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  1. Sounds like fun and local to me so count me in. Actually my clutch has just started slipping and my mechanic can't fit me in til the 1st of April so looks like I'll have to give it a miss this time unfortunately
  2. Looks sweet on those black Rays, I've recently brought a set for mine and looking forward to getting them on now!
  3. Nope, mine's an 05 plate black gt4 soon to be running on a set of black Rays alloys. I've seen the one you're talking about too tho, and a nice looking HR down the end of Duncome St. Don't see that many Zed's about locally but always give em a wave if I do!
  4. Hi Luigi, I'm based in MK too, (Bletchley) not made it to a local meet up yet but hopefully see you and some other locals at the next one. Cheers, Lee
  5. I was tempted by these the other day browsing on the site, nice to hear they're balanced and my belts are looking worn so might as well have some shiney new pulleys to fit when the time comes too. My only concern would be the potential of alloy to steel binding issues and these ones being hard to get off if they ever need replacing again.
  6. Every chance you just hit a greasy bit of road or a minor diesel spillage of course! I inherited pirellis Pzeros on my 350z and they break away very easily in the wet, looking forward to trying something different when they're worn out. was planning on going for yokohama's but just brought a set of Rays off a guy who swore buy the Michelins he had fitted on them.
  7. Hi folks, I'm thinking about changing the front bumper on my 350z as it has a big crack and loads of stone chips. I could get it repaired and painted but it's gotta come for that anyway so thought I might try something a bit different. Has anyone here fitted the MM Razor front bumper from Car Web Shop? I like the look but seems quite cheap so I'm concerned about fit and quality, also there's very little info on the seller site about the specific product. I'm guessing it's a one piece job as they don't seem to list a front lip but in the pic it's painted two tone and looks like a separate part. Also I've got the headlight washers in my current front bumper, is it easy to delete them and loose the weight of the reservoirs or do the wipers feed off the same tanks and pumps? Any info gratefully received. https://www.madmotors.co.uk/body-kits/nissan/nissan-350z/mm-nissan-350z-02-razor-front-bumper.html
  8. I'm interested and only down the road in MK if you've still got these for sale, cheers.
  9. Have you put it through an MOT with those HFC's yet? Keen to replace my knackered looking standard ones but don't want it to fail on emissions next year.
  10. I'm looking to get a custom exhaust made up fairly soon and the existing cats look pretty ropey on a 95k mile car so thought it might be prudent to change to these hi flow versions on a DE engine? Has anyone been for an MOT with a set of these on yet and got on OK with the emissions?
  11. Do you still have any of these available? Also anyone who's fitted one got any feedback about the difference it makes yet?
  12. I've Just got no133 in Kuro black, 95K as the last owner used it daily, been well looked after and appears to be 100% standard .
  13. Welcome, I've only just joined up myself. Looking good, I was keen on getting an orange one too, but the only one's that sounded like they were worth looking at were too far away, eventually got lucky with a nice black one popping up just down the road and you can't really go wrong with black! I suppose I could always get it wrapped in the future if I decide It's needs to be tango'd.
  14. Hi, I'm Lee and after a fair bit of searching I just acquired my first 350z. It's a 2005 GT4 model with 95k on the clock, FSH and seems to have been well looked after by all of it's 3 previous owners. The guy I brought it from used it daily and had to get something newer to comply with his new job's company car allowance rules and seemed genuinely disappointed to have to part with it. Anyway, seems pretty solid, tiny bit of rust and a small ding on the rear arches which I intend to get sorted before winter sets in. No nasty noises or apparent mechanical faults although last service mechanic suggested banana arms will want doing soonish and the W brace looks too far gone to be worth refurbing so think I'll replace that, just not sure whether to go OEM or one of the aftermarket jobs. Completely standard trim as it sits and still appears to be running it's original clutch and exhaust which I'm taking to be a good sign about how it's been driven and cared for but obviously prepared to be replacing both in the not too distant future given the mileage. Boot struts want changing and I think I'm going to get replacements from sgs engineering unless anyone has a better suggestion, Nissan wanted £260 for a pair! I'm Based near Milton Keynes and noticed there is a local meet there so look forward to catching up with a few of you there and learning a bit more about how to get the most out of what I already think is going to be my favourite car to date.





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