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  1. Bump, wheels still available
  2. Apologies all not been online much recently but have tried to reply to everyone who has message me. The UpRev ecu is sold pending payment this weekend. If deal falls through I will let you know.
  3. Up for grabs is a beautiful set of wheels. These are genuine Forgestar F14 wheels made to order and shipped in from the USA. They are standard Jap fitment of 5x114.3 and have come off my 350Z and really suit the car, filling the arches nicely and clearing the Brembo brakes without the need for spacers. Wheel specs: Front: 5x114.3 19x10J ET20 255/35/19 Rear: 5x114.3 19x11J ET23 285/35/R19 I had them refurbished a while back and went for a one off paint job. The face of the wheel is gloss black but fades into orange on the spokes and the inside drum of the wheel is plain orange. They are absolutely stunning when they are clean and polished but brake dust soon fades out the orange as shown in the pics. Apologies for the poor quality pics as my cheap Chinese phone is horrendous at taking pics but I'm tied into it for another year lol. There is very slight curbing on a couple of the wheels, this was down to a hotel valet parking which I shouldn't have trusted but you live and learn. All have slight laquer peel as the car was used as a daily for 3 years and went on several European road trips. Despite this they are still a brilliant looking wheel and always get comments. They come wrapped in a full set of Falken 453's which were all fitted at the same time and have covered less than 1k miles so in great condition. Collection preferred from either Kings Lynn/Norwich or Warboys (near Huntingdon) or Northampton (I can get the wheels to any of these locations) I may be able to deliver for the cost of my fuel but please do contact me first. Due to varied working hours I cannot guarantee I will be in for courier collection hence collection referred. Price with tyres £1500 ovno Price without tyres £1100 ovno
  4. Erni902

    Boot release spring

    I have a spare mate, £10 plus postage. PM me if you are interested.
  5. My centre console was all retrimmed in bright orange leather to match the car haha but yes its all still available
  6. Yeah, going to get some decent pics of it and then Ill get a separate post up
  7. Strut Bar Centre trim sold pending payment. First post updated.
  8. Getting rid of the Zed and having stripped it down I have the following bits up for grabs: - Pair of gloss black electric wing mirrors fully functioning and in perfect condition although I need to clean them: £100 - OEM Boot divider/privacy screen....thing, perfect condition: £20 - Rear Strut Bar centre trim wrapped in a matt carbon fibre: £20 (SOLD) - Carpeted boot divider, had a wooden 'Z' attached to it sprayed in silver but it fell off and Ive subsequently lost it: £10 - Smoked Side Repeaters, perfect condition: £10 - Gloss black battery and brake fluid covers. Clip missing from battery side but doesnt affect it, always stayed secure, other than that perfect condition: £60 - I also have a few other bits that I havent managed to get pictures of yet such as: - Forgestar F14 wheels - ECU mapped and with UpRev licence - UpRev cable - Uprated clutch + flywheel - Genuine Nismo cat back exhaust - Stainless headers - Lightened pulleys Plus most of the stock interior trim. I will grab photos of all these when I get the chance. Everything listed above that has prices are pictured below. Prices are not inclusive of postage and this will be charged on top. I may be able to arrange collection from Kings Lynn, Norwich, Warboys(nr Huntingdon) or Northampton so do feel free to ask.
  9. Can you take a pic of the top cubby open please mate?
  10. Awesome dude, sounds good, look forward to seeing the site. Yeah no dramas mate, always happy to help, if you need anything or fancy spitballing ideas just give me a shout.
  11. Would be good to have one next week as its likely to be the last one I can make
  12. Yeah I could be interested in that mate, if you want to PM me I already have a couple of Welsh routes planned out depending on how long you wanted to make it, 1 day 2 day 3 days etc. Also have ideas for activities and lunch stops during the day. Give me a shout if you want any input as its pretty much all sorted apart from dates. I have researched hotels and car parks that are both big enough but also not too steep to get in and out of for those that are lowered. I dont mind if you want to use the entire trip plan mate just let me know.
  13. Evidently, I fitted mine correct the first time with no issues. Cue fitting them for a friend....put them on the wrong way hahaha. Luckily noticed before I popped the ball joints in so just swapped them over dead quick. My boot would also not pop removed the boot weight and fitted tap washers, fitted the SGS boom 1 finger boot pop.......Fitted Nismo V2 spoiler....back to square one lmao. Got some more tap washers somewhere so will bang another couple in.
  14. Certainly way cheaper to do it yourself but probably worth paying extra to get someone to do it properly unless you have a few spare pairs of hands, the right equipment and a dust free suitably temperate environment to do it in. Avery or 3M are quality wraps to use if doing yourself. These can be found readily available on the web.





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