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  1. Drifting setup

    I don't think a 2 way diff is necessary to be honest, I've been fine with the same welded viscous diff for the last 3 years. As for a geo setup, your generally wanting the rear wheels as straight as possible, ie 0 deg toe and camber. For the front, camber around -2 to -3 degrees but this can't be adjusted without arms. I run the front toe at 0.2 degrees toe out as it makes the steering response really fast but a bit rubbish on roads at high speed as you hit bumps and it pulls you all over the road so if your keeping it as a road car I'd say 0 degree toe or 0.1 at most. Just to note tho, my alignment hasn't been done in about 2 years and is pretty shocking atm but still drifts haha. Tein steering arms are a good cheap upgrade aswell but not entirely essential. Gives you enough steering lock
  2. Tyre tread depth with pictures

    When buying you should always check things like tyres and either get them to change them if needed or negotiate them into the price if you are going to have to replace them yourself. As for tyres, there's loads of threads on here discussing tyre choices. Some people are really picky on them and some folk put anything on. Personally I run nankang ns2r semi slicks as they are great on and off track, just not so great if you hit standing water. They are a decent price aswell
  3. Tyre tread depth with pictures

    They look legal but not by much. I'd be looking to get them replaced but I'd drive with them
  4. First proper drift practice day. Driftland Jan 28TH

    Yeah my wheels have done full laps with no tyres so I don't bother about them lol. I wouldn't be doing nice wheels haha
  5. First proper drift practice day. Driftland Jan 28TH

    Na you don't need to balance them for drift, they aren't on long enough for it to matter lol. I don't think there are many tyre fitters qualified to be honest, I do them myself there's not much to it
  6. First proper drift practice day. Driftland Jan 28TH

    Jay a guy used to go and take 5 a tyre fitting and 2.50 to dispose and he made a mint! £15 a pair and flat out for 4 hours it was a great idea. I think they ended up falling out after driftland were wanting a cut. It's a good idea tho and good for the place
  7. First proper drift practice day. Driftland Jan 28TH

    Stevo How can you afford 10 new tyres to burn on a drift day lol? What do you use? I'm quite lucky because I get tyres free which are pretty much new but a drift day is expensive enough without buying tyres lol
  8. First proper drift practice day. Driftland Jan 28TH

    I normally take 8-10 wheels for a 4 hr drift day aswell and that's with plenty breaks in between. If you are linking all the corners a set will last 3-4 mins but if you are just skidding the odd corner they won't use much at all as the tyres will barely get heat in them. As you get better you will need to get more wheels. Driftland don't normally put tyre changing on unless alot of folk are asking for it. There is garages nearby but don't think they will be open on a sunday. Il give you a spare set and there's a chance il break my car on the day so you can use whatever I have left over lol. My mates weld my diffs but quite a bit away for you, I'm sure there's loads of places through your way who will do it. It's about 150 for a spare diff so might be worth getting 1 and welding it and just swapping them over for drift days
  9. First proper drift practice day. Driftland Jan 28TH

    I don't think there will be tyre changing facilities that day it's just usually the big days they have it. If you come over before it I could probably lend you a pair to use and just give me them back after the day. I personally hate the vlsd as it's so unpredictable, could end up putting you in the wall if your not quite sure how to use it. Best advice I could give you is never lift with it, always keep some throttle on to keep it locked, if you lift it just opens the diff and only spins 1 wheel usually putting you straight on and into a wall lol
  10. First proper drift practice day. Driftland Jan 28TH

    Also where are you from lurch?
  11. First proper drift practice day. Driftland Jan 28TH

    You won't need to take water as you can get water from the taps there. I'd highly recommend getting the diff welded before you go as drifting with the vlsd is dangerous in my opinion (I ended up rolling my last z drifting with it lol) I'd be taking more wheels aswell, I was drifting there on Sunday and the track dried quick and a good set of tyres were lasting 3/4 mins a set. Obviously if you're just starting you won't use them as fast but even 4 to burn on your first day. I should be drifting that day aswell so feel free to park next to us in the pits. Il even come out with you and give you some pointers if you'd like? Are you on Facebook? I'm easier to contact on there if you need any help
  12. The Z is going.... and I couldn't be more annoyed

    Not got time for a big reply Andrew but most of they things are a piece of **** to fix and alot of them are just recommendations and not required yet. And as for the steering rack, yeah they are expensive, around £300 but you can get a seal kit for them for £35. I know because I done mine yesterday lol. I'd keep it if I were you, stop taking it to main dealers and take it somewhere like dynatune in East Kilbride where your going to get the work done right and won't get ripped off in the process. Trust me if you get a normal car you will be depressed within a month and probably find yourself buying brakes/tyres etc within months anyway
  13. I was just about to say it's probably for a boost controller that's been removed before selling. I'd recommend getting a boost controller for it as just bleeding off the actuator isn't the most reliable method
  14. Scream if you want to go faster!

    That's awesome! It's been a while since you've driven it and I feel your pain lol. Mine seems to be over cooling driving in this weather so will need to fashion some cardboard shields for the radiator so you might find yours is the same
  15. Scream if you want to go faster!

    That mesh actually looks pretty good! It's soo hard to get mesh that doesn't look chavy. Can't be far away now tho man