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  1. ......aaaand it's gone again. Starting to think I'll need to replace the switch, as clearly this one is only going to work sporadically at best. Any thoughts regards sourcing a replacement?
  2. Well the switch held up for the retest ok and is still working nicely. Very odd. But fingers crossed I can avoid having to replace it, as I'm not sure the ones that are available online aren't LHD.
  3. Thought it would be worth pointing out that I decided to chance it with the MOT this year (no service etc.) and it did indeed failed on the drivers seat not being able to move forward or back (as well as a suspension arm bush). So just a heads up to anyone else with this same issue. I mechanic fiddled about with the switch and blew an air compressor into it and eventually the seat sprung to life again. Whether it will hold up until my retest is anyone's guess. I'm not sure what to do to be honest. A replacement switch (seemily P/N 87066-CD001) is likely to cost £90> it seems. Also all the pictures online have the wires coming out of the wrong side (as if these are for LHD models).
  4. Well, so much for that. It stopped working again a couple of days later. I suspect that either there is something more sinister stuck in one of the runners (that was temporarily freed up) or that the switch has gone and will need to be replaced.
  5. Working again! I tried some WD40 in the switch today and gave it and general area another couple of good wallops, but still nothing. As a last resort I held the switch forward with my left hand and grabbed the front of the seat (right round to the metal bar underneath) with my right. I then proceeded to rock manically like a crazed baboon, forward and back and up and down shaking the seat. Then I suddenly realised that I was moving forwards! I think this method is known as the 'rage fix'. But I definitely think whatever was causing it to stick was freed up by the violent rocking of the seat. I got out and moved the seat fully forward and back a few times and it did still seem a bit stiff (going forwards in particular), but having now sprayed a bit of WD40 as far into the front and back of each runner as possible, it seems to be moving more freely again. I also give the passenger-side runners a spray for good measure. Anyway, fingers crossed that it lasts. And thank goodness for WD40 (how many times can one product save the day...) and of course for random bouts of rage.
  6. Did your switch feel stiff before you tried the WD40?
  7. Well, I tried to give it a clean out today (while in situ) with a paperclip followed by a bit of a bash with a screwdriver, as above, to try and dislodge any crude. But no joy sadly. To be honest the switch itself feels like it should work ok. It isn't stiff or anything and doesn't feel gacked up. I saw a guy on YouTube saying that a chewing gum packet got lodged in one of his runners and it would only go back and not forward. I don't think that's the issue in my case but you never know. I suppose my next move should probably be either to try and remove the switch unit from the seat, if that can be done, or remove the whole seat. God knows how to do that though given that the seat is stuck back as far as it goes, blocking the rear bolts.
  8. My driver seat has stopped moving forward and back all of a sudden. I used to move the seat while driving once or twice a week to ensure that the mechanism got a bit of use and didn't seize up. But all of a sudden the forward and back switch is having no effect. After about a week of this it suddenly sprung to life while holding the switch for a while on the motorway. I moved the seat forwards and back as far as I could a couple of times and all seems magically repaired. But the next morning it was stuck again... The switch for the seat-back still works fine, as does the forward/back switch for the passenger-side, as well as the heated seats (so power is still getting to the seats ok). In one sense this isn't a huge issue as it is currently stuck as far back as it goes, which is where I have it for driving. I also have no plans to sell the car (though £570 p/a road tax would make you think twice!). But if someone smaller than me had to drive the car in an emergency or something we'd be screwed! Has this happened to anyone else before? Any ideas?
  9. Looking for a set of black Nismo wheel nuts if anyone is looking to move a set on. Ideally looking for the version with the hole in the O (40220-RN810) as opposed to the solid circle (40220-RN800), but both considered. Used is fine as long as they're in pretty good nick. Would pay up to £50 if they come boxed etc., but everything considered. Reply or PM me if you have a set of these going spare.
  10. Yikes... It's crazy there isn't a UK-based distributer available to avoid all that nonsense.
  11. I think I'll have to pass. They do look good fitted by the looks of things. But £80 is the price of a brand new set from Nengun, and they'd be the version with the hole in the O (40220-RN810) rather than the solid circle (40220-RN800), which for consistency reasons I would prefer. Couldn't see me paying more than £50 for a set of wheel nuts (even new ones) to be honest, it just seems crazy... But if anyone is looking rid of a set of these in decent nick (ideally the 40220-RN810 style) for £50, let me know. Anyone know what the deal is with the two different Nismo logos in general?





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