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  1. Can you take a pic of the top cubby open please mate?
  2. Awesome dude, sounds good, look forward to seeing the site. Yeah no dramas mate, always happy to help, if you need anything or fancy spitballing ideas just give me a shout.
  3. Would be good to have one next week as its likely to be the last one I can make
  4. Yeah I could be interested in that mate, if you want to PM me I already have a couple of Welsh routes planned out depending on how long you wanted to make it, 1 day 2 day 3 days etc. Also have ideas for activities and lunch stops during the day. Give me a shout if you want any input as its pretty much all sorted apart from dates. I have researched hotels and car parks that are both big enough but also not too steep to get in and out of for those that are lowered. I dont mind if you want to use the entire trip plan mate just let me know.
  5. Evidently, I fitted mine correct the first time with no issues. Cue fitting them for a friend....put them on the wrong way hahaha. Luckily noticed before I popped the ball joints in so just swapped them over dead quick. My boot would also not pop removed the boot weight and fitted tap washers, fitted the SGS boom 1 finger boot pop.......Fitted Nismo V2 spoiler....back to square one lmao. Got some more tap washers somewhere so will bang another couple in.
  6. Certainly way cheaper to do it yourself but probably worth paying extra to get someone to do it properly unless you have a few spare pairs of hands, the right equipment and a dust free suitably temperate environment to do it in. Avery or 3M are quality wraps to use if doing yourself. These can be found readily available on the web.
  7. What more can I say...Spotted an absolutely stunning white 350Z, unbelievably clean! Heading out of Weedon and on your way toward Daventry tonight (31/07/18) at roughly 1730hrs I think it was. I was in the orange monstrosity heading the other way. I doff thy cap sir
  8. Will only be here for a few more weeks before I relocate to Kings Lynn haha. But yeah if youre ever about gimme a shout
  9. Ah fair one lol. Was going to suggest a mini meet/beer and food etc if you were here for a couple nights.
  10. Good job there mate. Instead of cardboard you could buy a spare cubby insert from a breaker and glue it to that. If/when you decide you dont want it in there or need the space just swap it out for the original...et voila...no visible mess. I might look at this route for mine as I bluetooth my phone to my headunit and use spotify. Would make for easier and safer control of my playlists. At the moment I can only change playlists when at traffic lights...and you tend to find many traffic lights on the motorway hehe.
  11. How long are you in Milton Keynes for mate?
  12. Good news and bad news Im afraid...Bad news is that I cant make it Good news is....I will be in Monaco
  13. Hey man, just filled out the questionnaire for you. Having been on a few rallies myself I must say they are fantastic. But only if done/organised correctly. If I were you I would plan for next year, they really do take a lot of organising especially if there are 20+ cars going so its best not to rush it. Research is your friend, you want to pick nice hotels but ones that are easy enough to get to at the expected time of day. For example, aiming to get to a hotel in the centre of London at 5pm is going to result in alot of sitting idling in traffic etc. Typically people would expect to pay one fee that includes everything except fuel, tolls and food etc. Any activities would ideally be included in the rally cost along with accommodation and any entry fees to any events you are specifically going to for example the Geneva Motorshow. Behind the scenes wise it is always a good idea to have a deal with some sort of legal beagles for 24/7 contact and advice in the event of any speeding or police related matters. Possibly a bare bones European recovery assistance which may be included in any public liability insurance. I expect you have already thought of all of this anyway but thought Id mention it. If you want any more advice etc then my all means give me a shout via PM and we can have a chat about it, always happy to help out mate if I can.
  14. Where did you get the plasma dials from mate? Would be interested in yours if the speedo was in mph
  15. Haha took a fraction of the time to find compared to my search Glad you got one sorted mate, my favourite spoiler on these cars.



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