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  1. The ticket states a 31 min stay :/
  2. Yea, we were the first ones there and the fine says 31 minutes, maybe it was a 30 minute grace period
  3. supposedly there are signs everywhere in the car park saying it's private and you need to be authorized to park there. We were there for 31 minutes....
  4. Well this sucks. Anyone else that met at the Holiday Inn in High Wycombe get lumped with a 100 quid penalty charge today?
  5. Jdm Coombe 2nd June 2018

  6. Japfest Report & Pictures

    Had a great time this year catching up with you all and seeing some great Z's! Thanks again to our heroic organizers! Here are some pics I took, excuse the amount of GT-86's my little bro just got one and instructed me to take more pics of them. @Stuggerz look forward to seeing those sexy Lidle pics mate
  7. Right this is my route for the morning. Stopping at Holiday Inn High Wycombe at about 5:30 to see who's there, then on to Cherwell Valley services for 6:30ish. See you all in the AM!
  8. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    My body (and my car) is ready. See you all tomorrow!
  9. I need to pick up my brother so I think I'll just meet everyone at Holiday Inn, High Wycombe at about 5:20
  10. Right, I'll add myself to this and try to keep track of your timings and meeting points 1) Humpy 2) Stuggerz 3) Flashback 4) Keyser 5) LewisH
  11. Jdm Coombe 2nd June 2018

    1. Nso93-paid 2. Olly350z + Louis ( Z33) BOTH PAID 3. 350_Jer 4. AbiiPow PAID 5. Humpy 6. ShortPaul 7. George1966 8. Grumpyoldjanner 9. JJ370z 10. Andy James- Paid club pass + Track time 10.30,14.00. 11. Shezza 12.Sparksey 13. Cloud1440 paid 14. Huw (zclub) 15. Farmer42 (zclub) 16. LewisH - PAID 17. Veilside Z 18. Simon31 19. Cloud1440 20. 14N 21. Zebedy 22. RoxZ 23. Brian Tyson 24. 350wen - Paid club pass 25. Tomb 26. Richie94gts - Paid club pass + track time10:30 27. Cjquicksilver831 - Paid 28. 350zSouth West-paid 29. DrMurderDeath - Paid 30. Wezed-paid 31. Jbrougham - Paid All paid up
  12. I'll be heading up early from Lightwater, where abouts and what time-ish are you guys all going to converge?
  13. It's a little (a lot) cheeky
  14. Thanks! I love the Z indicator wrap, really subtle little mod. I had the front bumper professionally filled and sprayed.
  15. Thanks! Nope, still on stock springs. It has 30mm spacers all round and once I'd taken those pesky transport blocks out it settled down to a nice height.