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  1. Drift experience/ training

    RDX at rockingham is highly spoken of.... they use 350z's aswell. combine that with it being BDC drivers that run the day and do the coaching you know you are going to get a great amount of knowledge **Disclaimer - I personally haven't used any of these experiences - so take any information with a pinch of salt.
  2. Best next mod!

    Right Guys bit of an odd one. I had my first drift day and it was great. I struggled with understeer a lot that day. Wondering what the best next mod would be for about £150
  3. i think that is exactly the plan... get the diff welded and if money allows a hydro then get back out there.....just need to rember the tow straps the next time
  4. It was a blast! Had such a great time can’t wait to go again. Safe me to say I wasn’t very good at it but was getting better as the day went on I think. Thanks again @The Chubby Ninja For all the help and advice. By the way your car is epic. Time me to save up for the next one
  5. Massive thank you to @The Chubby Ninja for lending me an extra set of wheels. makes a massive difference! im not having to worry about tyres at all now So i have my seat fitted and in i have all the stuff together.... just one more set of tyres to mount tonight and im ready to go!!!! im starting to get excited now. can't wait to get the video together and ill post it up!!!
  6. Drifting setup

    Right I never managed to get an alignment. guessing it should be alright for what i will be capable of. Massive shout out ot @The Chubby Ninja for the loaner wheels. I managed to get my seat in and fitted but not harnesses i guessed that would be better than the slidey leather seats. all in i think im good to go. heres hoping
  7. Drifting setup

    I don't think I will every justify a 2way - might as well just weld it. Thanks for all the advice guys
  8. i don't expect to be getting much heat in them at all like i say im still really new to this so i doubt ill be linking much at all....
  9. I may have massively underestimated the number of wheels I need........... I messaged driftland last night and they have said they might have a tyre service but it will depend on if they have a free member of staff. Not sure what to do ... its only 4 hours of drifting but i don't wanna spend all the money to get there and paying to drive then just get a few laps... anyone know if there any local garages to driftland that would be open to fit them on the day ?
  10. 350z aftermarket seats

    I went for the Bimarco expert seat and omp direct fit subframes the seat is a great fit and I’m hoping the rails will get me low enough.
  11. Right that means id have one set of rears to use....... i thought they would have the tyre changing avail. I don't expect to use to much rubber but I have a set that have maybe 2mm i was going to use them first then change to the ones with about 4MM on them... i should probably just change the 4mm ones on now and hope they last... If i am getting the diff welded where would you recommend ?? Also i think we have met before at the Nandos meets at the fort and the Quay that used to happen with Hensh and the guys ??
  12. Hey mate thats awsome thanks. Is there tyre mounting facilities Im hoping to have 4 sets for the day - I don't want to go welding the diff if it ends up being not for me - I already have you on facebook i think?? Stephen Brown ??? Im based in Glasgow just by costco
  13. Right so that's my oil change sorted and I have some coolant to top up if I need to. didn't go ahead with the diff oil change as I am intending to weld it at some point. My bucket seat has arrived but I'm just waiting on the subframe arriving so that should hopefully arrive this week then I can get that in. all being well I should be drift ready in about a week. Any tips on driving??? I've skidded around in carparks and stuff in the past but this is my first legit event. anything I need to be aware of in advance?
  14. Cheers Steve. I will do
  15. Drifting setup

    I’m pretty sure they are pointing in the same direction why wouldn’t they be? In terms of tailor the setup for me how would I really know what’s right for me. As it is the car self steers pretty well and it doesn’t pull to either side at all really (a little to one side but that’s normal no?) Ill get get it done at work then and get them to keep it as close to spec as they can for now. is there anything I can get them to do that will help at all? More front toe? less front toe? By the way thanks for all the help