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  1. Breakfast Meet. Sunday 26th November.

    Im still up for it
  2. Potential New Car - Cash Purchase - Advice Please

    Simply print of 2 of these and fill them out: http://www.theaa.com/car-buying/buyers-sellers-contracts Its basically a very simple form that records the details of the sale. Put down everything here that is of relevance, like any noises etc or any specific comments the seller makes about the engine/car having zero issues etc can be put down here. You both then sign it and take a copy each. Use this every time I buy/sell a car. If someone is hesitant or refuses to sign then that should tell you something. If this is genuinely his own private car then totally understandable that it wouldn't be declared against the business. And as said a few times above, taking a 2nd person along just in case can be a good idea.
  3. OEM 370z wheels for sale

    So much want!!
  4. As above spotted a lovely looking black HR coupe on a 57 plate. Was at a roundabout on the outskirts of St Albans at about 1215hrs today. I was heading towards the town centre from Redbourn way and you were heading toward the golf course. I waved as I entered the roundabout but couldn't see if you waved back or saw me. As I exited the roundabout I heard a horn which may have your acknowledgement. Nice clean looking car from what I could see
  5. Breakfast Meet. Sunday 26th November.

    I'll pop along for this one 1) choptop 2) taybo (Bob) 3) AbiiPow 4) Erni902
  6. Blitz/evo-r rear spoiler 350z

    Your about 2 months too late I got rid of mine not long ago. Good luck in your search but I haven't seen one come up for sale since I joined the forums in July 2016, so you will probably be best ordering and waiting.
  7. Yellow GT4 Wyton, 19/10/17

    That's a shame but at least its back on the road now and your able to enjoy it again. I was on site for a quick job when I saw you heading out, pretty sure I went the wrong way down a 1 way road in order to get behind you haha. Was a nice little drive until I got to the A45 and sat still for a bit. Nice route to give her legs a a stretch each day. Might see you about again in a few weeks or so as I think Im heading back over there for a job or 2 soon.
  8. As title, spotted a Yellow GT4 (at least I think it was) around Wyton area this evening around 1700hrs. Followed you down to the A14 then all the way down to the A45. We got separated in the traffic on the A45 so not sure how far down it you went. Id like to say nice motor but the weather was that crap I couldn't get a good look up close. Just wondered if you were on here
  9. Gutted boot/trunk space in the 350z

    No worries, not had a chance today but will defo tomorrow. I don't know measurements off the top of my head but can easily get my tape measure out.
  10. Gutted boot/trunk space in the 350z

    I have taken my spare wheel out and used that space for extra storage. I have 10" wheels on the front and 11" on the rear so a space saver would pose more risk than benefit and I have extremely comprehensive breakdown cover so should the worst happen then I can call them and all will be good. I have reinforced the floors with some wooden beams so as to keep the structural integrity of the main boot floor whilst opening up the spare wheel well for the storage of certain essentials such as tools, spare change of clothes/shoes (purely old sh!tty clothes should I get caught in a suit etc and need to carry out any maintenance or repairs) I also keep detailing kits and all sorts under there. Ill grab some pictures for you hopefully tomorrow in the light. I also have some rather large grip bags so will measure up and see what I can advise you on.
  11. Hi Paul Great meet today, good to see both old and new faces. Your car looks the nuts in the flesh Mark Anyway, took a few snaps: -
  12. Just arrived at the BP garage, Im pretty sure you cant miss my car lol
  13. 3D Printed Cup Holders

    Ill grab one mate. Will PM you now
  14. Forgot to actually confirm but I will be there. Depending what time I actually manage to get the rear drivers side droplink changed on Saturday depends whether the car will be clean or dirty lol
  15. 350z HEL braided brake lines

    1. LukeA - brembo, purple 2. JLewton - Brembo - Orange 3. Yorkie - Brembo - Transparent 4. Erni902 - Brembo - Orange 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Just added my interest even though it looks dead. I would've thought these would've gone like hot cakes especially at the discounted prices.