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  1. Tomb

    HKS supercharged Z flutter/surge?

    Fixed. There was a small tear in the bypass valve diaphragm. Luckily the legend @judiciousjoe had a spare bypass valve in his draw and sent it to me free of charge :o That’s why I love the Z community great bunch of guys always willing to help out. Big thanks again Joe Tom
  2. Hi chaps. Went to leave work today and my 04 350z , hks supercharged ( older version of the two hks kits available ) .. now flutters after even a small rev (before it would be a nice whoosh from the diverter valve) . I've had the car supercharged for over a year now with no issues. Any idea on what's coildnbe causing it? ive check the vacuum lines to the d/v aswell as the rest of the intake but after that I'm At a loss.
  3. As above. Not bothered on colour. Can px a nismo v2 rep bumper that needs repairs.
  4. Tomb

    Jdm Coombe 2nd June 2018

    1. Nso93-paid 2. Olly350z + another + R33 skyline 3. 350_Jer 4. AbiiPow 5. Humpy 6. ShortPaul 7. George1966 8. Grumpyoldjanner 9. JJ370z 10. Andy James- Paid club pass + Track time 10.30,14.00. 11. Shezza 12.Sparksey 13. Cloud1440 14. Huw (zclub) 15. Farmer42 (zclub) 16. LewisH 17. Veilside Z 18. Simon31 19. Cloud1440 20. 14N 21. Zebedy 22. RoxZ 23. Brian Tyson 24. 350wen - Paid club pass 25. Tomb
  5. Always open to sensible offers
  6. Used pair of adjustable front camber arms, please see pictures for condition, all joints and treads move and adjust as they should. Here was driftworks say about them : Using high quality, UK sourced XM-Series rose joints these arms eliminate the original soft rubber bushes to improve suspension response and provide more direct handling. Driftworks alignment arms are sold with a two year warranty against rod end and bearing failure and a lifetime warranty against structural arm failure. Do not confuse these with cheap, generic arms - they're the same as used on championship winning drift and track cars around the world. PRICE : £160 posted
  7. Tomb

    No CEL but Z stuttering/misfiring?

    SORTED! I poped over to the Zed shed this evening after speaking with Bob and Chris, turns out coilpack 6 (obviously being the hardest one to get to) was breaking up. Swapped in a new one and she’s now perrrfect. As it was only intermittently breaking up it didn’t throw a code. But on the drive over the it finally gave up ge goat and died. Thanks again to chris and family for being so welcoming, friendly and helpful
  8. Right so I have a 2004 DE uk spec car with a hks supercharger. The car developed a misfire/stuttering but I have no CEL? At idle it seems to come an go. And during driving it’s fairly constant. I've pulled all the coilpacks in turn and could hear each cyl dropping when doing so. I also checked spark plugs and all seem fine. Any ideas where to head to now would be great. Thanks
  9. Tomb

    New iPad WiFi Woes

    Channel changed and no joy any other suggestions guys?
  10. Bought a reconditioned iPad 4th gen online. I set it up at my parents house and works absolutely fine all over their house. Now ive got it back at mine it will only connect to the WiFi and Work if I’m sat within a meter of it ???? If I move further away the signal icon in the top left says I have full WiFi signal but it won’t load anything ... no internet, no emails , no YouTube no nothing . My other iPad works all over the house with WiFi as does mine and the mrs iPhone and Macs? I went back to to my parents and obviously it works fine all around the house still and even down the bottom of ge garden. help please
  11. 1.Buster + 1 2. Chris Sturney 3. Andy James +1 4. Modo +1 (travelling from Basingstoke) 5. Tomb - il meet you at picket post layby if that alright