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  1. Ben–350Z

    Dipped Beam Outage

    Sounds to me like the lamp's dying. Haha, "shed any light"
  2. Ben–350Z

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Sometimes, being stuck in traffic isn't so bad:
  3. Ben–350Z

    Wheel losing pressure

    I know the feeling - I think I might have finished my clutch off in a moment of childish exuberance... Got to work early, empty car park.... Yah. Tyres have better grip on the road than the clutch does on the flywheel. But yes, one of those things if the gearbox is coming off, might as well do both. I see lots of things about changing the clutch slave cylinder at the same time..?
  4. Ben–350Z

    Wheel losing pressure

    Damn that sucks. Hope it can be welded! On the plus side, excuse for a lighter flywheel
  5. Ben–350Z

    Wheel losing pressure

    I had a V6 Mondeo with those, too - used to corrode like mad around the valves. Of course the wheels were also made of cheese anyway... The other thing they suffered from was corrosion on the inside, sort of on the part where the tyre bead sits. Guess that let air between the actual alloy and the "finished" surface. Should be noticed by anyone changing the tyre, but could be a possibility, maybe.
  6. Ben–350Z

    OBX Individual Throttle Bodies

    Hey, been folliwing this (and your DIY topic) with interest. At one point, I was wondering maybe one day (with money, time and a CNC machine or two ) if I could do it to mine, and kind of had a thought about cutting the "grooves" out of the bonnet, and replacing those with mesh to get cold air in there. Not sure if that'd let too much water in as well, though...
  7. Ben–350Z

    Tyre advice

    Ah, looks like you've just come up with what I replied to your PM with I think you'll be fine on the rear arches - mine only just caught, and at an et12 sit 8mm further out than your et20 would. FWIW, I didn't find rolling the arches too much of a problem.
  8. Ben–350Z

    500nm and they are on

    Those look amazing.
  9. Ben–350Z

    Help please will these fit

    I have 18x9.5 et25 with a 5mm spacer on my front (so the same as et20), and they're fine. 255/40R18 tyre. I think it's sitting around 10mm lower than stock through age... At the back I'm running 18x10 et12 with 275/40 tyres - those did rub, so needed some slight arch rolling. You should have around 13mm more space than me, which should be well clear. Loving those wheels, btw.
  10. Ben–350Z

    Rota kensei wheels tyre sizes??

    No problem - I look forward to seeing them fitted
  11. Ben–350Z

    Rota kensei wheels tyre sizes??

    Yea, I didn't really want to do mine at first - but Tarmac could only get hold of one 18x10 ET35. And that would have needed spacers anyway. Got away without the roll for about 3 months before just the right combination of stuff in the boot, passenger and borderline ploughed Cambridgeshire roads caused a problem. But FWIW rolling them was pretty easy, and only about an afternoon to do.
  12. Ben–350Z

    All Encompassing Wheel Size & Offset Thread

    Figure it's about time to add mine… Wheels: Rota GTR-D: front: 18x9.5 ET25, rear: 18x10 ET12 275/40 Spacers: front: 5mm (brake clearance), rear: none Tyres: Hankook Ventus S1 evo 2: front: 255/40, rear: 275/40 Bodywork: front: none, rear: rolled arches Camber: front: not checked, rear: approx -1.75° Suspension: lowered by 10 years' abuse (around 10mm at the front)
  13. Ben–350Z

    Image link test

    Something something something
  14. Ben–350Z

    Rota kensei wheels tyre sizes??

    Not sure about your fronts, but I have 18x10 ET+12 rears, with 275/40 tyres, and I just needed to roll those - think you'll be okay with ET+22. EDIT: Here's how it was before rolling
  15. Ben–350Z

    Overheating,No Rad fans, HFCs, failed mot

    Interesting… I did not notice that when I was looking - like I say, it was my backup plan if I couldn't get the factory ones going again. The rewiring seems to be taking the two low speed wires from the OEM fans to one of the new fans, and the two high speed ones to the other. So rather than two fans running slowly, or two fans running quickly you just have one at full speed, or two at full speed. Suppose that's what makes those fans cheaper. I can't get to the wiring diagram right now (silly intellectual property laws) but from what I remember of it, whats being said here and on my350z makes sense.