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  1. Some interesting Japanese automobilia on show! Great venue, good weather, nice day out. Andy, thanks for organising
  2. Anyone coming down M3 or from Pompey direction want to meet at Rownhams services about 08:00 and do the last bit to Beaulieu in convoy? Ken, meet far end of main car park nearest petrol station. We'll wait until 08:10 ish and then set off with whoever is there by then. Think I will head for Additional Entrance to event on Palace Lane off B3054. Have you been before? Is this a good idea? Cheers Rich
  3. Anyone coming down M3 or from Pompey direction want to meet at Rownhams services about 08:00 and do the last bit to Beaulieu together?
  4. Good meet and venue, thanks for organising Payco:-)
  5. Eibach spacers fitted today. 20mm front and 25mm rear Before and after :-) Judging by the state of the anti-roll bars, drop-links and bushes, next on my list will be Eibachs anti-roll kit me thinks!
  6. Cycling and Zds. Two of my favourite things.
  7. Definitely would try and attend this one:-) Payco NickC Silverhorn Killick.z pagan snowy87 Rich_T
  8. Payco, room for a newbie? 1) Payco - 2016 Nismo 370z - PA04YCO 2) Coldel - 2005 VX220 Turbo - VK05 XEU 3) Andy_Muxlow 2011 - 370Z - A20MUX 4) Seb - 2003 350z JDM - PR02 SEB 5) kbad - 2007 HR - J44SUS 6) Mopedmark- 2009 370Z Ultimate MT59UZR 7) Darren-B - 1971 240z - BVM 362K 8) Flashback - 2004 350Z - HJ54TBZ 9) NickC - 2003 350z - A3KXN 10) Shelly Masters OE07MYC 11} zippypooz - 2005 350Z - N44SSN 12) Lewis Schwier - 2004 350z - V6 LXD 13) AndyNap - 2005 350Z Roadster - A11 NAP 14) Rich & Hilary T - 2007 350Z - AF57RZA
  9. Good to meet you all this morning. First z-outing! Good weather, good food, good company and obviously great taste in cars. Andy, thanks for organising.
  10. Andy 1. andy James- White Horse Full English 2. Humpy - White Horse full english 3. StormWhite -White Horse Full English 4. Beb - White Horse full English 5. coldel - Eggs Benedict 6. Gg2040uk (Maz) - American pancakes 7. Keyser -  - White Horse full English 8. Ebized - White Horse Full English 9. Hilary T - White Horse Full English 10. Rich. T - White Horse Full English Thanks
  11. According to some of our learned friends on a another forum discussion there was one silver and one grey version available in the years: MY03: Blade Silver & Gunmetal Grey MY06: Universal Silver & Gunmetal Grey MY07+: Universal Silver & Twilight Grey True, if not very interesting. Silver does it for me :-)
  12. As promised, with daffs and spring sunshine:-)
  13. South Central Would you object to some new blood at your breakfast club? :-) The wife and I just picked up our 350Z yesterday to use as a second car and for some track day use so it would be good to meet up with some seasoned local Z owners for chats and advise over a full-English! 1. andy James 2. Humpy 3. Hilary T 4. Richard T
  14. Hi folks and greetings, I'm Rick from Fleet in Hampshire and I've just picked up tonight my Twilight Grey 2007 350Z HR from Reading. With 42k on clock and a reasonable service history it certainly drives ok on drive home:-) The wife (Hilary) and I are looking forward to a few track days and local weekend meets with fellow Z owners. Quick pic attached on my driveway in the dark! More to follow in daylight and after quick polish. Cheers Rick





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