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  1. ok, so final line on this one. Chris at Dynatune plugged in standalone sensor / gauge and we got 25psi at a hot idle with what seemed like pretty thin oil. Took some pics of the oil pressure sensor and had it confirmed it was the wrong sensor. How on gawds green earth the wrong sensor was in has not been established but that explained the crappy pressure reading. Happy I actually had oil pressure and it wasn't leaking either, I took the car up over the Applecross and enjoyed driving it about the Highlands. Got a replacement sensor sent direct to me and Chris fitted it last week. Fresh oil and Nissan filter fitted yesterday and lo we now have cold cranking pressure and of course the all important hot pressure at idle. So for a dodgy sensor way back in January, 2 senders and a replacement mid sump, several months of pillar and post shuffling and the best part of a grand later, I can breathe that the job is done. Seriously wtf!
  2. my own HR runs about the same but under the horizontal (if that makes sense) and likewise doesn't seem to vary much. I'm sure Ive heard the fans coming on so it must be getting hotter to trip them. Have you tried plugging in a bluetooth ODB dongle and reading the coolant temperature ? HOw old is the coolant ?
  3. nice colour and super low miles, welcome to the forum
  4. hey bud, indeed Automek would be the next on the list. Chris at Dynatune (I've used his rolling road for my previous car) seems confident he can find the fault, he is also happy to put on a mechanical gauge to see what is actually happening whereas my original garage have gone to ground and dont seem to want to investigate further. I just want it sorted so I can move on, it is a very expensive ownership that needs ending sooner rather than later edit: Dynatune was on the recommended garage list
  5. car going into Dynatune this coming Friday for Chris to look at. Bloody cars!
  6. yeah my front splitter needs a bit of a caution with speed bumps and larger ramps
  7. do the throttle idle relearn first since that costs nothing but 5 minutes of your time (you're unlikely to get it correctly first attempt )
  8. yeah mine did that too! It's like you have forgotten clutch control it is that bad . I did a couple of error code resets using a bluetooth dongle but doing the throttle pedal reset was what cured it for me (as did having no battery in the car for 2hrs to completely erase everything! -another story) I found using the video on youtube was easier than following written instructions
  9. hoping to be there tonight, weather looking mince like but should make it through
  10. ah, sorry I missed this today. Would have been good to catch up with other owners and get advice etc. Turned out a not bad afternoon for it
  11. New oem sensor supplied by vendor on here. Will get the gauge checked by bridging terminals. Anyone know if you can put a meter over the sensor and what it reads at different pressures? I guess the garage just don't want to risk the breaking of another sump, doesn't help me though. Any 350z specialists in central Scotland or even Scotland?
  12. So bit of an update on this one. New sump and sensor fitted and now I have a guage that moves but something is horribly wrong. At cold I now have oil pressure about 60psi and hot, well it's not even registering however no oil pressure warning light come on. Garage doesn't want to take new sensor out in case the new sump splits so what choices are there for checking the actual pressure, any sandwich plate options or other pressure locations a gauge could be plugged into? This is turning into a Greek tragedy
  13. nice car, lovely wheels! Welcome How do you find driving it, HR model yeah ?
  14. The sump split when they tried to take old sender out. I'm selling this POS when I eventually get it back
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