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  1. Understeer

    Not sure yet probably the crail day in june if i can get it off. but i dont think the diff will be done by then unless you know anyone that can do it a lot cheaper
  2. Understeer

    I thought I’d answered that. Lol. Yeah she does but the transitions are a little sketch.
  3. renovation of doorcard handle

    you could just spray paint it satin black.... or order one from nissan i guess
  4. Understeer

    I know what you mean, I definitely need a lot more practice. all I was getting at is that I think I will learn quicker if the car is set up as good as possible. hence trying to find out if there was anything car related that I could do. I completely agree about not needing the 1000hp to drift, hence learning in a 04-DE-Z that realistically has about 260HP at the most. I would love to get tuition but the cost of it at driftland is nearly £400 for a half day. that's quite a lot of money. Guess I'll just need to get @The Chubby Ninja to give me some tips next time we are there.
  5. Understeer

    Thanks for all the reply's sorry it took a while for me to get back, I think the more I read up on it along with all your replies it's becoming more obvious the Z just isn't ready for proper drifting yet. I'm going to get the diff welded and see how that changes things - it will need doing at some point so figure ill try that first. again thanks for the help guys
  6. Shake Up To Regional Meets

    I have to be honest here and I think the meets section on here is rendered a little obsolete by the likes of Facebook events and WhatsApp. Realistically we probably had the best meet for a while last week in central Scotland, and as far as I am aware that was all because of the WhatsApp group. I don't see any harm in these pages and to be honest, I think once a meet is sufficiently organised, posting them on here gives other members the opportunity to join in. I think if I'm honest the best way to get a meet well sized is the regularity. for example, a once a month meet on a Sunday night once a month. it gives people the ability to plan in advance to attend. Alongside planning it means you can come from further away and know its actually going to be worthwhile - take the Tartan tarmac meets, for example, everyone in Scotland knows they are the last Sunday of the month and they get crazy levels of attendance. 400+ cars on a good day. I am not being critical of the new system, or the system at all, just trying to think of a better way to use it, I really don't think we need the regional subsections at all. I think if you were to have 2 subsections, maybe something for National meets - Modded Nats, Japfest etc. and then a separate section for the regional stuff. just so if I'm looking to get info on a big event - I don't have to sift through lots of posts about regional stuff. I understand that from Kyles point that he is going to struggle to find Irish meets, but again, unfortunately, I feel like that is probably the minority of the users on here - not that I'm saying you don't matter, just its always impossible to please everyone. just my thoughts....
  7. Driftland

    Ahh thats fair enough.... I don't know if i can send the event and you be able to see it on whatsapp I just had a look at the event and it doesn't seem like there is going to be a show side to it this time. Ill keep my eyes open for the next one that might be of interest.
  8. Scottish meets 2018

    What time is the meet tongiht ???
  9. Understeer

    I honestly don't know when it last had the fluid changed! i am intending to get it welded but all the drifting experienced garages around me are wanting £200 for it doing...feels a bit much.. so just trying to find somewhere that does it cheaper.... so i haven't really bothered about the fluid.
  10. Understeer

    pressures are at 30psi fronts 35 rear.. lowered 30mm and got as close to alignment as possible, no welded diff or anything...
  11. Driftland

    Round 2 will be something similar I'd guess and thats on the 6th of May. If I were you Irfan id just use driftlands facebook for there events.
  12. Understeer

    Thanks for the reply, I don't know if more aggressive with the flick is an issue, but maybe the clutch kick needs a bit more aggression. it can't be the lock or angle as im not getting that far. it just goes straight as I try to initiate....... Sounds like its something i just need to work through checking everything, need to get a dry day and see if it does the same then........ and if so work through everything.
  13. Understeer

    Hi Drifters, I was out for a little skid last night (private roads obviously) but it was a bit wet. I don't know if its a lack of skill, poor front tyres, set up, or just the way things go but I was really struggling with trying to initiate. I don't have a working handbrake so was trying to use the flick and kick. but would consistently understeer at anything over 10 mph... Do the Z's naturally understeer? I have my alignment at about 0 toe front and rear, I have 225/40 on the front and 235/40 on the rear. all fk453's at the time..... Any idea's on how to fix it..... I've not been out in the dry to know if it's just the wet... TIA