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  1. Cherrs buddy thats the wire I located so Ill give that a go
  2. As title I was heading out of Hamworthy tonight and spotted a ginger Zed parked on a driveway of a corner house just off Lake Road. When I drove back past 30 mins later the car was still on the drive but had swapped positions. Anyone here?
  3. MD, can you take a pic of the purple wire you spliced into? I was thinking it was the one Taybo spliced into thd 2nd time round but he says splicing into that one still gives him problems so dont want to do it until I find out Im splicing the correct wire lol
  4. Aha, its not in the thread itself its before you open the thread. My bad, Ive spent days looking everywhere once Id opened the first page of the thread Cheers Lexx
  5. Evening guys. Just getting used to the new layout etc and was wondering if there is any plan to add the 'First Unread Post' functionality at all? Its a nightmare going to large 18 page threads and having to sift through the posts to find the last post that you read so you can catch up. Especially if its a very active and popular thread topic and you haven't been online for a few days. I noticed that prior to the upgrade some threads would allow me to skip to the 'First Unread Post' but others wouldn't. It didn't seem particularly consistent and there seemed to be no reason why one thread would give me this option and another wouldn't. Is this the reason the functionality was removed completely? Any direction on this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.
  6. Anyone have a picture of the purple wire to splice into behind the speaker? I removed the speaker but have a couple lots of wiring harnesses but they are all insulated so don't want to cut through all the wiring harnesses to find the right one especially seen as its susceptible to water ingress. Thanks in advance
  7. Mirror Mod received this morning, many thanks mate
  8. Can I get 1st dibs on the headlights please? Can you wait until Thursday for confirmation?
  9. Just settled up mate Many thanks for sorting
  10. Yes I do like the look of yours, I also have the Chargespeed rear and really think it goes well. This is ideally what I am hoping to end up doing but I fear I will be waiting a long time. All depends how much my VR-4 engine swap ends up costing me, if its not too bad then I will have some spare cash to throw at my bodyshop to make a cheap ebay special fit.
  11. I agree but the odd thing is that it doesnt matter how the car is driven. Once below 70 miles if I thrash it, then it drops accordingly, however on the exact same journey and exact same road with exact same reading at exact same point of the journey if I drive like miss daisy (or more accurately get stuck behind her) the reading acts exactly the same. Just seems alot more erratic when below 70 odd miles. Anything above that and it behaves exactly as I would expect according to driving style. Ill try to remember to give that a go, I used to do that too back in the day but kind of got out of the habit and I keep forgetting until I've been driving for an hour or so haha. Need to remember to take my remembering pills! Cheers Pete, when I switch off and on again the reading stays at pretty much what it finished on but then where I park is pretty damn flat and the road into the village does have a slight hill but its nothing steep and not too long. Maybe the Zed's tank is just designed in such a way that its more sensitive to movement and gradients than other cars?! Maybe I should've worded it differently the light doesnt actually flash, it simply comes on when the reading is low and goes off when the reading is higher but the fluctuation in readings I get makes the light come on a go off. So the mileage will drop and the light will come on then 1 or 2 minutes later the mileage goes back up and the light goes off. Its just I dont spend my time looking at the light so one minute Ill look down and its on the next it will be off. I didnt know that about the ---DTE reading not changing until you switch off and on again, that's interesting. My Cayenne sits at 000DTE for a worryingly long time then all of a sudden jumps up to 15 miles.
  12. No worries buddy, fire me a PM and we will sort something out
  13. If your in MK I can hook up my UpRev cable and read the ECU to see if its got a license
  14. Evening guys, I don't particularly have an issue just something that bugs me. Basically when I have a full tank and I drive for hundreds of miles the gauge and the DTE reading both display as expected and correctly. The problem arises when Im coming toward the end of a tank or long journey. When the DTE reading gets to about 70 miles it seems to drop very quickly indeed regardless of my driving style or the gradient on the roads etc. I can do just 10 miles and lose 30 miles of fuel. The other day I was be 15 miles away from home with 77 miles on the display but by the time I got home the DTE was sat at 32 miles. I hadnt changed my driving style and certainly hadnt driven in such a manner that would reduce my fuel by that much. Skip to today and I fire the car up to go into the village only 3 miles away, when I set off DTE reads around 30 odd. When I get to the village, pick up what I need and drive the 3 miles back I then end up with 41 miles in the tank. The gauge also reacts in a similar fashion showing 1 minute on the red line then the next at 1/4 tank. The petrol lights looks almost like a disco light the rate it turns on and off. (slight exxageration, the light doesnt flash it just comes on and off again in tune with the 2 displays). As I say the gauges all behave perfectly fine with no fluctuation when above around 70 miles, anything below this and its erratic and I have no idea if I genuinely have the displayed miles left in the tank or not. Its not a huge drama as I always plan my journeys around Shell garages and I rarely let it drop low as she mostly does long journeys so gets the tank filled every 250 miles. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a known issue with the Zed and just something to live with or do I have a fuel sender on its way out? Any advice appreciated.
  15. Will fire my payment over 1st thing Friday morning, Ive kind of abused my bank account this month