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  1. I still have this and no codes recently.. any ideas?
  2. It is a long way to travel, but I thought it was worth it, especially with the spacer and decat. I wanted to make sure that the air/fuel ratio was right and my engine would be okay with the mods. Plus, they know the car inside and out. I'd rather let someone who actually knows their stuff do the work than someone who is guessing I'm a local lad, grew up between Walsall/Willenhall/Bilston,
  3. I'm from Wolves, I got my spacer fitted at Horsham along with a remap for my decat. I'd recommend them from personal experience. I didn't manage to find anywhere local that was worth the salt, most had "chips" or files with no actual proof of change, and no dyno to test and show a safe air fuel ratio after the map. The spacer does not alter the rpm limit, but gave a nice increase in torque which is more noticeable that the bhp gains. I'd rather trust the experts with something like this, as a bad map could cause damage further down the line.
  4. Hi all My car has been misfiring very intermittently when driving normally, probably once every 50 miles. It's had an issue where it misfire's on cold start a little. This is mainly when the weather is less than 5 degrees. It misfired quite badly this morning for around 10 seconds. I've also had a warm start issue where the car wont idle until you give it a bit of gas to keep the engine alive, but it will idle fine once its "caught". The car is currently showing code P0350. *edit* - this is a 2003 DE Jap import I had a misfire last year which I cured with a new set of plugs (6 months ago ish) and a coil pack. I didn't manage to locate and cure this until it was really bad. Engine mods - HKS filter Decat exhaust /system Horsham Plenum Spacer Horsham Map Has anyone had something similar to this before or can point me in the right direction of how to sort this. Thanks
  5. I have some original DE cats but I'm based in the West Midlands. I cant guarantee the car will pass with them, as I've not tried to get mine through with the cats on. If you are desperate we can sort something out.
  6. Fantastic service today, plenum spacer and remap. Great prices, quick work and a keen eye for detail, what more could you ask for? Oh, and a lovely dog, cheers lads!
  7. There is this ISR on ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/350z-ISR-Single-Exit-Exhaust/323956340008?hash=item4b6d4d7528:g:-1oAAOSwd9hdr3fH
  8. I have set of 17's and 18's I use for drift spares. No tyres. Collection in the west midlands if you are interested
  9. I'll take the Rear Strut Bar centre trim. Cheers
  10. I've sorted one now guys, thanks!
  11. Near Wolverhampton mate, how much do you want for it?
  12. I'd prefer aftermarket if possible. Thanks for letting me know. I'll be in touch if I cant find anything
  13. Rippon766

    (wanted) Y Pipe

    Hi all I'm after a Y pipe for my 03 DE. Ideally 2nd hand as my budget cannot stretch to cover the cost for new. [edit] - Thanks for moving this to the correct sub





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