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  1. Anyone at forge action day? Come say hi, me and my mates are on the illicit (m39) stand! Anyone else here?
  2. i found adds like this from years ago, if this is more recent could you please link me this? but before i bought the car i found 1 set for sale that have now sold on ebay for $2300 that where in a smaller size and 1 was damaged, ive been told its 1 of 2 sets in the country, could be wrong but everyone ive spoken too has said they're rare as hell, im tempted to list them but i want the know the value first haha
  3. haha funny you should post that cos that is my exact car. im speaking with mike about it as we speak.
  4. this is mind blowing, mike is telling me all about it and loads of cool facts. The car was featured in a set of webuyanycar adverts which i have just managed to find! I'm over the moon with all this information! ill post the links for people to see- i think there is more but i cant find them again for some reason lol This is nuts!!
  5. update! i got into contact with mike over instagram cos i did some digging, that is in fact my car!! thats so awesome i could find the original owner! and by the seems of things it definitely was from a well known forum member! crazy! according to mike these wheels are one of two sets in the country!!!
  6. that's a great looking Z! by the looks of it, he even had the same s tune exhaust as mine! the polished lip does look good, i have a picture of the car on the polished wheels haha. it is tempting me to get them re done!
  7. anyone know anything about these? i bought my Z with them already fitted, 19x9 et26 front 19x10.5 et22 rear anyone know what they're worth, cos i cant find much about them and I've been told they're rare as rocking horse S**t. Other very old posts of someone fitting a set (potentially my exact wheels as the specs match) i don't know much about them. thanks in advance
  8. It’s around the back of Farnborough airport, very common spot in our local community lol
  9. Yeah bought it directly. I traveled to the isle of white to get it!!! Was well worth the trek!
  10. Where abouts are you based? If you see me don’t hesitate to say hi!!!
  11. Hi all!! I've been a 350 owner for just under two months now, and only just joined a forum because I'm curious to see if i can find any history on my car as i was told it was told it was owned by a well respected forum member. i have found one user that could potentially be a previous owner who went by the name "Jacko" which i found when trying to find out information on my wheels. i searched "Racing Hart Rs721 uk" and was brought to this thread- https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/6768-the-day-that-my-zed-gets-some-new-rims-racing-hart-rs-721/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-895
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