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  1. Looking to come back to another Z after selling my JDM 350z ST back in 2007! In particular looking for a 370z GT Coupe, Manual, Sub 40k miles, no too many previous owners. I'm based in Watford but can travel approx 150 miles. Many thanks
  2. Right S2000 is sold after its Ring trip and now itching to replace it with a 370z! Specifically looking for a GT Coupe, Manual, sub 40k miles and not too many previous owners, - if anyone is selling please let me know
  3. Ok about time I got myself in another Zed now! Looking for a 370z GT manual with sub 40k miles in good condition. Need to sell my well modified track / fast road spec Honda S2000 GT (with hardtop) first. Or part ex with cash your way as my S2K is probably worth approx £9.5k
  4. Found this Signature on Photobucket that Zedrush did for me!
  5. Yea that was my good friend who crashed his Spec C at Brands Hatch!! You've got a good memory Marzman! I do remember your username also. I should have guessed Sarnie would have got a car like that after his Orange Lambo!! I also have some photos from JAE show in 2006 or 2007 which I'll dig out. I also remember there was Zedrush Jay who had his Veilside big build done from East Shore Racing, which then turned into a fiasco afterwards.! lol
  6. Thanks everyone Will post up some pics when I get home. ps my mistake it is still called 350z-uk but in Google it displays the name with 370-uk.com also so got confused. I remember Ebized! What happened to MikeyF and Sarnie?!
  7. Thats a pretty long come back! After the 350z I've been through way too many Jap Rally specials, Luxo Barges, German 4wd super hatches and the odd track build. Currently finishing a lightly modified Honda S2000 for occasional track days as well as a Special Edition E92 M3. But I think in 2019 I may want to start a 370z project! I wonder if any of the old faces are still around on here when it used to be called 350z-uk.com
  8. Very very sorry to hear this sad news Jay. Be strong & always remember the good times. You will see her again one day... My mother passed away 10 years ago at the age of 51 from breast cancer, I was only 22 at the time, I miss her as much as I did 10 years ago, but now I remember mainly the happy moments we spent together & not on the event of her passing.
  9. Reduced to £19,990 In "Total Impreza" Magazine from March 4th, WhSmiths etc If anyones after a Spec C, my minty mint Spec C is up for sale. (Over £5k spent on parts, plus labour) Yes you can get a std Spec C for £18k, but here for a couple of thousand extra you are getting a fully sorted Spec C that will not need a penny spent on it for the next 2 years on anything (then only pads & tyres) & it has had over £6k spent on it already. Plus it is the best example in the country, show standard & one of only 2 in white in th UK (non RA), this being the first one & the onl
  10. Here's a latest pic, after coilover suspension fitted; 4x Vredestein Ultrac tyres & full custom geometry setup:
  11. Thats a shame Lexx What are you planning on getting next?
  12. Merry Christmas & Price now reduced to: £20,495
  13. NOW FOR SALE See for sale section for thread Apologies in advance if this sounds rude but if you are looking for a cheap deal this is not it. This is for sale at this price because of what it is & in my opinion there are enthusiasts out there who will understand what this car is & appreciate what they are paying for. You will be hard pressed to come across a car like this again for a long time I can assure you. This is on offer here before this car is advertised in national/web publications in the new year. I would rather sell it here to fellow enthusiasts rather than on e.g Pis
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