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  1. It looks awesome mate, you’ve done a good job there. I’m not brave enough to do mine myself but I think I’ve found a guy in cov who’s a bit of a pro.
  2. Nice 350, where did you get your rear lights tinted? I’m thinking of getting mine done.
  3. Ooo just down the road from me... I’m actually tied up that day (not in a pleasant way lol), but still hoping to be able to pop along to visit you guys at melbicks for an hour or so. 1) davey_83 - Lunch 2) Andy_Muxlow +1 lunch. 3) buster-lunch 4) SHEZZA - Lunch 5) umster 6) AntelopeSam - Lunch 7) Lewis Schwier 8) Killick.z 9) Silverthorn 10) MatthewThain 11) KG350z 12) Justthejedi 13) Valy - Lunch 14)Nissanman312 15) 350Butcher - Lunch 16) vroom811 (neil) - Lunch 17) OnlyAfro 18) Dania350z - lunch 19) Pusztai Norbert 20) jessica350z 21) Gonzed 22) Mac350
  4. It looks mint What side skirts have you got on ?
  5. I feel your pain, I'm amazed someone would just use tiger seal and then leave it at that, surely it should have been filled and then painted over?! And what moron doesn't dry fit first to make sure it doesn't impede the wiper. I had the same spoiler fitted to mine a few weeks ago, but the poverty spec version not the carbon fibre. They had to take off the standard mini spoiler and prep the area first due to the standard running the full length of the boot, whereas the new one didn't. With mine being black it hides any imperfections but like you I have gone over it to see examine the workmanship. Rightly so getting your dosh back, but it sounds like you were a bit unfortunate with him getting the 'hired help' to fix it. A decent body shop will get that off, prep the area and repair any damage, mark it up dry, fit it properly and then blend it in. Not sure if you have found someone already to do it but I always like to find someone with outstanding google reviews, fortunately the guy that did mine was more of a perfectionist than me. Good luck and hope you get it sorted.
  6. Hi mate, would this fit an 05 uk model? Also would it lower the front of the car by much? Just worried about catching it on speed bumps. Cheers
  7. Mac350

    Front Bumper

    Anyone got a 350z front bumper for sale, a pheasant has totalled mine :-( ideally in black but not fussed.
  8. Hi, long shot..... but Is the front bumper still available?
  9. Hi there, I’ve recently added a cat back system to my z, and just like you I wanted a meatier sound. My standard stock was blowing, but actually sounded quite good with the blow, but I knew the mot would fail due to escape of exhaust gas...blah blah. So it was time for the change. I managed to find a buddy club pro cat back exhaust on eBay for £500, which was like brand new. The guy that was selling it told me that every time you go to accelerate your foot would become something of the gods and your neighbours would soon hate you. Haha how true this was... the only thing I would say is that mine has a slight droning when idling, but I’m really pleased with it and the drone doesn’t really bother me. i know exactly what you mean, there’s loud and then there’s oh dear loud - the type of sound a straight scaffold pipe would create. i honestly think you could get your sound sound nailed by just adding a decent cat back system for a few hundred quid.





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