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  1. Oi! I'll tell Sarah! Looking is fine, touching is bad!
  2. That is nasty! You are very lucky indeed! Is there evidence of other wheels doing the same? Powdercoated or not as i have never seen this before! I couldnt help but notice this though...http://my350z.com/forum/member.php?u=78448 - off topic i know!
  3. Its no bad thing though as it means someone like me who once could afford a UK car, can now still get one in a few months and have the house.
  4. ANyone who wants a sig - let me know and if i can help, i will be of service
  5. Cant help you there mate, just get it bought and try it out
  6. Dude you already posted this http://www.350z-uk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3970 lol
  7. Thats because you havent been driving like a nutter! Hold on, you have hence the ban
  8. I only have the Bridgestones on my car and so far i find them ok but useless in the wet, icy and on muddy roads. In the dry, one they have been warmed up, i find them really good and stick pretty well, however i do find that the front suffers from understeer at times, which to me is a bad bad thing. In the wet/icy/etc i find the rear very twitchy and the front again suffers from understeer. I have found them to be quite lasting so far (I have been trying out burnouts for fun and to see how good they are when hot) and they have not gone down at all on the rears. I will update in a few months when they are wearing down a bit more



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