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  1. What power are you running? And what do you use the car for? When I'm on the road or driving hard grip driving on track the mishimoto is fine, it's only when drifting that the problem arises. Mishimoto know about the problem with boosted cars as I contacted them and they said they have only had the issue of overheating with boosted Zs.
  2. Was looking good the other day man! Need your glasses on tho I waved to you twice and you patched me haha
  3. Think I have a set of oem cats in the garage if you want to swap them for the mot? If not, give me a pm and I might have some mot places for you. It's falkirk you stay eh?
  4. Once you get that diff welded I'll come out with you no problem and try and help you. I have a hatred for drifting with they viscous diffs lol as they are just dangerous if you don't know what your doing with them haha. When's your next drift day? I will come out with you and try and talk you through it and also take you out in my car to try to show you what I'm meaning. I've just had an op though so will be out the game for 6 to 8 weeks unfortunately. 400 seems alot for a half days tuition but if it's kyle your getting to teach you it's probably worth every penny. But as I said it's alot of money and I'd personally be spending it elsewhere, probably on bits I've already broken on the car haha
  5. To be honest it sounds like the diff. When it's not welded and you clutch kick it, it just spins 1 wheel for a second or so before locking they are rubbish! I ended up rolling my last z because the diff decided to open lol. If you want to keep the viscous you need to keep on a constant throttle to keep it locked, if you lift at all it just opens and straightens up the car violently. Best to leave out clutch kick entries until you get a locked diff. Just try weight transfer initiations in the meantime
  6. That's perfect. Pretty much the same setup I'm running but I don't have the pipe to the intake anymore it's just vented to atmosphere. You don't need a slight vacuum with the pcv valve drilled out as any positive pressure in the crankcase will vent on its own as the pressure outside will be less than the crankcase
  7. Yeah best to stay away from mishimoto products tbh, they have become the new japspeed in terms of bad quality, at least japspeed were cheap! Il be selling my rad soon so will give you a shout (lol)
  8. Haha I know! I won't be buying any mishimoto parts again and il be getting rid of the rad when I can afford to do so but I need other parts first haha. Mishimoto are just rebranded cheap Chinese parts sold at a Rediculous mark up
  9. No I went for a full day doing drift taxis and the water never got over 95. My oil is still getting a bit hot though even with a big 32 row cooler with fan so I may opt for a bigger rad in the future still to try and help a bit. I went for the gates standard replacement thermostat and it's great! No overcooling or overheating and I now have decent heating in the cabin aswell. It was the rubber inside the mishimoto that failed. The only racing thermostat I would use is the nismo but it's only available from the states and about 150 plus duties and tax so I didn't think it was worth it. If the gates wasn't upto the job I'd of just ordered the nismo though
  10. I have now swapped the mishimoto thermostat to a gates one and all my overheating issues have gone! Still got the mishimoto radiator but it now seems is upto the job with a set of spal fans. Can't believe I lost an engine because of a faulty thermostat but you live and learn! I think one of the only suppliers for skunk2 is tegiwa imports
  11. I think japspeed do them but if they are like any other of their products they will be terrible. Have you tried clark motorsport? They are a Tein dealer, I've had a few sets from them
  12. I've done a couple of trackdays at knockhill and do driftland and crail alot. Do you drift? I'm hoping to get another knockhill trackday this year at somepoint
  13. I quite like it! Looks a bit like a cooler gt86 Imo. Any idea on what engines in it? I bet it's nowhere near as good as a 2j. The race car looks awesome!
  14. It could be a sticky slave cylinder not completely engaging the clutch that's the issue during fast clutch releases. You may also be driving with your foot on the clutch causing premature wear? Xtreme clutches have a great selection from stock replacements right upto full on drag spec so will definitely have a clutch suitable for what your needing
  15. Il not make this one as going in for an operation on Wednesday. Il defo be at the crail one next month tho even if I still can't drive by then
  16. If they don't grease the input shaft when they're fitting the new clutch it will do that. It's obviously freed up a bit with driving so will be fine now. Extreme clutches are great bits of kit and won't just stick on their own
  17. Holy @*!# I didn't know that, I remember a few years back, did you not have problems getting a twin supercharger setup from them? I hate dealing with American company's! Customer service seems non existent
  18. Ah yeah that's right it was APS I I got mixed up. Think the GTM Turbo kits still come with their own sump. Your welcome it's always good to get some real feedback and not just from people who have read something on the net, even though the people with experience don't always agree with eachother, it's good to see their arguments for and against and you can work out for yourself what you think sounds best. When modifying there's still alot of trial and error with things and finding out what works best for you. Always worthwhile researching things like this before making a decision, just watch what you believe on American forums as they are so adamant they are right even when they are completely wrong lol
  19. Did GTM not discontinue their sumps? I thought there would be a few manufacturers making baffled sumps aswell but they are hard to find and very expensive for what they are. The hks sumps are a Rediculous price lol
  20. Personally I've not noticed any drops in pressure even on 3rd and 4th gear drifts with my setup. I agree a decent baffle setup will help alot but I feel the design of the above baffled sump isn't very good and would actually make it have more chance of oil starvation as there's alot more side room where the oil can slosh about compared to a deeper stock design. There was a sump available a few years back with trapdoors in it which I believe would of been a better setup but no personal experience with it
  21. I have to agree with torqen, I done a bit of research when I was building my engine regarding sumps as it's on a driftcar which will incur alot of sideways g forces, I found that most manufacturers of that type of baffled sump that you posted have stopped making them(there's quite a few blown engine stories on the American forums) so they have obviously stopped making them for a reason. In the end I chose the AAM spacer with a stock sump. Reason for this is it makes the sump very deep and narrow which doesn't allow the oil to slosh about anywhere, there's also the stock internal oil baffle which can only help. I wanted to source the cosworth trapdoor baffles but to be honest I don't think they are really needed
  22. What can I say I'm a sucker for chicken lol. I'm going for an operation on the 14th and won't be able to drive for a while so il miss the first 1 but should make next month. Il pm you my number the now bud
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