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  1. It is usually the MSV circuits ... which now includes Donington of course. Bedford is also one of their top hot spots we hear from clients.
  2. Donington is always the one that confounds me ... how is it ok for aeroplanes to take off and land 7 days a week but a few cars ....... makes no sense whatsoever
  3. Yes a common number would be helpful to the track enthusiasts, they'd likely go for the lowest possible denominator though which might then reduce the options to near zero. Unless you have an electric car ........
  4. Thought you might find this useful - if there are any updates or circuits you'd like adding, please let me know. KR Jo
  5. If you enjoyed reading the first in this series, here is the next installment with further insight and thought from our Chief Instructor, Colin Hoad. Enjoy. KR Jo
  6. They will definitely have had a positive benefit ... especially for sideways enjoyment
  7. Thought you'd like to read our latest blog on Car Control - is there more to it than just learning how to control understeer and oversteer?: https://catdrivertraining.co.uk/the-secrets-of-car-control/ KR Jo
  8. That's great to hear on both counts ... I will be sure to pass on when I see him later.
  9. Thanks Zman ... how the devil are you?? I've edited now ... working ok for you?
  10. Once you have the track bug, perfecting the optimum lap and most efficient racing line can become an obsession! Whether you are new to track days or are looking to get serious and enter the world of motor racing; tracking your performance is a key part of your driver development. Read our latest blog with the choices before you. https://catdrivertraining.co.uk/the-fast-track-on-data-logging-apps/ KR Jo
  11. Hi All We have a Performance Driver 'Track' Day taking place this Saturday 21st July - there is one place available if any member is interested in joining. Now's your chance to work with chief instructor Colin and develop your driving knowledge and performance for the road and/or track. Let me know if you'd like to join 9ff and Mr Ben this coming Saturday at Millbrook. KR Jo
  12. Loving the helpful info added to the pic You need to get Colin down the pub ... those stories can go on and on and on KR Jo
  13. Another great Performance Driver 'Track' Day with Nissan 350z & Porsche enthusiasts on Sunday at Millbrook. The sun shone & your own Flashback & Richard won the days awards. Richard put himself on the league table in 3rd place, setting the fastest time of the day in the Gymkhana: 42.19. Great time putting a Porsche inbetween the Nissans on the table. Flashback was the Driver of the Day. A couple of photos here to capture the moment. Lovely group & another enjoyable day of driver development. KR Jo
  14. Ryan Motorsport will quote you for a stand alone policy Taybo. FYi some take it out, some don’t – probably more that don’t. It’s whatever gives you peace of mind but know that Health & Safety is our highest priority as is that you leave as you arrived. We’re now in our 14th year and have worked with over 4,600 clients …. we have never had an incident in a client vehicle at Millbrook. The instructor is sat alongside you when it is your turn for the exercises and an extra pair of eyes looking out for you both. There will be other users in the proving ground on the day as we don’t have it exclusively – cost would be extreme if we did … but it is a professional working environment. The facility isn’t like Silverstone/Donington etc. which is built with run off areas in mind, so other than the exclusive circuits (Steering Pad / Dynamics Pad / Mile Straight Apron) there isn’t run off areas to ‘fall into’ – but this is why we like it. Training is progressive and you will be making incremental increases as you develop through the day. Hope this helps. KR Jo
  15. Last place now filled by Cossiemike ... looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday. KR Jo





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