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  1. Red blinking light top of dashboard

    As far as I'm aware this is the indicator for the factory NATs system. Couldn't tell you what the different flashing sequences mean apart from if its on solid once the car is on then it has been disabled. Im sure someone fa wiser will be able to confirm but hope this helps.
  2. Swapping Electric Seats for Manual

    Whilst Im not adverse to wiring etc. I think its more hassle than its worth. Especially for functionality that I already have. Will just get Mondo to redo my stock seats haha. Cheers for the replies and suggestions though guys
  3. Swapping Electric Seats for Manual

    Thought that would be the case. In that case I will just get mine booked in with you as previously discussed. I will probably be in touch within the next couple months after my European road trip when ill have some dosh to get them booked. Cheers dude
  4. slam panel/rad cooling plate ?

    Rickdon (above) can do them. I spoke to him about a year ago about purchasing one and as yet I still havent...(apologies Rickdon)...Other things have been popping up. Rest assured I will be purchasing at some point lol. Anyway, fire him a PM if you havent already and he will square you away with what you require.
  5. Headlight wiring

    Hmm was looking into this a while ago when I upgraded my lights. I cant for the life of me remember where but I know I have seen 1 or 2 forum threads detailing this and I believe I saw a youtube video of someone in the states doing this. I know this isnt much help as Ive no idea where I saw these posts etc but I will try and scratch my head and see if I can remember or find them again. I ended up not needing the articles as my new ones were 8 pin plugs anyway. Ill let you know if I find anything.
  6. Hi guys, I have the rare opportunity to purchase a great set of seats for my Zed. They are standard seats that have been reupholstered with diamond stitching etc etc. Basically the exact same as I wanted to do to my stock seats only I really wanted alcantara in the centre bur I can live without that. The issue is that my seats are fully electric including the heating elements. I have come to love this feature especially in the current climate. The seats I am looking to buy are manual adjusted seats and not heated. So the question is, does anyone know how easy/difficult it is to take the heated and electrical elements off of my seats and put them on the manual seats so I can retain these functions? Ive not looked at the bottom of the seats but I would thought if I remove seat back and the base I would then be able to swap these over to my current runners which contain the electrics. Only thing Im not sure of is where exactly the heating elements are. If they are inside the seat base and not accessible then I wont be able to it over. Any help/advice appreciated.
  7. DRIFT DAY IN BIRMINGHAM - Possibly 09/02/18

    Title says 9th Jan
  8. As above, spotted (or rather, heard) a lovely black 350Z DE coupe driving through Whetstone heading toward Barnet at around 1650hrs tonight. Spunded lovely burbling past and had a nice stance to it. My orange beast was snuggled up in the Travelodge car park and I was walking back from the train station. Nice example
  9. As title, I briefly parked next to a lovely black 370Z Coupe which was parked at South Mimms Services at around 4:30pm today Sunday 14th Jan. I wouldve waited around to say hi but I was in a bit of a rush.
  10. 350z Ebay Finds

    Its got auto passenger up switch. One of the best mods I did to mine, however I got mine for £4 including postage from Japan and it also included the passenger side switch unit lol.
  11. Boot Tonneau

    Many thanks for dropping it off to me mate, good to meet you and again, love those wheels.
  12. Boot Tonneau

    Hi mate, I'm in Northampton for the weekend
  13. Boot Tonneau

    Are you able to post at all mate? Obviously Ill cover costs. I'm desperately after one of these but not sure when I will next be passing through Reading. Got a couple of mates that might be able to collect on behalf so just asking those but would be ideal if you were able to post. Cheers Rikki
  14. Recommended MOT garage - Hampshire/Berkshire

    Try your local council testing station. They are required to open up to the public for testing but they are not allowed to carry out any work on public cars. This means you will pay full price for your test but you will get an honest result. You wont get stupid fails because they are strapped for cash or just want to fleece you.
  15. SGS rear struts.

    Yes definitely go for the SGS Nismo ones! My head has been holding the boot up for months ever since I fitted my Nismo V2 spoiler! I went ahead and ordered a set, got them fitted last week and I must say the swelling on my head seems to have gone down due to it not being constantly in a battle with the bootlid haha. Brilliant product very happy and a piece of pi$$ to fit. You can even prop the boot open with the tube they get posted in!