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  1. They do weigh quite a bit. I have a nice set of Work wheels available...
  2. Well that's the end of my story with the car. It's gone to a good home though so hopefully I'll get to see it now and again.
  3. End of and era for me, car has now been sold. Gonna miss this car! Mods - can you please lock the thread
  4. Thinking about the DE / DE RevUp / HR engines, could there be a difference in emissions based on the intake plenum changes? Perhaps those of us with plenum spacers could be inadvertently causing problems? DE + DE RevUP have the same upper but different lower plenum's and the front two cylinders are known to get less air fed to them. HR obviously had a significant redesign with two intakes/throttles. Being a GT4, my car has the DE RevUP motor and I have a Motordyne 3/16" spacer fitted.
  5. Car still up for grabs Happy to provide more photos/details if required.
  6. Always good to meet someone who appreciates cars, so he totally understood why your were taking photos.
  7. Great photos, car looks stunning. I'm not brave enough to take any like this as I always wonder what the staff at these places would think of the nutter having a photo session on the forecourt . That and Tesco's doesn't quite have the same 'style' as the Shell garages
  8. Probably because no one wants to pay over £100 for wheel nuts unless your crazy, like me apparently
  9. No worries, totally understand. Just bear in mind that Nengun's list price doesn't include shipping (£20-40) or import duty (£25). I bought mine through them originally. For the sake of transparency, when I ordered mine in 2015 Wheel nuts = £67.80 PayPal Fee = £3.88 Shipping = £18.97 When they arrived in the UK FedEx wouldn't deliver it until I paid import duty which was another £25.39. All in all they cost me £116.04.
  10. For the sake of comparison, 34mm on my LMGT4's when I had them.
  11. I'm almost certain they are the 34mm but I can double check the box tonight if you like. In the photo one is different, yes. I used a McGard locking wheel nut with them though this is not strictly necessary as they are 7 sided nuts so a regular socket wont fit. I have the full set of 20 with the 7-sided 'key' and original box
  12. Mines currently up for sale, not had any interest yet but still early days
  13. Totally forgot to share this photo. Was taken at Japfest 2018 by one of their photographers.
  14. Looked back at my Dyno graph from the day, they start at 1500rpm and there is a difference between the plots pre and post mapping between 1500rpm and 3000rpm. It is pretty minor though so that could be down to the self learning element of the ECU. From 3K on, the difference is pretty apparent and as you say, the AFR is leaned out through the rest of the range.





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