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  1. UpRev remap by Abbey Motorsport.
  2. TL;DR - Stupid idea IMHO. Measuring will not be under same conditions it was measured at type approval. No one knows what the limit will be yet either, suspect it will only be very loud exhausts that are caught. How are they going to deal with cars not type approved or that have a different noise limit? --- Honestly I think this is ridiculous and I doubt some of their claimed health concerns are proven to be linked to how loud the environment is, but more likely wider environmental factors instead. I've not looked into it proper but a quick google on the subject of loud environments and type 2 diabetes tuned this up. To quote https://www.everydayhealth.com/type-2-diabetes/symptoms/can-living-noisy-environment-increase-your-risk-diabetes/ Anyway, I suspect if it comes into force it will only be seriously loud exhausts that are targeted. At the moment its all speculation as to what the limit will be, based on type approval limits for modern cars (74dB) and the level recorded for the vehicle when gaining its approval. I own a 1999 GC8 Impreza imported from Japan, how are they going to deal with that? My exhaust is not typical Impreza loud, its standard except for a prodrive rear muffler but its a damn sight louder than my 350 with a full Miltek system. If they base it on the noise level measured at type approval, well good luck to them because my car isn't type approved being a Japanese import. Does that mean every one of these I go through is going to 'flash' me yet they cant ticket me because they have no reference level or am I subject to a different limit to everyone else? A couple of other good points I read elsewhere: When vehicles are tested for type approval there are specific conditions that have to met such as background noise, measuring device position/angle/distance, engine RPM, and probably more. These cameras wont be able to account for all of those factors. Tyres. If the limit for new type approved cars is 74dB and there is an EU aim to bring this down to 68dB by 2025, most road tyres these days are rated around 69-71dB, that's already quite close to 74dB. Assuming the type approval noise measurements are done while moving then that's fine. If the nosiest thing on your car is the tyres and it was tested with tyres rated at 69dB and you fit some slightly different ones at 71dB are you getting a fine for simply maintain your car in a roadworthy condition? Stuff like this gets my back up. There are clearly bigger issues to deal with right now.
  3. I do like the saloon body version, probably prefer it honestly over the hatch but the main reason for having the hatch is the practicality. My GC8 is good but not being able to fold the back seats down was something I didn't think I'd miss until I lost it.
  4. Morning all, So after 7 years of owning this incredible car I've come to the decision that now is the right time for us to part company. I'm not certain what the coming years will bring however I'm lucky enough to say that it will involve a lot of sleepless nights, screaming, and dirty nappies, among all the other wonderful experiences I'm sure we'll have. The poor 350 doesn't see as much use as I'd like now and with a bubba on the way it's likely to be resigned to the garage. While my GC8 Impreza is suitable for dad duty, I'm not entirely happy about how safe we'd be should be be involved in an accident so I'm looking to get something a little more modern. Having been well and truly bitten by the Subaru bug, I'm thinking of adding a 3rd to our collection in the form of an imported Impreza WRX STI hatch. I'll do a proper for sale thread in due course however if anyone is interested, please do let me know, I'd be looking for about £9K. Its just about to tick over to 66K miles, had its P3 service at Japex this April, and is generally a pretty tidy car save some stone chips a bit of wear on the leather seats.
  5. As some have said, I was with Admiral when I first got my second car and they mirrored the NCB. Since departing from them I've kept separate policies and therefore separate NCB's as most insurers will tell you NCB can only be used on one car at a time. Having just renewed the policy on my 99 Impreza WRX, I'm starting to think I should flip my higher NCB from my 350Z to the WRX though I suspect they'd just find another reason to mug me off
  6. Depends on the car somewhat too. My 05 DE won't pass with HFCs, even when they are red hot. Tried both brand new Berks and second hand Cobras but no luck. My mechanic (Japex) said they've seen it before where some cars just won't get through with them and some will scrape through.
  7. I can see what they were going for. Looks really odd without a spoiler. I think the black/silver looks a lot nicer. Interior looks good imho
  8. 1 . andy James + 1 PAID 2. glrnet PAID 3. Shire + 1 PAID 4. Andy_Muxlow PAID 5. Nso93-paid 6. SHEZZA PAID 7. TEEJAY +1 PAID 8. Liamm56 +1 PAID 9. cs2000 PAID 10. Trott + 1 PAID TRACK TIME 9.20 11. 14N PAID 12. ShortPaul +1 PAID 13. Jay84 Paid 14. Panman +1 PAID 15. grigiux +1 PAID 16. jamesmac PAID 17. Valy - PAID 18. XSuperDan - PAID 19. Paul K +1 - PAID 20. Silverthorn - PAID 21. LIVIU - PAID 22. Nismoandy- +1 PAID . 23. pagan PAID 24. Modo +1 PAID 25. Hypnosis + 1 PAID 26 . Kbad + 1 PAID   27. Woody928 PAID 28. chreewebb PAID 29. daveo132 PAID 30. ChrisF + 1 PAID 31.StormWhite PAID 32. Zero:One PAID + TRACK TIME 9:40 33. Humpy - Paid 34. Stephanie + 1 PAID 35. whitevanman- PAID. 36. Chris Kleiser Paid  37. AndyNap +1 Paid  38. Brittany Healey +1 Paid  39. zeebez +1 PAID 40. Stoker 11 +1 PAID 41. scottdky +1 PAID 42. Longsh07 +1 PAID
  9. Finally managed to get a few laps in on the National circuit at Silverstone this Sunday (28th). Was booked to do two sessions but only ended up doing four laps on the first due to some very significant brake judder. Rather than be sorry later I pulled off track and noticed passenger front was significantly hotter than the drivers (binding perhaps?) but otherwise nothing wrong. Out for a couple more laps, same issue so came in and pulled the wheel off. Couldn't see anything wrong with the disc, caliper, or pads so put it down to 'warped' discs (http://www.stoptech.com/technical-support/technical-white-papers/-warped-brake-disc-and-other-myths) caused by either the way I've driven it on the road or perhaps going too hard too quick in this session. Performed the bedding in process in a quiet bit of car park then parked up to wait for my next session. Session two was much more successful. There was a grand total of four cars on track and one decided to call it a day early so for the most part, myself, a Lotus Exige S, and a VXR220 had the run of it. I still had a bit of an issue with the brakes to begin with but after some hard braking this passed, further backing suggesting the cause was an uneven buildup of material on the disc surface. Other than the brake issue, the car behaved beautifully. I love the AD08R tyres and the Brembo HP Sport pads/DBA T3 discs worked a treat. Two things I have noticed: The stock seats don't hold me very well. Noticed I was using my leg to hold me in the seat. More noticeable on right hand turns as the electric seat controls dig into your leg... Understeer. Found that the car seems to understeer when pushed hard. I was expecting this but maybe not quite as much as I experienced. This could just be me getting used to driving the 350 on track but I suspect if you can dial out a bit of understeer you can balance the car better using the throttle without it wanting to understeer so much. Mark@Abbey has suggested upgrading just the rear ARB which should help but also running a square wheel/tyre should also make it more neutral. Rather than change alloys I may give your suggestion @350Butcher of using a 255 profile front when mine need replacing Anyway, here are a few pictures.
  10. How strong are these or are they just for show? Looking for a second for track days that's better looking than the OEM ones and more effective than this eBay nonsense
  11. I had mine, really impressed with your handy work! Just need to find some time to fit it now.
  12. Good work, got a notification for this



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