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  1. Read and followed. I appear to be on a similar mod path as you but about 18 months behind Anyway cool build. Nice to see someone interested in track performance not scene status.
  2. Hi, I'm looking at possibly getting some Bride Gias or Stradia seats for my HR. I have read the stories of them being tiny so I rang GSM and they dont have any Bride seats in the showroom so I cannot see: If I even fit How comfortable they are. Anyone in the Coventry, Warwick/Leam, Stratford area have Bride recliners I could possibly sit in as a quick guide? Cheers
  3. Hey, I know this thread is OLD, but I'm in the market for these ARB's and was wondering if the deal was still on the table? If so could you possibly do me a deal on some Whiteline front and rear Drop links aswell, please. Pretty please Alan
  4. So if I use it with berk highflow cats and a motordyne xyz it should'nt be an issue as the only OEM part of the exhaust is the headers. Correct or miles off? Cheers
  5. DE only?? What's the difference between the DE and HR on a y pipe back system? Different hangers maybe?? Sorry if that's a newb question. If you have one for an HR pm me as v.interested in picking one up ASAP. Cheers
  6. Probably because i'm stuck in the chaos around Whitley waiting for my new clutch to burst into flames lol. I used to work at JLR but jumped the fence to AML 4-5 years ago. You working at Gaydon or Whitley? Yeah there are a few of us around Cov. Another buddy of mine has a cracking black 313 on black rota grids. He is oftern heard driving around earlsdon shacking windows with his lovley Invidia exhaust.
  7. Hi Everyone, My real name is Alan and I live in Coventry and I work for Aston Martin. I am good friends with fellow forum member MrLizard and needless to say he/I have BIG plans for my car centring on its gradual transformation into more of a track car. But for now at least here is the car in all its shiny unmodded glory.
  8. Is the pedal/'s still available? If so can you PM me payment details. Cheers





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