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  1. If I had that budget and those requirements, I'd be straight off to the nearest Focus RS...
  2. Those are rather nice. Though when I was chatting to the guys at Tarmac Sportz about them, they seemed to think substantial arch adjustment was needed to fit them :/
  3. Nice. Explains why I've never found it
  4. As in near Cambridge? Where the hell is that road hiding?
  5. Fair enough. IMO it is the perfect fit. Though should have mentioned - I did have to roll the rear arches, even on stock suspension.
  6. Is that why the alarm would go off more or less instantly if you left the windows open?
  7. Sounds like you've got something very similar to what I had with my Rota GTR-Ds: 18x9.5 et25 front with 5mm spacer, 18x10 et12 rear, with 255/40 and 275/40 tyres. Never had any issues with legality. Rear fit: Still got the wheels, if you'd be interested...
  8. I thought about it for a bit - getting a zero tax crap box for the commute. Decided that I'd inevitably just walk past that and get in the Zed every morning, because it's so much nicer.
  9. I'm around that area, too. Though not me - sold mine just before lockdown
  10. I used those rubber things on mine, too. IIRC had to use a small flat blade screwdriver to stop them spinning at first.
  11. And yet it takes them two weeks to deliver some spring compressors...
  12. Basically to get rid of intelligent people who realise it's a scam I mean, in this case, it's pretty bloody obvious, but some of the ones pretending to be banks are a bit more convincing, and if you don't pick up on the bad grammar etc. you're more likely to follow through and give them money.
  13. Good system that - though less practical when your keyboards are both steel based mechanical ones
  14. Definitely on mine the passenger window wouldn't work unless both switches were connected...
  15. If you unplug just the head unit - leave all your wiring in place - does it still drain? If yes, then it's likely something wrong with the wiring, if no @mr v6 could well be right
  16. Sorry - bit late. Pretty sure you needed to connect the blue wire with the white trace to the other blue wire in the car -> ISO loom. IIRC one turns on the amplifier for the radio antenna, and the other is for the speaker amp. Having said that, ignition live should do more or less the same thing.
  17. Probably about time to post my turbo nugget Zed replacement: Just washed about an hour before getting rained on
  18. Been a while since I did mine, but IIRC any 10" sub should fit... However everything I could find at the time would need an enclosure built behind it. Without that, at best it'll sound rubbish, at worst kill the woofer. What I did in the end was buy an Alpine PWE-S8 "under seat" subwoofer and stuff that in the space behind the driver's seat. Already had a shelf built in there for the main amp, so that wasn't too big a deal.
  19. Looks like I'm not working any more...
  20. Been WFH for about two weeks now - software engineer, so it's pretty easy to do remotely. Though as has been mentioned, the lack of banter / background chat really sucks. That, and I had just replaced the Zed with a much cheaper to run (allegedly) Fiesta ST. Sodding typical!
  21. I'd probably go 265x40 with those... Used to have 275x40's on my 10J rears. As for spacers, try it, see what it looks like then decide. Mine were ET12, and poked out a little, so I'd _guess_ that at ET22, you'll be about 5mm inside the arch.
  22. Was about to suggest getting on US eBay as well
  23. I think they're the OEM ones, possibly from Nissan still? Alternitively, I bought a set of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/312841473963 to replace mine. Wanted a red & black thing, but still with the 350Z logos. The footwell mats fit great, but the boot one is terrible.
  24. @ZMANALEX, do you happen to have any of the panels from the inside of the wing mirror, where the tweeters mount?
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