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  1. Interior dome / map reading lights won't turn on!

    It might not be them though so better to test them first to save wasting your time and money
  2. **370z owners** - Tein Monosport at crazy price - 1 set only

    Yeah deals like that don't come about very often
  3. **370z owners** - Tein Monosport at crazy price - 1 set only

    That's crazy cheap for them!
  4. Interior dome / map reading lights won't turn on!

    Just Unplug the sensor, put a multimeter on the contacts on continuity, then press the switch in and out to see if it's working properly. Should be dead short one way and open circuit on the other position
  5. [SOLD]Takata 4 points and 350Z mounts/rails

    Pmd for seat rails
  6. Interior dome / map reading lights won't turn on!

    Have you checked the door sensors?
  7. Track Rod Ends

    I use the tein ones that clark motorsport sell. They are stronger and give you more lock. They aren't that expensive either
  8. My First Z - drift/track/fun car

    I'd recommend before you do your first drift day you unplug the 2 plugs under the abs block. This disables abs, traction and stability controls as just pushing the button only turns off traction and the abs and stability become annoying
  9. JAE 2017 (Japanese Auto Extravaganza)

    Only 1 week to go!! Anyone else going?

    I'm really sorry to hear this Andrew it's truly an awful position to be in I know it's still a bit contravercial but have you looked into cannabis oils? They are having massive success with them in the states with cancer patients. The way they are extracted and prepared means that they don't get you high or anything but the healing properties of it are fantastic in many cases, they even give it to kids for that very reason. Anyway dude I wish you and your family the best of luck and remember we're not to far away if you want to go out a run or that to clear the head
  11. The new forum

    Ah thanks man that will make it soo much better now cheers
  12. The new forum

    For me it's the way the new stories are displayed that I dont like as above, also if you are 15 pages into a build thread and you click on the update for that thread it seems to take you back to the start of the thread, not sure if I'm just doing something wrong but it's frustrating. Both just nigly Teath ingredients problems. Other than that the new skin looks great and the picture/video upload is a great feature. Keep up the good work lexx and the team!
  13. Diff with fins cant be jacked off???

    I usually slide the jack in til it hits that little nob and jack it on the fins. Do it multiple times every trackday and never had an issue for 2 years and never snapped any fins
  14. That's pretty cool @Hayd350 so does that double up as a harness bar? I've already got a harness bar I'm just curious
  15. New clutch issues

    Glad it seems to be sorted. It was probably resetting the idle every time it ran out. Weird though I've had batteries die on the zs and not had this issue. Hope it doesn't come back!