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  1. Looking to come back to another Z after selling my JDM 350z ST back in 2007! In particular looking for a 370z GT Coupe, Manual, Sub 40k miles, no too many previous owners. I'm based in Watford but can travel approx 150 miles. Many thanks
  2. Right S2000 is sold after its Ring trip and now itching to replace it with a 370z! Specifically looking for a GT Coupe, Manual, sub 40k miles and not too many previous owners, - if anyone is selling please let me know
  3. Ok about time I got myself in another Zed now! Looking for a 370z GT manual with sub 40k miles in good condition. Need to sell my well modified track / fast road spec Honda S2000 GT (with hardtop) first. Or part ex with cash your way as my S2K is probably worth approx £9.5k
  4. Found this Signature on Photobucket that Zedrush did for me!
  5. Yea that was my good friend who crashed his Spec C at Brands Hatch!! You've got a good memory Marzman! I do remember your username also. I should have guessed Sarnie would have got a car like that after his Orange Lambo!! I also have some photos from JAE show in 2006 or 2007 which I'll dig out. I also remember there was Zedrush Jay who had his Veilside big build done from East Shore Racing, which then turned into a fiasco afterwards.! lol
  6. Thanks everyone Will post up some pics when I get home. ps my mistake it is still called 350z-uk but in Google it displays the name with 370-uk.com also so got confused. I remember Ebized! What happened to MikeyF and Sarnie?!
  7. Thats a pretty long come back! After the 350z I've been through way too many Jap Rally specials, Luxo Barges, German 4wd super hatches and the odd track build. Currently finishing a lightly modified Honda S2000 for occasional track days as well as a Special Edition E92 M3. But I think in 2019 I may want to start a 370z project! I wonder if any of the old faces are still around on here when it used to be called 350z-uk.com
  8. Just seen very recently quite a few videos on you tube, from US & Switzerland with Novidem fitted zeds, so people are slowly getting their hands on them. e.g http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=350z+novidem I want one!!
  9. rickya


    Thanx for the Tshirt Max, I picked it up from you on sunday, fits perfect
  10. rickya


    oh yeah Mr Ronnie Coleman
  11. rickya


    I want one, medium in black please Funny but I was thinking I would like to wear one (if there was one!) when I go here in October & offcourse JAE http://www.350z-uk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8075&highlight=daytona Nice to let the yanks know of our z club
  12. Following on from my recent service (& last years) from Dan Perkins Slough: see http://www.350z-uk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8322&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 http://www.350z-uk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8461 I have spoken to their service manager who is willing to try a do the best deals on servicing for club members. Bearing in mind the discounts he can offer are based against other dealerships in and around central & greater London. -So the thing to do is phone around & get the best quote you can from any other Nissan dealership (London/Greater london). -Phone Dan Perkins Slough (Tel: 01753538 444), ask for Mark the servicing manager. To jog his memory in time to come please remind him: (Ricky Ahluwalia with 350z Sunset Jap Import from Watford, servicing 22/06/07!). It would be better to remind him of me as we discussed 350-uk member deals etc & it would be nice to let him now I have helped him for future deals for members & myself, as he is a bit of a mate also. -Anyway Mark has said that he can try his best to beat any price from London/Greater London Nissan dealership on servicing & other work. This is especially true if you will supply your own parts such as oil & pads/discs etc. This is because he can discount labour costs greatly but not much on Nissan parts prices, which are usually higher e.g pads & discs etc. Goodluck, I got quotes for P1 service from London dealerships at £260 cheapest from Watford, Mark did it for £160. Thats £100 off, not bad for London prices! Anyway if it does work out or doesn't please can you post your experience here for feedback & for others- thanks, Ricky
  13. From personal usage on different cars: MPS: 4/5 (Great all weather tyre, though expensive,predictable on limit) Toyo Proxy T1-S: 4/5 (Great in cold wet weather, predictable on limit,havent used in heat yet) Bridgestone Potenzas SO2: 3.5/5 (Good in Hot weather, a little soft) Nankang NS2: 3/5 (Excellent Budget tyre for everyhting except maybe tracklaps) Bridgestone Re040: 2.5/5 (Average) Bridgestone Turanzas: 2.5/5 (Average) Ventus Plus: 2/5 (Ok in hot summer, but crap in wet & hard as rocks, crap,cheap)



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