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  1. I got offered that part-ex for mine against a Focus ST.
  2. Could SORN it, then that goes away..? Not like you can sell it with the tax anymore, anyway. I suspect time of year has a lot to do with it - only silly people like me buy powerful RWD cars in November And it's cold / dark to look at them on someone's driveway
  3. Do green number plates tempt you? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-50122268
  4. I'm currently eyeing up a Fiesta ST. But that might have more to do with the £145 tax...
  5. Suppose there might be - not exactly a thing you can hunt for when you're viewing... Maybe at a second view? I think it'll work, though. Just lots of exercise, and the occasional trip to a BP.
  6. That Hydroshot thing does look to be the answer... And many buckets
  7. Sounds like it wasn't very soft, and definitely not super
  8. Interesting thought - looks like there are actually a few around here
  9. I thought that would probably be the way... For me, it'd only be two floors. That's fine right
  10. I've been looking at some, and was wondering what people do with regard to working on and washing their cars with communal parking and no outside taps...
  11. Wow, never seen more that 32 from mine.
  12. Pretty sure that's also been on eBay for about a year... At different garages.
  13. I think with the sort of budget I'm looking at, only an original Toyota Aygo with it's little to no road tax would actually save anything... Could be a laugh in it's own special way! Looks like - from spending a super fun weekend doing maths - I could move a lot closer to work, so that cuts the fuel bill for the Zed significantly. And probably could cycle some not so crappy weather days too, for even more saving. And keep an awesome car <3
  14. I know - had a mk2 before the 350Z. Going back to one of those would only really save on tax... So was looking at a mk3 with the tiny engine - allegedly 39mpg. But yes, still not going to save (much or any) money. Do want one, but going to look at a Fiesta ST as well, and take it from there. Interesting, hadn't really thought about Type Rs... Think I just have a notion they're really expensive to run because VTEC.
  15. Pretty much the same feeling as me then. It's great when I'm driving it, but not when I have to shove another £90 of petrol in for only 300 miles or so. Really, the second car isn't an option for me - just nowhere to keep it. And I'd like to move closer into town, so that's even less likely that I'd have space. But that would make it possible to walk / cycle to work, so the whole car running cost mostly goes away. And gets replaced by bigger rent / mortgage.



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