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  1. completely agree, im not happy withthe rear, so it'll come down an inch or so eventually
  2. It looks very different from various angles... its very marmite... but the arches were getting a bit miserable so this was the best way to make it stand out a bit whilst deciding if I go wider or not. Its been on there for 3 weeks or so, and tbh, i was shocked at how positive people were about it, because even i'm not 100% sure i like it...
  3. Payco - Nismo 370z - PA04YCO zippypooz - 2005 350z - N44SSN Panman - 2003 350z - P44AAN (paid) Paul - 2004 350Z - AE04ZZP (Paid)
  4. Wasn’t that bad tbh!
  5. Japfest done! Some more miles clocked up (one day i'm expecting it to go, because i just wanna get a low miler in it, so i can start doing some engine mods) but it just wont die.. 156k and counting! A few pics, one being my favourite rolling shot ever taken of it.. Should be fitting the ducktail fairly soon and wrapping the rear in a subtle way..
  6. Side profiles with Louvers will forever be better...
  7. I did London Cartel last year, I’d be up for popping along this year for sure. When’s the next Bolney meet? If it involves food I’m there!
  8. Finally got a real one... now I’ve just gotta get some paint on it properly and get it fitted (and clean the damn car)...
  9. he did a few of the main shows last year, and believe it or not, it's driven to shows, not a trailer show car, its driven there, and still looks that clean...
  10. yeah i ended up down the end with one of the clubs, and tbh, couldn't even be bothered to move it closer, left just after lunch time, they need to work on it for next year or people wont bother
  11. nowhere near as busy, lack of trade stands, stands all too spaced out, meaning walking miles to see everything which wasn't needed, quality of cars down quite a bit from previous years too...
  12. Stand looked great guys, think the event this year was a bit dissapointing from past years, think id left by 1, but was good seeing a few of you
  13. Yeah, very easy tbh, few hours and it was done!
  14. Yo! Brighton based here, plenty of us around this way
  15. I bolted mine directly into the slam panel



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