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  1. Sold - Thread can be closed, thanks!
  2. These are listed on the Driftworks forum too now. As I've had a question there about the slight warp on the inner lip of one of the alloys I thought I'd share the same here as I did there. As you can see the wheel 'bounces' as it rotates. I bought these new and the wheel arrived like it. Issue was pointed out to me by the original tyre fitter when balancing. I contacted Driftworks about it and sent them this clip. Advise was to test it and see if it caused a problem. It turned out to be purely cosmetic. My 350Z was totally solid with it for the whole time I ran these wheels a
  3. Hello? Is it safe to go outside again now? Wheels are back up for sale now the restrictions are starting to lift a bit. I've moved since I put them up so collection is now from Dunstable.
  4. Good shout, will probably stick them up on eBay too once things return to something slightly more normal...
  5. Putting the sale on hold for now as we've gone into tier 4...
  6. NOW SOLD. Staggered set of four 18" Work Emotion T7R alloy wheels in white, ET30, 114.3 PCD with Yokohama AD08R tyres. Fronts are 18"x8.5" with 245/40/R18 93W tyres. Tread depths are 4.5/4.8/5.3mm and 5.0/5.2/5.7mm (centre, edges) Rears are 18"x9.5" with 265/40/R18 101W tyres. Tread depths are 4.2/4.3/4.1mm and 4.0/4.3/4.5mm (centre, edges) Alloys purchased from Driftworks as a custom order in 2017. Tyres bought from Demon Tweeks the same year. Bought to fit 350Z. No longer required as my 350Z was sold almost a year ago and didn't replace it with anything the
  7. They do weigh quite a bit. I have a nice set of Work wheels available...
  8. Well that's the end of my story with the car. It's gone to a good home though so hopefully I'll get to see it now and again.
  9. End of and era for me, car has now been sold. Gonna miss this car! Mods - can you please lock the thread
  10. Thinking about the DE / DE RevUp / HR engines, could there be a difference in emissions based on the intake plenum changes? Perhaps those of us with plenum spacers could be inadvertently causing problems? DE + DE RevUP have the same upper but different lower plenum's and the front two cylinders are known to get less air fed to them. HR obviously had a significant redesign with two intakes/throttles. Being a GT4, my car has the DE RevUP motor and I have a Motordyne 3/16" spacer fitted.
  11. Car still up for grabs Happy to provide more photos/details if required.
  12. Always good to meet someone who appreciates cars, so he totally understood why your were taking photos.
  13. Great photos, car looks stunning. I'm not brave enough to take any like this as I always wonder what the staff at these places would think of the nutter having a photo session on the forecourt . That and Tesco's doesn't quite have the same 'style' as the Shell garages
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