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  1. For Sale on behalf of another member who hasn't had her zed for a number of years. Her car was damaged down one side, so the wheels are from the undamaged side of the car only. They are as shown in the photo taken yesterday and look unmarked. Located in Huddersfield. £50 per wheel. No tyres. Strictly collection only. I can vouch for Fiona, she is a good friend of mine, hence my username is on the photo. If you are interested please email feefee.mitchell@hotmail.com
  2. I've been a member of this forum since the year before I got my z (2006). I can't remember the last time I came on here as mainly use the facebook group but just thought I would check in to see who's still alive! Still have my z, can't part with it, even though now it only does about 500 miles a year and never sees rain if I can help it. It's now 16 years old and has not really missed a beat - failed an MOT once for a lightbulb and miss-spaced number plate! Still in fantastic condition and worth more than it's 'book value' if that makes sense, so will continue to live in my garage apart from the odd sunny day. I'm still not bored of the way it looks and still don't see many around. I spotted a guy in Market Weighton where I live last week, riding a push bike, wearing a 350z t shirt! I would have given him a wave but sadly I was driving my clio! Anyway, hi to any other remaining OGs! ( would add a wave smiley but I've been gone so long I have no idea how.....:-))
  3. I wish you all the best. I hope it works out and if it doesn't at least you tried. Everybody knows when they have reached the end of the line once and for all and if you haven't you haven't it's as simple as that!
  4. Jeez what is your food bill like! You don't eat steaks you eat joints of beef!
  5. You must be seriously bored......... are you still on holiday and have run out of things to surf on t'internet?
  6. Heard it coming before I saw it with quite loud exhaust. I think it was brickyard colour but could have been a non standard paint job - not seen many of those around. Driver parked up at Market Weighton Tesco to use cash machine and I was hovering around next to my fiat 500 wondering whether to give him a club card - but bottled it!
  7. Anyone else got pictures of GTR and GTRD on 18s?
  8. I'm looking at the Japan Racing JR3 or similar Rotas - I've seen the colour of them in the flesh at Tarmacsportz but pictures of them online in GM seem to vary very much and I'd really like to see them on a sunset (or any similar wheel in GM) because I'm so undecided! Silver was my first choice but hard to get hold of.
  9. You need a 'still haven't got a clue' option........
  10. If anyone has a sunset with gunmetal wheels can you post a pic up? I think I'm set on silver but Tarmac has some I like that are only available in GM but I'm just not sure without seeing them on that colour car. Thanks peeps.
  11. I actually like the 25's Chris - depending on colour of course!
  12. I had mine replaced quite a while ago. When driving over a certain speed it whistles!! I told auto glass who said they can only do a road test at the speed limit, therefore I live with the whistle!
  13. I've got a fiat 500 which is only two and a half years old with approx 16k on the clock and still under warranty. It's got an issue whereby the engine light comes on and it goes into limp mode - always when pulling out of a junction, traffic lights etc. Yesterday it did it as I was crossing an extremely busy A road which could have been disastrous as I struggled to get across. Anyway, long story short - booked into Fiat dealer and they have said that I will have to pay per hour for diagnostic testing even though my car is under warranty. I will only get this back if it turns out there is 'work' that needs to be done. Does that sound right? And if they decide an engine reset or something similar needs to be done does that constitute warranty work? I'm a bit fed up about this as I would expect with a new car to not have to part with a penny for something like this!
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