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  1. Welcome aboard! Is it a HR model you have? Or an upgraded bonnet? Either way, it looks nice and tidy. Spacers make so much difference dont they!
  2. If I'm honest, sounds shock related...are you running standard suspension still? (It does look quite low already)
  3. Nice work! Looks promising - always been intrigued by the rear mount turbo the guys in the US seem to go for. Will be following this, look forward to the results!
  4. Hi mods, please can you close this thread as I have decided to keep the parts and make use of them. Thanks
  5. +1 for Cougar Store! Mitz is a pleasure to deal with.
  6. Nice work! Hard work pays off my friend
  7. Welcome aboard from a fellow black zed owner! Excited to see how you progress with this
  8. Phwoaaar. Hella clean! Love it mate, you must be over the moon with the results
  9. Congrats buddy - interested to see / hear of your plans
  10. Theres a reason they haven't been fitted yet
  11. I'm always around...Just quietly watching the world go by Hope you're all good fella!
  12. Welcome aboard buddy. My advice with regards to tracking the zed would echo what others said above, but look into some braided brake lines if you can. As 10-15 mins of hard driving/heavy braking on track on OEM lines is about all you can expect. Not the most expensive mod either which is a bonus
  13. Time to get this show back on the road Have got myself some KW v3's ready to fit in the next few weeks, once the OEM front and rear top mounts have been ordered. Hoping to get out to more shows next year once some normality has resumed in the world. Next on the list is some maintenance and TLC - starting with some undersealing and bodywork. Nothing major planned now, just some general up-keep to increase the longevity of the zed.
  14. Just caught up with this, gutted to say the least! As others have echoed, please stick around and keep us updated on the R34 build
  15. Bump. Make me an offer, otherwise I'll be keeping the parts for the future
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