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  1. also interested in the results - might need to fit some ducts into it tho
  2. I purchased a 18 plate 370z for less than your mentioned 23k direct from Nissan - I suspect im not helping the residuals - I was pushed hard towards the GT and the Nismo but stood my ground - got a base spec red one with black accents - 21.5k
  3. The motordyne system is cracking - however have you considered something that resonated? either cats or at the end?
  4. Unfortunately I cant make it now - sorry guys the mrs has informed me im going to a forest instead.... :S
  5. cracking cars, the good ones are a bit more than 15k though Im voting 370z
  6. FWIW I had a similar dilemma(?) recently, I was looking to sell the Fiesta ST (Great car) for something a little less practical and quicker... my list A45 AMG (Yellow night edition thing) TTRS M3/4 All very capable cars and the interiors are incredible, the Audi interior on the newer models is great - the merc similar really... however and its a big one, for me they were just too soft, they dont really offer any driver involvement - the TTRS I had waited to drive for over a year and was dead excited, sounds/looks great but its a let down from a driver perspective (for me anyway), massively fast but feels over servo'd and 'safe'... probably supposed to, i knew I would get bored. So I changed the options up and looked at the new cayman GTS (previously owned GT4 and a GTS) and a 370z (given Nissan want to give me 5k off one) Porsche was a great car but not (imo) worth the 40k more than the Z they wanted. Tbh I think most people would be happy with any of them, all cracking cars but it does fall down to personal taste good luck
  7. 1) davey_83 2) Brummiestormer 3) cob1980 4) Justthejedi 5) pintopete58 6) nissanman312 7) Matt V6Z 8) MrLizard
  8. Hi Colin, the oem one is quite good to be honest, as Alex says unless you want to increase the -ve camber or have adjustable there is no point, did yours fail?
  9. nothing is simple is about spot on! We used the temp strips on the caliper and temp paint on the discs - to be honest they can take some punishment but always best to keep them in their optimum working range.
  10. yer we had some fun trying different methods, we also had naka(?) ducts on the underneath of the splitter pulling air up, i will get you a photo
  11. we have done - sort of depends on who is running it to be honest I will try and get you a photo, i have one somewhere but struggling to find it, we have used the robot arm stuff in the inlets on the nismo v2 bumper and then on to the back of the discs at an angle. It would be better with a scoop that goes into the veins of the disc but would require some more fab work
  12. i quite like the cup2's for road/hillclimb and the yoko AO48's/08 (can you get the 48's in the right size?)
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