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  1. Finally garage's guy is back from Covid. No more than an hour to fit they say, so I've now ordered the part on the link above, a few mins ago. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks. Just checking the garage are happy to fit, then will order.
  3. They were reading a fault code on their machine, not inspecting the car as there wasn't time at the time. The diagnostic confirmed what the Foxwell machine I'd plugged in earlier had said. The ABS Stuff seems to be a red herring, caused down the line by the Cam sensor. Currently the fault is cleared though in another thread I've been advised it'll be back after 3 cold-hot-cold cycles. Foxwell results are below, if that tells anything about the bank.
  4. Thanks. Bank1 or 2 - That I don't know. Is there any way to tell beyond a garage opening it up? I'm not very handy.
  5. The garage near me needs to source one to fit my car. They've found a few options and are not sure which is correct. £60-£120 so far. I thought I'd help them out by asking here. Mine is a 2005 350Z.
  6. Right. It is the cam position sensor. Also confirmed it at a local Japanese sports car specialist I found. For now they've cleared the fault and at the moment, the car has entirely forgotten about the problem - no warning lights. I'll get it changed anyway, I can't see that lasting.
  7. Thanks for info, good to know and yeah sounds logical to start with engine not ABS. I have no idea where to start on the above however. 😀 I'm about as good with electrics as I am with mechanicals. I can change a battery/fuse. Beyond that... (motions hand going over head). Testing data might be useful though thanks, if I can figure out what I'm doing.
  8. Quite some time later, I've finally got my hands on a tool and some time and run it, with the following results (image below) Which initially suggest ABS. At the same time I was running the diagnostic, the car did turn on the ABS light *and* the Stability light *and* the "slippery road" light. And then off again And then a while later on again. Repeat. Every time a small click from the car. Although a bit off Googling gives me a youtube link that suggests Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction) C1130 will also cause an ABS light fault, even if the ABS is actually OK. Any experience/advice welcome.
  9. I'm amazed that has trickled down all the way to a 17 year old sports car, but indeed it seems so.
  10. Thanks a kind offer, thanks. I'll keep you posted in this thread.
  11. Plugging in a diagnosis tool - yes. Actually carrying out repairs - no. Unless they're super super easy. I can change a wheel and change a battery. Any suggestions on what's the best thing to get to scan it with?
  12. I was looking at the 62 current 350Zs on AutoTrader this morning. I bought my 2005 Z in 2016 for £5k (@ 96,000 miles) and in that time it's done about 10,000 more miles. It's also had a few thousand spent on in insofar as a clutch, flywheel (at Horsham developments), tyres, near-side banana bracket, W-brace, exhaust, pads, discs, re-trimmed steering wheel, new (OEM) gear knob, S2000 stubby aerial and such - all of which is documented. The need for all that work likely explained the purchase price which was about £1K lower than any comparable Z nearby. But now - 6 years later, £5k still seems to be the entry price for a Z. And with more than 110K miles at that. I've not been to AutoTrader for a while. Is this about normal these days? Am I driving a somewhat-valuable "classic"? Michael.
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