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  1. Paul667

    Sports cat and MOT

    My Cobra HFC's passed after 5000 miles on the standard map - just
  2. i will bring the loud meter!.....might be good if you can find a spot for drive by ...............
  3. Paul667

    Door lock issues

    My 350Z wont let me unlock or open the drivers door, passenger side is fine. the key doesn't work either, nor does trying it from the inside. Has anyone experienced this, I realise the Nissan electrics do not have a good reputation! It worked fine on Friday. might have to climb across until I can find a solution................... Cheers
  4. Paul667

    After 2 months with Berks + Cobra

    I have Cobra HFC's and the full Cobra resonated system and my noise meter, when located near the cubby, shows up to 95 dB's at times!! I will try to get a video. When i Stand about a meter behind the car I get around 106dB @ 45000rpm....... however driving in traffic with light throtttle, the ICE and conversation are no different to most cars. but as we all know the ZED comes alive over 4.5K ......... conversation stops.......... and the ICE redundant:)
  5. Paul667

    Rear camber and toe bolts

    My local Nissan quoted £206! for the 4 bolts nuts and eccentrics!
  6. I think i will be going for the September date!......leaves plenty of time for a visit to Spa in June! DN dates 25th May, 27/28th August, 27/28th Sept Circuit days 24th April.
  7. Hi back to the over limit course, are these run all year round?
  8. My Zeds 'trip' for this Northwest meet was 166 miles at 26.3 mpg, door to door. I had intended to leave the event early but Rob found some interesting roads which were more interesting than fixing my carport! One of the discussions was the infamous oil gallery gasket, the photo is my oil pressure at hot idle.
  9. Thanks to rob and Chelsea for organising the day, my first Zed meet, and it was excellent. only 2 pics that were different:
  10. Rob350 G1en@waxandshine slates superstu Ridz Paul667 Weather is looking good for Sunday..............unfortunately I will have to leave early:(
  11. Paul667

    Ring pile up

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-07HK7nCV50 I think I will reduce the odds by sticking to well organised trackdays with most posts manned and the lights active. marshal post.MOV This was a clip from that point on my last visit to the Nordshleiife. i was quite slow at this point, even so my (lethargic) GPS just flicks to 90mph probably 98mph on the clock.
  12. Paul667

    Show off your Gunmetal (350z)

    I could not see my car in it’s previous life (on this long running thread ) so
  13. Ok so I am old!! In the 1980’s you could always see police cars in wait, you knew exactly where they would be. I travel the same roads now at similar times and never ( strong but true)see the police waiting like they used to. Trackdays might seem expensive but imagine the impact that a ban would have on your job, family and pocket! As for overtaking, think how many “safety” camera clips would be submitted to the police when you ‘safely’ overtake the 47mph brigand, minimising your time exposed to Danger!!!!!
  14. Paul667

    Weekend at the Nordschleife!

    Hi I managed to get a 2nd visit to the Nurburgring in 2017, this time to the 'circuit days' event on the 16th October. i have never driven a rear wheel drive car on the track so this was a "learning" day. Although it was glorious weather, full sunshine (and 24deg C) all the low points of the circuit remained greasy. My 350Z HR performed well, let down by the driver and the Pirelli P zero tyres which didn't fill me with confidence.....eventually the clutch pedal went to the floor!! I fitted a cobra exhaust which I think will fail UK track day noise limits, but at the Nordschleife this wasn't a problem. I found this clip of the sighting laps with me at 3min.36............ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WreLQI05axw cheers Paul