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  1. I've sorted one now guys, thanks!
  2. Near Wolverhampton mate, how much do you want for it?
  3. I'd prefer aftermarket if possible. Thanks for letting me know. I'll be in touch if I cant find anything
  4. Rippon766

    (wanted) Y Pipe

    Hi all I'm after a Y pipe for my 03 DE. Ideally 2nd hand as my budget cannot stretch to cover the cost for new. [edit] - Thanks for moving this to the correct sub
  5. I've got a Japspeed back box I took off my car thats in decent shape. It came off my DE. Let me know if you are interested
  6. Seen them dude! cheers, I've been in touch with ZMANALEX, he's gonna sort me some out soon
  7. As title. Mine has exited the car today haha
  8. There's this one on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/352701223557?ViewItem=&item=352701223557
  9. I've got a japspeed back box if that`s any good for ya. same as this one, https://www.japspeed.co.uk/nissan-350z-stainless-steel-exhaust-back-box.html
  10. Rippon766

    Drift pics.

    Thread revival? not many pics of this weekends outing to Skid Risk in Birmingham, but a few from last time. This was my 1st event so I didnt go on big track, and I didn't get any pictures on the track from this weekend... apart from in the queue.
  11. Hi mate, how much for a standard VLSD? I'd prefer an open one of you have one but will take VLSD.


    Where are you based/how much for postage? 





      Let me check in the shop on Monday regarding an open diff. for you.


      I will drop you a PM with what I have and prices etc.

  12. Rippon766

    350z Diff

    I need a 350z diff. Thanks



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