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  1. Finally got round to fitting mine today. Good guide and good fit! Cheers again!
  2. Doubt I'll be able to make it now. The issue that I thought was my slave cylinder is actually an issue within the gearbox. They've said I'll get the car back next week. If a miracle swings my way and I get it back for Sunday I'll post on here. Gutted.
  3. Was planning on going but I wasn't planning on my slave cylinder failing last night at 11pm 30 miles from home Hopefully it's fixed for next Sunday!
  4. As above... around 16:45 on the A85 heading into Dundee. Didn't get a proper look but it had a nice exhaust note to it!
  5. I Want An Airbox Mod Kit 1. Nohotz 2. Marciniooo 3. AW11mike 4. 1CE 5. Limmo 6. Colin747 7. CJM 8.
  6. Yeah it's strange. I didn't want to query it in case they changed their mind lol. Bell might give you a black box which will reduce it further but it's not like other companies as you'll only have it for three months then you send it back
  7. Phone Bell insurance, they're part of the admiral group. I paid £950 with 3 years ncb and all mods declared. I'm 22 also
  8. I'm in Manchester then Enjoy!
  9. And got a puncture on the way home too! Great start to the weekend!
  10. UPDATE: So turns out it was bank 1 O2 sensor. However, it wasn't as simple as that... The weird thing is was that anytime the car went past 2k rpm the voltage for that sensor dropped to 0V. New sensor in so I'll monitor it for a while.
  11. Cheers, will just buy a cheap one then. Had Vagcom for my cupra and that was really good. From what I've read the equivalent for Nissan etc is £££'s so I'll pass on that for now haha
  12. Will need to get it into my local garage at some point this week as I don't have a code reader yet - Know of any decent ones? Just thought I'd post to see if anyone has experienced it before. Will update thread when I find out
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