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  1. POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Cheers mate, she is all finished on the exterior now...I think...
  2. Orange 350 M1 J11 5:30pm

    Ah right fair one, think I've heard of a couple doing that. 1 of which was riddled with boost leaks, the other had a knackered boost solenoid. Cool man, if you can get the day free would be good to meet you and the Zed
  3. POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Parked the car with a spare space on either side. Went for an exam and some lunch. Returned 2hrs later to find the car park full apart from the spaces either side of mine. Literally the first time that's ever happened to me. Usually its a completely empty car park, I park furthest away and some tw@t still parks next to me. Anyway this is the pic when I parked:
  4. Orange 350 M1 J11 5:30pm

    Ah right, yeah a few years back nobody had any idea how to tune the ECU's reliably and efficiently as they were never released over here. A few of the guys on the forum have been working tirelessly over the years and we now have a couple guys that are well versed in tuning them. They have now turned their focus toward developing tunes for the autobox ECU and one of them is running a prototype tune on his car and has no issues so far so hopefully that will be available soon. It is a good day out to be fair even if your not going down the strip. Some nice machinery usually tips up especially the ridiculous american muscle that's there. If your about on the 7th feel free to pop over.
  5. 1. Taybo 2. Erni902 - Possible, will confirm in the coming days.
  6. Pop's & Bangs

    My decatted Nismo exhaust pops and bangs on overrun and crackles quite aggressively when rev matching on downshifts, with the occasional spit of flame, especially when its red hot. I love it but its all natural and not 'engineered' in. That being said, when it goes in for an UpRev I will be getting the engineered pops and bangs put on because I'm a child.
  7. Orange 350 M1 J11 5:30pm

    Unfortunately I've been to pretty much all the events I could make this year. Working the weekend that Trax is on. I will be down Santa Pod on Sat 7th October for a RWYB day. Not sure if I'm actually going to go down the strip but meeting up with a few of the guys from the VR-4 forum so will be a couple of Galants and Legnums there along with a rather special VR-4 powered (2.5 V6 Twin Turbo) Ford Anglia
  8. Orange 350 M1 J11 5:30pm

    Thanks for the compliments mate, good know its not just me that thinks it looks good lmao. The exterior is pretty much done now so just need to get a remap and then decide if I'm going forced induction or swapping a V8 in it lol. Aha fair enough, I'm in a similar boat, although I'm from these parts I work over in the West Midlands so don't make many of the meets but try to arrange leave etc when they are on. Hopefully catch you at one or 2, what wheels have you got on yours? Looked good while they were spinning but couldn't tell what they were. Mine are actually black and orange but the brake dust just covers the orange up haha.
  9. Searching Archive

    Happy days, at least there is some good that can come of my mongness (pretty sure I just made that word up) lol
  10. Orange 350 M1 J11 5:30pm

    Haha that was me buddy I spotted the back of yours in the distance and thought Id stay in the fast lane to go past and give you a wave. Saw you pull across and tuck in behind and had a little chuckle as I would've done the same. The exhaust is a decatted Nismo so not quiet lmao. The spoiler is also a genuine Nismo and only been on the car 3 days so still loving it and yes it has a full Chargespeed bodykit on. To be fair mate I was going to post up here but you beat me to it. I was going to ask what exhaust you had as it sounded really good when you blasted up the slip road. I see your from 'The Shire' are you aware of the meets in MK? Its normally on a monthly basis on a Tues/Thurs evening and is held at the MK Dons stadium. Keep an eye on the meets section and if your free or close enough then feel free to pop over, we are a friendly bunch.
  11. What mod have you done today?

    Got a Nismo V2 rear spoiler, had it sprayed and fitted. Makes a massive difference to the look of the car and that carbon blade looks fantastic and I'm not a carbon person. Also had a Stillen roof spoiler painted and fitted. Before and after pics: Outside of the car is pretty much finished now. Now for the interior and engine.
  12. Searching Archive

    Cheers Lexx, went through his profile and after a while managed to get to the majority of his posts and found the particular one I was after so stopped searching for others. I have noticed that if I use the search function to search for a post I know is there by using a word that is in the post, it doesnt always find the post. It will show up with 1 word but not another. For example if a post contains the words "black wheels" if I was to search for "black" it would show the post but if I then searched for the word "wheels" then it wouldnt. These arent the exact words I searched for, just using as an example. Not a drama really just something I had noticed so thought Id mention it.
  13. Searching Archive

    Just to add that I was able to search for all posts by member previously but now I have to select the member and then I have to type a word to search for I cant seem to simply search for all posts by member. Cheers
  14. Evening guys, Just wondering if it is possible to search for archived posts/threads anymore? When I first got the car and signed up I was able to search the archives for every post the previous owner had written in the past. This was handy to get to know the history of the car and interesting to find out where it had come from and its journey. I remember reading a post about where that particular owner/member purchased a spoiler from. I cannot remember where he sourced it so went to search through all of his posts to try and find out but it seems I can no longer view his legacy posts/threads. I am looking at selling the spoiler and would like to know where he sourced it from so I do not advertise it falsely. If there is anyway to search through the archives that Im missing then I apologise for being a mongtard. If not then is this a feature that is gone for good or is due for a comeback?
  15. OEM Banana Arm Bushes

    I didnt do these myself mate, its supposed to be quite easy provided the arm itself isnt corroded on but if you have the right tools you should be able to work it free. Cheers mate. Ive got someone interested in them but will update here whether they sell or not.