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  1. Wanted: 350Z Exhaust

    also have one in based west mids if interested.
  2. Passenger side door sill plastic trim

    Also have available in decent nick
  3. Door cards 2003

    also have a pair.
  4. 350Z Seats

    i have tan leather in pretty good nick if interested.
  5. Another - what would you get for 30-50k post.

    Hi WinkJ, Lotus was the best compromised car i have had, things i loved were how quick and how stable it was, how much road presence it had. I did some track driving in it as well as fast road and wales and it nailed everything. I also purchased from Lotus Silverstone (ask for Aimee)... Even with the systems turned off it was still so intuitive - steering feedback and working aero on track... crazy I only have one poor video of it https://www.facebook.com/tlmotorsport/photos/a.10153534995165361.1073741834.418438790360/10158228833175361/?type=3&theater https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eksdNq8hCtQ Things i didnt like, literally the only thing i didnt like was the space between driver and passenger, its the only thing that would make me look at an evora. As you can see your elbow is close and i have quite wide shoulders.. even saying that if i hadnt needed the money out of the car to build another Z i would still have it Go and test drive one
  6. Bose stereo adaptor harness for fairlady

    probably if you let me know exactly which bit you need
  7. Another - what would you get for 30-50k post.

    loved my Exige 350, not much could keep up with that and the drive was incredible, it is however a low production outfit and the fit/finish between this and the GT4 I had before it was noticeable (though the Porka wouldnt of seen which way it had gone)
  8. 350z Stock Suspension

    also have a set if your interested.
  9. 18/9kg springs for a track car ?

    sounds like a sensible decision butcher. Make sure you record your thoughts on track and assuming they are adjustable have a play and see what helps/hinders
  10. 18/9kg springs for a track car ?

    Must admit I have found the front to be very sensitive at 10/10ths to front spring rate change, quite a few factors at play really with front camber/weight/damping/tyres etc...
  11. guys there is some pre-order stock at toys-r-us if you want £79.99 Got one
  12. Zeditus, there is no cure

    I didnt get a photo of her - it was really weird she sort of said something to me - i dribbled a bit and she got in the car, then her boyfriend was taking loads of photo's of her, my mrs was looking directly at me as I was trying to look anywhere other than the lap belts.... :s
  13. Zeditus, there is no cure

    yep the wallet is the bane of the whole thing... I cant believe MrsLizard hasn't killed me yet
  14. Zeditus, there is no cure

    haha thanks wasso