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  1. the action starts @ 2 on the saturday!
  2. Just so anyone that might fancy it knows.... Driftlands Off the wall festival is this weekend as well.... from there facebook Here is the most insane and wild event we have ever put together. Combining the love of music and drifting all in one. Scottish drift championship round 3 on track finishes just before the stage comes to life. Headline act from Team GBX and DJ RANKIN will set the night off in style. Track action from 14:00 to 20:00 music for 20:00 to 23:00. Legal cruise/car show on Saturday evening from 17:00 to 23:00 as well. more info available on the event ticket section of our shop at Driftlanduk.com I will be there in the Z on the saturday hope to see some of you there
  3. @danielb186 as @OnlyAfro has said you need to pull the brake fuse for burnouts. but you don't need to pull it for left foot braking. it only cuts the engine if you do a burnout I think. I know i can left foot brake while grip driving without the engine dropping the revs.
  4. Yeah it turns everything off. I'm not sure which one is the ground but im sure you could test it with a multimeter. I don't know about your driving or car use but you could just leave it unplugged?
  5. This is accurate for an 04 - I have one and have done this a few times. or just do what the @The Chubby Ninja suggested to me on my first drift day and just unplug it when you want to hoon and plug back in when you want to be safe.
  6. I am 25 and have my Z insured with Adrian Flux all mods declared and covered! only paying £750 i think
  7. probably makes more sense, thats a sunday
  8. is it not the 6th of june i think i saw on facebook ?
  9. Looked nice man ill look forward to seeing it properly
  10. Red G35 on crow road Glasgow about 10 Am today ?
  11. getting in on this as I have the same thing. no clikcing at set off but then clicks whilst moving....
  12. Thanks man. Probably not read it coz im terrible at updating this stuff!
  13. realistically, it's not quite as safe as with a normal seat but it will be just as safe as a harness without a submarine belt you could probably slide under the belt a little.
  14. I haven't got harnesses yet so needs must, but basically the belt on the door side is still attached as normal. and the buckle of the belt on the inside is attached to a mounting point on the seats subframe. it was either that or wrap harnesses around the rear strut brace thing.... im not the smallest of guys so it still holds me in the same places and i don't do a lot of miles really so..... will be upgrading to a harness bar and harness in the near future.
  15. Yeah I did. I’ve put a couple of pics of it in here. Not it got a lot more done in the way of mods but I had to do a few repairs so that’s all been done.
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