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  1. Beefy

    Drift pics.

    Thought I would start a drift pics thread, as there isn't one yet. Post slippery bois! DWYB @Pod 27/02/19:
  2. Hello friends, So after my drift day, in between worrying about everything breaking and checking my fluid levels. (Everything was perfect all day, I'm just paranoid it turns out). I decided to buy a bucket seat, as I was tired of being thrown around my cabin like a moron. So today I bought a seat, and about an hour later, I was wondering about the connector buckle, as it attaches to the seat in the Z. How hard is this to disassemble? I am putting the buddyclub rails in, does anyone have experience with mounting the buckle to this rail? Cheers, Beefy.
  3. As title, Willing to pay up to £100 per wheel (Depending on type, tread left, etc.) Can collect within 2 hours of Warwick. Kind regards, Jake
  4. @Adrian@TORQEN Did you manage to cost it up in the end?
  5. Hey guys, So today I've noticed that in 1at and 2nd, when coming off the throttle on lower gears (1st, 2nd) my Z feels "Jerky", a bit like gear backlash when i go from acceleration to over-run. Filled up a full tank with V-Power today, it's like night and day. Much smoother and a lot more comfortable. I'm thinking it's to do with fuel pressure or quality perhaps? Maybe fuel filter needs changing? Any of you guys noticed this or am I going mad? I was thinking of getting a Walbro, anyway. As I'm on 100K now. Thanks Beefy
  6. I had an S14a, running 300 RWHP and a welded diff at 19 as my first RWD car. 350z's are extremely tame in comparison. As long as you don't try and be DK in the first few months you'll be fine. RWD is a learning experience at grip limit though.
  7. @Adrian@TORQEN If you could do a cost price if I returned the original Rev-up bracket to you, I would be very grateful. Cheers, Beefy
  8. @Adrian@TORQEN How much for the DE setup bracket? Very tempted, but have a DE and not a Rev-up.
  9. Thanks bud :) Awesome man, hope to be able to join the next annual meet :) Thanks haha, gotta get used to the area! Great news to see some other Zed guys in the area haha. Would be great to see some of you other guys around the JLR Site, if you see me, pop me a wave or a PM on here or something! Would love to attend some meets or get in touch with some fellow zed owners W.H.Y... I'll be the silver Import with the V2 front end :) Cheers, Beefy
  10. Hey guys, Old (ish) member here, moving again from Brighton to Warwick soon (Working at Aston Martin Lagonda now) Any other members in the area? Any good local meets or anything? Completely new to the area, so would be nice to get to know some new faces. Cheers, - Beefy
  11. I'm still able to use the jacking points, they do rub up against the steps slightly, but no cracks as of yet luckily, they seem pretty sturdy to me.
  12. Thanks very much. I agree, they're clean, really easy and cheap mod that make a lot of visual improvement to the car. Really easy to fit. They don't come with any pre-drilled holes, and are designed use your existing bolt holes for your skirts. What I did is: Unbolt current skirts (6 bolts/side IIRC) Take skirts off. Line up skirts with sidesteps. (Optional: Use masking tape on top surface of sidesteps to mark holes, as well as make drilling a bit easier). Secure with tape/whatever. Drill holes in sidesteps through your factory skirt boltholes. Fit sidesteps with skirts. Easy install, maybe 45 mins. Skirts are quite flexible as well, so if you have to use the jacking point on the side of your Z, they don't crack easily. At least in my experience, I've always had to push up against the skirts a tad when using my jack and they've been fine.
  13. I take a everything they say with a pinch of salt. Tyre reviews, done by a company that sell tyres, they do have an ulterior motive at the end of the day. Just look at the guys reaction when he starts to slide on any tyres. Jerky and slow. Anyway. R888's are decent tyres from my experience. I had a set on my S14. Good grip, feedback isn't great, wet is a bit @*!#, but it's a SS at the end of the day. I'd compare them to AD08R's
  14. I had a Nismo V2 bumper from Chris on order for a while, when it arrived I send it to someone I knew for painting. Turns out he was about as useful as a wet lettuce at a barbecue. The work took near on 10 Months to do and I wasn't happy with the paint quality really, but he will barely reply to me. I'm pretty autistic, but not enough to follow him up on it. Lesson learned. Silver is hard to match in all fairness, and the majority of people probably wouldn't notice. I ended up going with a Nissan gloss black grille surround. To match the skirts. As well as a square plate "because JDM, YO". Regardless, it still looks better to me. Although I have an issue, as it's a full PU bumper, there are some dips where the paint was cured, and required fettling to fit properly, seems to have warped a little. Apparently you're meant to fit PU bumpers before painting... You live and you learn. Still a good fitment for an after market bumper.



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