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  1. Paul, Wheels still available. Front 265x35 R18 Rear 285x30 R18 Cheers
  2. Ogman, IIRC only the clubsport's come with top mounts and they arnt compatible with the V1-3's. I was going to use oem and the eibach a arms to control camber and alignment etc. I'm based on Coventry. Drop me a Pm if you are interested. Cheers for the view
  3. After 8 years of ownership I have decided to sell my Z. It was going to be a project car but the project never happened, hence all the parts in As New condition. Most of these parts haven’t even been opened, they were delivered and stored in my garage waiting for the day they would be fitted. That day never came so now I’m selling them. Buyer pays postage and I will get quotes adhoc as/if the items sell. The Coilovers are very heavy and I suspect postage will be expensive, so buyer can collect if possible. I can look into delivery if required but buyer pays postage. Wheels are collection only. The body panels are big and somewhat delicate and I don’t think most couriers will take them ( I had to collect them when I got them IIRC) so they are collection only. Pm or email is great : alan.bertenshaw@gmail.com Cheers Suspension · KW V3 Coilovers inc Damper adjuster extensions - £1350 SOLD · Eibach Front and rear Arb set - £400 · 350z Eibach Pro-Alignment Front Camber Kit - £400 · Whiteline adjustable droplinks - £150 · SPL Eccentric lockout kit - £70 · 7TWENTY Rear traction arms PAIR SOLD Exterior · Gramspro CF TS style Rear diffuser type 3 with vortex generators - £400 · Gramspro CF Side Skirts extensions - £200 · Composite CF/fiberglass Nismo V2 style bumper inc canards from Medusa £480 Wheels · Rota Grid 18x9.5 e30/18x10 e35 with lite wear R888’s SOLD · Custom Enkei centre caps - £40 · Driftworks Steel Spline Drive Steel wheel nuts with key Petrol colour - £30 SOLD Interior · NRG CF Quick Release Gen 2.5 - £130 · NRG Short steering wheel hub SRK-141H - £120 · NRG hub and quick release as pair - £210
  4. Hmmm. Saved for later, when the rain eventually stops. Cheers
  5. PS4's. Love them and never going back. The wet grip alone won me over
  6. afroguy

    Leaving the fold

    Christ thats a step up. Congrats enjoy it!
  7. This. Admiral will only replace with stock parts so watch out if it modded
  8. afroguy


    Sky just quoyed me £450 fully comp with a page of mods. Maybe give them a ring
  9. Read and followed. I appear to be on a similar mod path as you but about 18 months behind Anyway cool build. Nice to see someone interested in track performance not scene status.
  10. Hi, I'm looking at possibly getting some Bride Gias or Stradia seats for my HR. I have read the stories of them being tiny so I rang GSM and they dont have any Bride seats in the showroom so I cannot see: If I even fit How comfortable they are. Anyone in the Coventry, Warwick/Leam, Stratford area have Bride recliners I could possibly sit in as a quick guide? Cheers





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