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  1. Still haven't took the plunge on a head unit, but I haven't heard anything major to make me seriously reconsider the Pioneer AVH-Z5100DAB. At this point I image that is what I'll go for... [7" Screen, Apple CarPlay, CD/DVD, etc.] But I'm still looking pointers on connecting to a phone via the (rear mounted) USB cable.... Where do people run their cable to? How was is done? Can it be done without any major damage being caused? Does anyone have any pictures of theirs? I'm hoping the answer is the central cubby at the drivers elbow, as I think that may probably work best. The phone could be connected and tucked away in there, yet still easily accessible when required. There is also already a little hole in there for the bluetooth adapter cables. Would this be a difficult job?
  2. Those look to be an excellent job must say! I just assumed I'd diamond cut again as I want them to look 'stock', but it seems like the difference might be relatively minor. I'll certainly keep that as an option. I intend to get a quote from Nu-Luk Wheels and at least one other place next month. I'll see what options they offer me and at what prices...
  3. Yeah, I've always been a big fan of Sony head units myself. Had heard good things about Pioneer for these touchscreen style units though. I haven't made any final decisions as yet, but the Sony XAV-AX3005db doesn't have a CD/DVD drive; I'll want that option. Point taken on the Apple CarPlay. I think that would be a 'must have' for me. But you need to connect your phone via a USB cable for that. Where did you run your cable to? How was it done?
  4. Anyone have any thoughts on the above? Particularly on handling the USB>Lightning cable. Was hoping to get some pointers on here before taking the plunge and buying the head unit. But now that I've made the decision to go for a screen style unit, I'm eager to get it and get it into the car.
  5. Thanks. I suppose I'll hear out the various places I'm getting quotes from as well to get their take too (biased though they may be..). I do like the sound of 'more durable' though, I must say. Any thoughts from others are also welcome...
  6. I was looking into this again recently. Certainly, as a few people mentioned above, Pioneer seems to be coming out as a very likely candidate. Their AVH-Z5100DAB unit seems to have it all! - 7" touch screen, dvd-player, sat-nav (via Apple CarPlay), bluetooth streaming, USB input. It looks like a really top bit of kit, if rather pricey (£375). Does anyone have any thoughts on this unit? https://www.pioneer-car.eu/uk/products/avh-z5100dab/specifications The USB input seems to be critical to getting the best out of these type of units, but they are almost always rear-mounted (and rightly so to maximise screen size). But where do people tend to run their USB>Lightning cable to? Ideally I'd want it to look discrete, but without having to cut away or damage the interior in the process. Also, these style units appear to be pretty bulky. I presume they can be fitted ok as many others have clear done so. But again, can this be done without cutting anything away? I see that it does say that a Nissan 350Z can take the AVH-Z5100DAB under the 'Fit My Car' tab here, so that seems positive: https://www.pioneer.com.au/shop/car/avh-z5100dab/
  7. Anyone got any thoughts on the pros & cons before I get something done.
  8. Pretty sure I'll end up going for the Bilt Hamber Dynax-UC stuff. It's just how thorough a job to get done it terms of prep etc. I'll have to give that some thought. I'll probably not be getting it done until around April or so, once the weather improves and the salts are of the road etc. Ultimately the guy who'll be doing the job will have some say on that one too...
  9. Well I was told that the Bilt Hamber Dynax-UC wax lasts about 3 years, so not every year no. Why, would you recommend paying more and having a more thorough job done with the wheel arch liners off, sills, suspension arms etc?
  10. I got a quote from a trusted local garage saying that a couple of hours (about £60 + materials) should do a basic underseal including the chassis legs and all key areas; but that it would cost more to do a more thorough job (wheel arch liners off etc.). He said he reckoned about 3L should do it. We were talking Waxoyl, as he didn't know the Bilt Hamber stuff. You can currently get 5L of clear Waxoyl on ebay for £23.27. However like ilogikal1 above, a friend of mine also recommended I go for Bilt Hamber (dynax-UC), which is £50 a litre. Sounds reasonable enough.
  11. A standard service provided by any decent car wash / detailer which includes cleaning underneath the car to remove all the dirt and probably most importantly winter salts.
  12. £500.. Yowza! I'm looking to spend £100 max. Surely it's only an hours labour + materials once the car has been 'MOT washed' underneath and allowed to dry thoroughly?
  13. To be honest I think it was me that said the word 'waxoyl' first, because I'd had it done before on a previous vehicle . I'm certainly not wedded to it specifically. Whatever the best quality product is that I can get applied by a local mechanic / bodyshop for a decent price will be what I ultimately go with. Not looking to spend big money on this to be honest. But I don't have the ability to properly get underneath the car, certainly not enough to do the job to the standard I'd want.
  14. I recently had my MOT and pleased to say it successfully passed with no issues. While the car was on the ramp I asked the tech whether he thought it could do with being waxoyled or undersealed in some way. He said he thought it was starting get to the point where a coat of waxoyl would be a good idea, particularly if I was looking to hold on to the car for the longer term. I had my previous car ('91 Scirocco GTII) waxoyled underneath a long time ago, and it seemed to be a very good job. Do people think this would be worthwhile? What sort of price should I expect to pay? Any tips or specific things to look out for or request?
  15. It is bizarre alright. It wasted as much of the master tech's time as it did mine. In a sense, I'll be so relieved this is finally over (still talking future tense as it's too soon to relax completely..), that I'll be content. But in one sense I paid £464 to have a basic weld done. Doesn't sound too good when you say it that way... I'm actually pleased I've an MOT coming up next week. I'd rather fail it than be driving an unsafe car or be doing more damage to my beloved Z! Hopefully that'll act as some level of counter-check on this guys work. Not sure if there are any 'trusted specialists' in and around Belfast, but certainly I have a relationship with a couple of good quality independent mechanics. I don't always go to Charles Hurst. I did this time as (ironically) I wanted someone knowledgeable and accountable as it was an Engine Management Light issue...



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