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  1. Drove through Helmdon today and as I passed the Primary School I spotted and '04 silver 350Z coupe in the car park. Just wondered if it was anyone on here?
  2. Blank keys

    Just go to your local Timpsons mate. You may have to give them a ring to see if they have the correct cloning eqpt which the majority of them do. Normally they can turnaround the keys in the same day but could take longer depending. This is a service I am going to be looking at offering in the future but as yet I cannot. They can be expensive but if your having problems it will be worth it. Although the issue could be the NATS system as a whole.
  3. Up Rated Boot Lid Struts

    I've a Nismo V2 spoiler with the Nismo struts and the boot weight and the rear wiper motor removed, opening the boot is fine with one hand.
  4. Spotted a lovely White Nismo 370Z on the M1 today heading southbound. You came along side me in the traffic, we gave a thumbs up and you followed me up until I got off Jct 8 for Hemel Hempstead. Nice motor
  5. Spotted a lovely looking white 370Z going around the roundabout at Sixfields heading towards the Buddies roundabout. I was heading back up out of Northampton towards the M1 so didn't get to follow you or even wave. Wondered if it was someone on here.
  6. Wideband sensor

    Nice one mate, tbh if its there and he has the computer hooked up anyway he can just go and disable the DTC's its literally a 2 second job.
  7. Wideband sensor

    Ah to be honest if you have high flow cats then placing the sensor after them will not affect the readings too much and so you can still use them. When tuning normally a tuner will use a tailpipe o2 sensor which is way back. The main thing that effects the readings is the flow of exhaust gases. Placing the sensor right at the tip using a tailpipe extension which effectively lengthens the exhaust tip with the sensor placed along the length. similar to this: The best and most accurate reading will be before the cats but with your setup with the high flow cats you should be fine. If you've had the DTC's switched off for the secondary stock sensors you can simply connect it in place of one of the stock sensors and you should be fine.
  8. Wideband sensor

    Depends on your specific setup, whether you are forced induction or N/A and whether you have cats or not. If you are FI you want it ideally around 18" after the turbo/supercharger and before the cat if you have one. All depends really but if you are too close to the charger then the high heat can damage the sensor and you will be replacing it every 6 months or so. Too far away and it wont get an accurate reading and could end up with more condensation. Also it should be positioned on the pipe above the 3 and 9o'clock positions for the condesation reason.
  9. Wideband sensor

    I haven't wired one up in a Zed before but yeah they are pretty simple to wire up. You should get 2 or 3 cables coming out the back of the gauge (depending which one you go with). The first cable has a connector on the back that will connect straight into the sensor. The 2nd will have about 5 different coloured wires. Red for switched 12V, black for ground, there is normally a white or grey wire that you can connect up to your headlight power (this will dim the gauge when you turn your headlights on) if you choose not to use this function then just ground this wire out. Then you will have 2 other wires, normally yellow and brown if memory serves me well. These are your analog outputs that you can hook into either an ecu or datalogger etc. (if you wire these in then be sure to check the device your connecting it to as 1 of these outputs is usually a wideband 0-5V output with the other being a narrowband .1 to 1.1V output) If not using either of these functions then just insulate the ends with either heat shrink or electrical tape. Then you may have a 3rd cable. Again this will have a connector already wired (smaller than the first) This is a serial connection for hooking up to a laptop etc. Sounds alot more complicated than it is but you only really have to worry about wiring up 2 wires, switched 12V and ground. Especially if you use the secondary O2 sensors and have the DTC's switched off etc. Whatever product you get should come with extensive instructions anyway. 1 thing I will point out though is that during initial calibration I like to use it open air i.e not installed into exhaust yet. This will make sure the sensor and control unit calibrates in clean air and will know that's the reference point for an afr of 22.4. If you install the sensor in the exhaust without calibrating it in clean air then rather than take it back out make sure that the car is not run for a period of time before calibration ensuring that as little exhaust gasses as possible are present. I usually leave it at least 24hrs to be sure. If you accidentally apply power to the controller/gauge without the sensor connected to it then you will have to carry out the calibration again. Any dramas with the install etc mate just give me a shout and Ill be happy to help out either via the forums or skype etc.
  10. Wideband sensor

    AEM wideband's are very good and very accurate from my experience. Have done a little bit of testing with various wideband's and these are my favoured ones. I have found that the Innovate's can be problematic and unreliable at times. Just make sure that you wire it in correctly as the controller will heat the sensor up to operational temperature. You can use a cable that adds a fusable circuit to your vehicle. Cant remember the actual name but I have a pic somewhere of what it looks like. You basically remove a 10amp fuse from an existing switched circuit, replace it with this and insert the original fuse into this cable in the bottom most slot. You then add a 10 amp in the top slot for this circuit and then wire the wideband controller up to this. Aha just found the pic: Oh and also make sure you carry out the calibration process correctly or you could end up with spurious readings. Hope this helps mate.
  11. Up Rated Boot Lid Struts

    They are fantastic mate and cheap as chips. Got them on mine and even with the Nismo V2 wing on they hold it up nicely. Just go onto the SGS site and order a pair.
  12. As title I spotted a silver 350Z coupe on an '05 plate driving past my orange Zed in Nether Heyford. Just wondered if you are on here.
  13. [SOLD]Roof spoiler

    Whats the quality of this one like? I had a Stillen one fitted and yesterday it melted in the sun! Yes melted!
  14. Polished at last!

    You had to go and say it out loud didn't you! You do realise it will rain tomorrow now boys? haha
  15. Holy Grail of NISMO

    Your options are as follows: 1. Put the cats back on for the test then remove after 2. Book in for a 'while you wait' test. Then go for a blast right before and get the exhaust red hot 3. Find a dodgy MOT place that doesn't care if they get struck off