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  1. So far so good on the new tyres. I really need to get it onto a motorway to be sure but on A roads at higher speeds, so far nothing.
  2. Hi All, Thanks for the advice so far. After about 20 mins of investigation I've got as far as knowing what it is not. The nozzles themselves are clear. Also, if I blow compressed air into the rubber pipe on the passenger side, the water in the tubes will shoot out the wiper on the drivers side until the tube is empty (although not the other way around..). And almost needless to say, I've checked water tank is filled up. The car was not used much for a few months from March-Jun and then even after that, I didn't use the wiper much as it was summer. The motor is working I can hear it and it does have the effect that the water does dribble out the drivers side and comes out the passenger side slightly less pathetically, about a 4cm length squirt. >Don't forget to check the one way valve under the scuttle. Is that something I have to remove the scuttle to get to? Excuse me if that's a novice question. I don't normally do car maintenance myself. Michael.
  3. On the second/longer pull of the lever it just kind of dribbles out. First pull little or nothing. Headlight washers blast out plenty, I can see it in the air. Any ideas how to solve?
  4. Tried it this morning, it's undetectable at lower speeds. New tyres being fitted on Wednesday morning, will test after that.
  5. Nothing on idle, it has to be driving for it to happen. It does feel like a vibration.
  6. My Z has been doing this for a long time but it took me a while to figure out the circumstances, i.e steering right. Any suggestions welcome. I am no mechanical expert. So there's this low drone from the front of the car. Feels like on the drivers side but hard to tell exactly. 2 seconds on, 2 seconds off, over and over. Only when you turn the wheel to the right - even by 0.5 deg it's enough to activate the drone. Turn left or go straight. No drone. Occasionally when turning right, no drone. Volume does not increase with speed of car or angle of turn. 2 second cycle does not appear to change frequency with speed of car or angle of turn. I'm needing some new tyres shortly so I'll see what that does, but I have a feeling it's not them.
  7. I'm a designer-manager in a marketing department. I've been working mostly at home since 2012 so it's not a big change for me but I miss the once-a-fortnight trip to the office (140 miles away). What is better is now when there's a meeting, I'm not that one person who is on the other end of a phone whilst everyone else is in a room together. Equal footing. I'm hoping one of the things that might come good from this situation is that companies and managers who are squeamish about the whole working from home thing might now see it's a good thing, and the % of homeworking hours for the country will remain at least a bit higher than pre-Covid levels.
  8. I can think of a few things that'd be worth this treatment - Mazda Cosmo Sport, RX-7 FC, and of course 240z.
  9. I think it looks pretty good, although from some angles it has a bit of a fat arse - top two photos. From the side it's not apparent at all.
  10. galaxyg

    New Z4

    I like this Z4 from the back and the front, but not the side. It is no Supra, aesthetically. Mind you the Supra is no Toyota, mechanically.
  11. Design wise it's very disappointing. I've no problem with the colour or the graphics, just the plain bodywork. Slap the colour and markings on a Nismo body kitted one, some more interesting wheels and it'd be a lot better. Same with that heritage edition.
  12. Just coming up to 101,000. About 10k of which are mine. It not being a daily driver has brought down it's average/year.
  13. Bank holiday spring cleaning of the exterior. It's great when it's clean, it's just a pity that black cars stay that way for only about 12h. And also the daily driver scrubs up well but for a 5 year old low mileage car, it's no excuse:-
  14. For my tastes I'd bring back:- 1) Honda Integra, 2) Any of the good Lancias. Before Lancia dies 100%. 3) Nissan Silvia 4) Honda Prelude
  15. VHS has an analogue warmth that digital formats like DVD and Blu-Ray will never have. They just *look* better Just like vinyl *sounds* better.





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