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  1. ha ha sods, great to be back, all the cool crew still here, fantastic site as well, I remember the good old day heard the meets are still going, great stuff, damn I need to get back in the zed again, missed you guys
  2. Hey stranger hope you are keeping well, will pm you now
  3. Not been on here in ages, thought I'd say hi and see how you all are. I've not got a Z anymore unfortunately but remember meeting and making some great friends from this site and stayed in touch with. Brilliant site, awesome people keep up the fantastic work. Some pics of my old Z many moons ago. For those that remember me vaguely I was the erm more mature sensible, wise erm member
  4. Nixy im just stalking you lol xxx
  5. Jay you got my number ill message you now hope you are well. CS good to hear from you mate
  6. Hi guys, not been around for a long long time, hope you are all keeping well, and keeping the passion for the Zed's alive. A lot has happened in my life since the passing of my mum, some good some bad, but always smiling. I remember people asking me about the type of training I do and one of the members coming to watch one of my classes, so finally got a video done that I promised yonks ago and figured hey share it with you guys. Here it is my class 38 Rounds that I teach: Sorry not been here much as said a lot gone on in my life but onwards and upwards. Unfortunately not got a 350z or fast car no more, been getting too old since hitting 32 so got a newish Cayenne Diesel, although the F-TYPE v6s has sparked some interest who knows. Hope everyones enjoying their cars and having plenty of epic meets. Missed you guys, well some of you at least lol Kindest Regards Zedrush
  7. Lol true but if someone grabs you when they are not meant to then i think she was well within her rights, no breach as he overstepped the mark :wink:
  8. PMSL, my big sister took my aunty from L.A to a scare fest in london. The actors are only meant to scare you not touch you until one zombie jumped out and grabbed my sister (on the right) she turned and did a Yoko Geri Kekomi (side snap kick) at the actor and hospitalised him lol... never grab and try to scare an experience martial artist, the outcome aint good lol... wish they let us keep the video footage, my aunt said is was an awesome kick the guy jackknifed in the air lol
  9. Thanks guys, the game is insane, really love it. I very rarely play computer games but after seeing the trailers for this I thought hmmm give it a try. I got to say that I've been addicted ever since, it's brutally hard as it's so realistic, you run out of ammo you find yourself hiding in bushes trying to sneak up on an enemy just to knife them and take theirs. Problem is I sneaked up once and out of nowhere I got charged by a ram which then alerted the enemy who then shot me. Glad to say when i respawned I hunted down that ram and skinned it and made a bag to hold my ammo in. perhaps I should stay away from my cats for a while...
  10. Anyone know how you pick up glowing weapon once you have killed someone? I killed this guy and he had a rifle, I'm out of amo and still got a ton of people to kill and I can't figure out how to get his gun so i can finish the job... Any advice would be great, Im sitting here in my boxer shorts wearing war paint and bandana hiding crouched under a bush.... so try not to be too loud in responding....
  11. Thanks bud I did not know this, hmmm I really wanted a paddle shift one don't want to go down the manual route. I was hoping that after this one they might bring out a 991 GT2 PDK which will be the ultimate fun car imo. Hope you are keeping well matye, I might have to go back to the drawing board, although 600bhp is plenty for me, the styling is going to set me back as it is, want to be seen... and heard
  12. Hi mate, yeh if I only do the CBT then Im restricted but they do a direct access course which around 3-4 days which once you pass you can ride whatever cc bike you want. 1000 cc is going to be way too much power for me for a few years me thinks so will stick to the 600 lol. Martin how you keeping bud, our cars looked awesome together that day
  13. hi guys quick update, after a hell of aot of research and photoshopping and planning I have decided to sell this car next year and get the pdk Turbo S 997 to mod as the kit only fits around the rear lights of Gen 2 not Gen 1. You know me if I want a particular kit then I need to have it, so modding will commence then. The car is insane though, I hit 173 on private land absolutely insane power delivery but i know pdk is more responsive, and modifying an S should make a great statement as it's hard to top the last mod unless I go all out. So sorry for delay guys, don't worry am not all talk. Also booked direct access for bike, I want a Yamaha R6, I know people will go against that as a first bike but I will have endless training even after the Direct access to respect this bike. Already looking at what exhaust to change with and of course getting rid of the rear licence brake holding bracket and getting a corbet comfort seat
  14. any reason why not dms? Evo did a good review on them and they have a great track record some more pics of potential body kit, but obviously will add personal touches to... going to start photoshopping now
  15. also got these ones here: that was a fun project





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