect the brace to stay bracket bolts will shear on removal. Thanks steve
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