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  1. Hi all, The starter motor on my 2003 350z import is on its way out. I've noticed there's 2 different part numbers for the starter motors on eBay, are both usable on a DE? Thanks, Joe
  2. Hi all, I was just wondering what grade of engine oil people are using in DEs? Mines due a change after a drift day at Santa Pod on Wednesday. Cheers!
  3. Primey

    Oil coolers

    Thanks for the advice! Did you replace the factory oil cooler or do you run that in addition to yours?
  4. Hi all, Does anyone know which sandwich plate to run for a DE 350z? I've got a mocal oil cooler, and I'm looking at buying a Mocal sandwich plate but there seems to be a few to chose from. Can anyone advise me which one suits the DE engine? Thanks
  5. Primey

    Oil coolers

    Cheers Paul, do you drift or track yours?
  6. Primey

    Oil coolers

    Hi all, Im sure there’s already a thread for this, but as there’s new products coming out all the time I thought I’d ask which oil coolers people would recommend? Ive seen a kit that uses a mocal 13 row that’s pretty reasonable on price. What’s everyone running?
  7. Primey

    ABS delete

    Thanks for the reply! Ive completely removed it but haven’t re-plumbed the brakes as yet, I take it this will work sufficiently
  8. Primey

    ABS delete

    Hi all, I’ve read a post on this, but it was archived so I could comment on it. Anyway, I’m removing my ABS (because drift car) and was wondering if there’s any way to easily disable it? I believe one post stated there’s a fuse within the pink block on the fuse board? Mine’s a very early JDM model, I just didn’t want it to go into limp mode. thanks in advance!
  9. Primey

    Master cylinder

    Awesome, thanks for that!
  10. Primey

    Master cylinder

    Thanks for the reply! Isnt that the size for the smaller pipes though, and not the fittings that go directly into the master cylinder?
  11. Primey

    Master cylinder

    Hi all, does anyone know the thread size for the brake master cylinder? I’m looking to delete the ABS and wanted to tidy up the brake lines.
  12. Primey


    I have teins on my other car and love them, do they change 350s to a true coilover though?
  13. Primey


    Thanks for the help guys! Its for a drift car, I didn’t want to spend any more than £1000 really
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