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  1. Tidy mods so far. Looking forward to seeing the progression
  2. Lovely progress mate, cars looking a lot meaner than when you picked it up thats for sure!
  3. Lovely stuff mate. Motor looks sweeeeet now. Great work
  4. Yeah I know mate, like you said just have to make up for it next year! Hopefully we may see an increase in local meets once some further normality is restored!
  5. This my friend, is a beautiful piece of work! Absolutely love it
  6. Sweet! I'm in warwickshire so not too far - will save your details
  7. Love the attention to detail. Love the car. Following with beady eyes Where abouts are you based? Wouldnt mind letting you work your magic on mine!
  8. Looking very swish mate. Just had a read through for the first time and looks like you've been busy. Nice work
  9. Yeah it's back out on road again now needs a bit of TLC though just waiting for all of this to blow over before I can get it booked in anywhere. Hope you and the zed are well mate. Sorry to hijack the thread @BigPoch !
  10. Welcome aboard. Sounds like a right little adventure to pick it up. Hope theres some nice roads around to enjoy it!
  11. I'm running the resonated invidia with the ART test pipes. It almost sounds stock on idle, similar to what was mentioned above, lovely sound when you put your foot down. It pops a little from time to time as well
  12. Have you checked your rear springs? Mine recently went and had similar issues, worth a look maybe. Best of luck!
  13. Looks lovely mate. Love the attention to detail...look forward to further progress in the future
  14. Hi mods, the supercharger unit and supporting mods have now been sold. I will create a new thread in order to sell the clutch and flywheel combo, please can you lock this one. Many thanks to @350_Jer for a smooth and painful transaction - all the best with the kit, enjoy it





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