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  1. Hello everyone I was thinking of starting the development of a mid mount single turbo kit for the 370Z and I would like to see if there is enough interest. The pictures are of our 350z mid mount kit to get the idea.
  2. Hello everyone as the title says our turbo kits will be 15% off for the whole month of August! https://www.kudakaperformance.com/product-page/kudaka-performance-right-hand-drive-350z-de-mid-mount-single-turbo-kit
  3. We are delighted to present to you our new product, the Kudaka Performance oil catch tank/ coolant overflow tank combo! By using An 10 fittings and rerouting the existing ports on the valve covers, positive crankcase pressure is eliminated. The tank combo utilises the factory location and also prevents oil from entering in the intake. Can be ordered here: https://www.kudakaperformance.com/product-page/kudaka-performance-oil-catch-can-overflow-tank-combo-350z-vq35de
  4. Thank you! We’ve really tried to make this kit as universal as possible but on the same time we’re giving a lot of options for the customers to personalise it. About the crank case pressure we would recommend a vented to atmosphere system, weather this is a oil catch can or breather filters.That’s probably something to consider adding as an option on the kit.
  5. We are proud to introduce you to our Right Hand Drive Mid Mount Single Turbo Kit for Nissan 350Z DE. The only bolt-on kit on the market that is designed for right hand drive 350Z’s! The turbo is mounted next to the gearbox allowing us to run a 3.5” down pipe which helps minimise back pressure and relief stress from the engine. The engine bay temperatures are also kept to a minimum. This kit is capable of producig anywhere from 400whp to 800whp with the right supporting modifications and includes everything you need to turbocharge your 350Z apart from the fuel system and engine management system. https://www.kudakaperformance.com/product-page/kudaka-performance-right-hand-drive-350z-de-mid-mount-single-turbo-kit
  6. Here are some pictures of the fuel upgrades. I’ve used Denso 550cc injectors, Racinglines 340LPH fuel pump and while I was there I replaced the faulty fuel level sender as well.
  7. The last few days I’ve been working on the oil system of the turbo kit. Which can be very complicated on a mid mounted turbo.
  8. Here are some pictures of the cold side of the intercooler piping and our 50mm blow off valve.
  9. I’ve managed to make the turbo oil sump today, mounted the oil scavenger pump (didn’t take any pictures) and started working on oil system plumbing.
  10. Thanks, I am running a Link g4+ so I will set up few engine protection strategies as well. About fuelling I’ve got a set of denso 550cc injectors and a racinglines 340LPH fuel pump Thank you buddy! I have to say rear mounted turbos looking cool and are easier to make them but you can have issues with lag and seems that the spool characteristics changes with the exhaust gas temperature. Thank you 🙏
  11. Hello everyone! I’ve recently started working on a mid mount single turbo kit that will fit on right hand drive vehicles. I chose a mid mount kit due to the low engine bay temperatures , easy maintenance and the ability to run a 3.5” down pipe. The turbo is a gtx3584rs with 1.01 v-band turbine housing.
  12. If you still interested we do make our own design 3.5” cold air intake with velocity stack filter.
  13. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a discount on this product at this stage. For any further queries on any of our products please feel free to get in touch
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