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  1. ello stranger hey buddy, only popping in to see whats happening. you good?
  2. Kimberley anyday over Cheryl. Especially since C isnt very nice. But looks great in her underwear
  3. common theme? your headlights are on?
  4. I look forward to taking it out for a spin
  5. still to this day, this is my favorite picture of my zed
  6. I feel odd, im not a HUGE fan, however it was him that got me into music, the first concert i went to was his 1997 gig at wembley so i think that is why. On another note, does anyone want to buy 4 tickets including aftershow party? Make me an offer...
  7. sl114


    That was a classic! I thought Schuey was a pretty good sport, although you could tell some of his answers were very well constructed with all his meda training. He didnt even flinch when Clarkson made the same person winning comments The best dodge was when he said "My english isnt too good" His English is fantastic!
  8. sl114


    see my post in the top gear thread He isnt the stig, just came over with the ferrari as they wanted him to drive it round the track to get the best time.
  9. Thank you all for your wishes.I had a great day yesterday... I did the driver training with Plans Motorsports on the top gear track! I will do a write up when i can however their tip was...never buy Falcons! The tyres are terrible and lost me about 5 seconds due to bad grip, therefore they will be going very soon and toyo proxies on the way. here is a taster...
  10. can you PM me the link? Im so there!
  11. dude i feel the same, 27 isnt too bad really, however i am dreading 30!
  12. wooooooooo, shuey is a guest on the show on Sunday
  13. I have bought a pair of Oakleys, low ones however as i do not like boots, however we shall see how i get on with them. Yes they will be for driving in





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